Psi-Force Issue Guide #11

Issue 29:
the Siberian Project, Part 3: the Hero Killing!

As a leader of the Siberian Project supervises, several nurses continue to attend to Wayne Tucker, comatose though he may be. While his body is inactive though, his mind is racing off the charts, and he's currently in contact with Babel of the Medusa Web, who is rapidly approaching the Project compound with just about all of his paranormal operatives... plus one John Tensen: Justice!

On Babel's helicopter, Tensen is having a disagreement with Babel regarding the nature of, well, most of his operatives. His aura sight allowed him to see just how 'gray' most of them really are - though a few are even worse than the paranormals in the States he'd passed judgment on in the past. Babel tells him to suck it up, and he continues to coordinate his team as it approaches the Project.

Meanwhile, the Red Sun is continuing to practice its fighting prowess, notably without Kathy Ling; though she thought Serge wouldn't be able to tell people what she'd done to him, she was wrong - and locked up in isolation as a result. Once they're done, Sillatochca is approached by Lindsey, who is starting to coordinate an escape plan with the reluctant Russian combatant.

Elsewhere, Thomas Boyd is taking Johnny Do out for a walk in the Project's halls, when he suddenly doubles over in pain. Looking around, Thomas sees a nearby door melting away, and spies several Project technicians ablaze. While the Russians ignore him as if he were a dolt, Thomas spies several odd body molds for a fiberglass casing, and collects Johnny as a rather bad feeling descends upon him...

While the Project debates how to handle their increasingly disruptive American 'guests', the Medusa Web strikes, their assault helicopter covering a second craft, full of its operatives. They hop off the helicopter and join the assault on the compound, accompanied by the judgmental Tensen. While Skybreaker and Troublemaker clear a path, Lindsey and Sillatochca decide to make their move.

Springing Kathy from her cell, they deal with her bad attitude for a few minutes (since you know, one of the Russians was with Lindsey) and the trio then makes their way towards Wayne's room. Little did they know that Thomas and Johnny Do had already beat them there, and after dealing with a particularly rough nurse, the two collect him and head out - not knowing their friends were meeting the Medusa Web.

Shooting Sillatochca dead, Potiphar freaks Lindsey out - but then he didn't know that the Russian was on their side. He then leads Lindsey and Kathy to the outside, to be followed shortly after that by Johnny Do and Thomas, who were carrying Wayne's slack body. While the Web and Psi-Force made their way to their waiting helicopters, Rodstvow was being prepared for battle.

Sealed in a heavy duty mold, Rodstvow's crackling form, little more than a skeleton bathed in energy now, burned off the very last of its remaining flesh. This ominous change did not go unnoticed however, for Justice was feeling a dread pall descend upon the Siberian Project, and felt it was a good idea to get moving in the general direction of away... luckily for him, the Web was thinking the same.

Collecting the Psi-Force and their newest member, Johnny, the Medusa Web then hopped onto their helicopters and made for safety, though Wayne was picking up on Justice's bad vibes. And not just the ones he was getting from the Project, oh no - he realized that Tensen had it in for them, too. Of course Justice knew that Wayne knew, but neither could do anything about it just yet.

As they flew away, the Siberian Project head fumed at the escaping paranormals. He then ordered the Americans to be killed no matter the cost, even if he was down to just two members of the Red Sun - not counting Rodstvow of course. The head of the Project had no idea what he was about to unleash on the world however, for Rodstvow's metamorphosis was finally complete...!

(To be continued in Justice #29!)

Issue 29 (Backup Tale):
Dirty Play

In Fort Benning, Sergeant Haldemann is performing a training exercise with Tyrone Jessup, one where he must defeat several opponents without leaving a specific, very small space on the pavement before him. Before him were five paranormals who weren't too fond of him: Bazooka, Blurr, Gridlock, Metallurgist and the Pitt-Bull! Once he was told the rules, the Sergeant then sicced his Platoon on Tyrone!

Ducking from a Bazooka blast, Tyrone sent out an electromagnetic pulse - one with his mind in it - that zapped him back, along with Pitt-Bull. It didn't look as 'pretty' as his old astral form but did the job... against Bazooka at least. Pitt-Bull wasn't quite so flattened, so Tyrone jumped onto him - not touching ground outside his space - and zapped the man-monster directly.

He then made quick work of Gridlock and his geometric constructs, as well as Blurr - who couldn't outrun his electromagnetic pulse. That just left Metallurgist, who Tyrone faked out and dropped by grabbing his flying hubcap. Victorious, Tyrone then taunted the Sergeant, saying that he was only there as long as the rest of the Psi-Force didn't come looking for him...

Issue 30:
the Siberian Project, Part 4: the Serpent's Kin

(Continued from Justice #29!)

The assembled paranormals looked upon Rodstvow with fear, watching as he hovered above them. His entire body shrouded in the futuristic, space-age fiberglass compound that keeps his energies in check, Rodstvow marveled at the Psi-Force, the Medusa Web, the Red Sun, and even John Tensen as they looked up at him in awe. Not fearing them, Rodstvow noted that the Psi-Force didn't fear him, either.

While Rodstvow admired his 'handiwork', Wayne was busy coordinating everyone present - even the Red Sun paranormals - in preparation for a final throw-down with the monster before them. Once everyone was on the same page, Wayne gave the word, and everyone leapt into action. Kathy, Tensen, Skybreaker, Potiphar and Donner Kopf all struck simultaneously, throwing Rodstvow way off balance.

Realizing that Wayne was behind this as he flew into a nearby wooded area, Rodstvow was unaware that the paranormals arrayed against him had split into three separate teams, and were coming for him. Attacking when Johnny Do sensed him growing close, Rodstvow unleashed a terrible energy assault on one team, though Johnny went berserk and flattened Rodstvow with a massive fiery monster of his creation.

Back at their downed helicopter, Babel was trying to keep tabs on everything, when Lindsey overtimed on his control panel. She picked up on Tensen and his rage, and realized that he was there to kill Rodstvow... and the Psi-Force, all because his daughter was wounded during their fight in Washington D.C.! She rushed out to warn Wayne, while the others tried a repeat of the D.C. strategy.

The plan was to crack open Rodstvow's casing, and cause all of his contained energies to leak out... hopefully killing him. When Kathy and Tensen knocked Rodstvow down, Thomas tried to leech his energies... but there wasn't anything organic for him to drain. Blasted away, Thomas was severely wounded, losing an eye and being heavily burned. Rodstvow followed up by burning Shivowtnoeh and literally slicing Gatto di Sangue in half!

When Babel tried to have people pull back and regroup, Wayne vetoed that, saying that Rodstvow had to go down - now - before he could undo the damage they'd already inflicted on his casing. Aware that he was potentially sacrificing some of their own number, Wayne pressed on... knowing just how dangerous Rodstvow was. And besides, if Rodstvow fixed his casing, they'd be right back where they started.

Focusing everything they had, all the paranormals before him worked Rodstvow hard - which seemed to be exactly what he wanted. He stopped fighting them, simply absobring all of their attacks, until his foes finally broke his shell open. After a horrific explosion, Rodstvow hovered over them all, merely a skeleton encased in energy, and began to taunt them in a gibbering, incoherent manner.

At a standstill for a time, Babel realized that Rodstvow must actually be dead at this point, having died when his casing exploded - his body (such as it is) simply didn't know it yet. Guessing that his bones were the key to this, Wayne had Kathy throw Thomas' body at Rodstvow's crackling skeleton, and when Johnny Do flipped out over this, he used his powers on Rodstvow, igniting the air between his bones and his energy.

This caused a second large explosion, this time with Rodstvow's bones scattered all over the combat area. Still aflame, various members of the Medusa Web stomped on what was left, making sure he didn't 'come back' from this. As the Medusa Web collected their dead and wounded, Babel and Dustoff finally got their helicopter running, and came to pick everyone up.

Lindsey had finally made her way to the rest of the Psi-Force by this time, and tried to warn Wayne of the danger behind him. Too late, she saw Wayne flattened by Tensen's mighty sword, and Tensen quickly moved to stand over the unconscious telepath. He then vowed that the Psi-Force were too dangerous to live, and in order to serve Justice... they must die!

(To be concluded in Justice #30!)

Issue 31:
When Genocide Meets Suicide

It is January 27th, in 1989, two months after the Psi-Force's titanic final battle with Rodstvow... and the subsequent judgment of Justice. The team has been recuperating at a Medusa Web house in Senlis, France, and Babel has come to meet with them again. He is trying yet again to recruit the team into his organization, and starts by pouring Wayne a twenty five year old wine.

Pouring it on the floor, Wayne reminds Babel that his father was an alcoholic, and that he doesn't drink - and that Babel darn well knew that. Stating he was tired of the power games, he rejected the offer Babel had for him. Babel then joined the rest of the Psi-Force in the dining room, and the debate begins anew. Babel lets them know why he wants them to join his group, but the Psi-Force has misgivings.

Thomas is worried that the Web's meddling might start a war, but Babel counters by letting him know that World War III will start in approximately six weeks, whether or not the Medusa Web 'meddles'. He then qualifies that by stating they cannot stop this conflict from beginning, but can do everything in their power ot at least make sure the human race can continue on once it is done.

Later, the Psi-Force, now more adults than teenagers, are relaxing at the indoor pool in the Web's house. They have a good time toying with each other with their powers, but note the absence of Wayne in the proceedings. Lindsey then lets them know that Wayne is talking to Father Pavineau, which he'd been doing regularly since he'd arrived in France with the rest of his friends.

Having gone to the Father again for counsel, Wayne notes that he's not too comfortable with the hand he'd been dealt, but Pavineau asks him what he can do to change it. They continue their discussion outside, with Wayne saying he knows simply too much - everything that everyone on earth knows - but doesn't know what's right any more. He doesn't want to start a war - or fight in one, for that matter.

Pavineau then reminds him that war has been a constant of civilization since it began, for good and ill. He then goes on to tell Wayne about his own experiences during World War II, and how he had to fight impossible odds at an age even younger than Wayne's own battles began. While these two are talking, Lindsey is trying to clear the air with Kathy, and not having too much luck with that.

Nearby, Thomas is trying to get Johnny Do ready for their big meeting with Babel, and not getting very far. He slowly got the kid to actually dress himself, which was a major accomplishment in and of itself, just as Wayne returned home. As they got ready, Wayne had to talk with Kathy for a bit, and found she didn't want to join this endeavor the rest were about to embark on.

She'd grown to enjoy using her powers - to enjoy hurting people with them - and needed some time to get her act together. Wayne understood, and let her go, knowing that she had to do what she had to do. After all, she was his oldest friend left and he wasn't about to get in the way at her attempt at happiness. The rest then joined the Medusa Web conditionally - as an independent sub-group of Babel's organization.

Months later, we rejoin the four remaining members of the Psi-Force, who are completing their advanced, Medusa Web training. They'd been schooled in the finer points of military strategy, weapons use, espionage and surveillance techniques, computer programming, and parability combat. Now they just had to pass their final exam - a no-powers race to the finish line against Potiphar - who was armed with paint guns!

Potiphar nailed Wayne first, at Babel's instruction, and then Johnny and Thomas soon afterwards, though the latter put up quite a fight. Elsewhere, Lindsey set a trap for the mercenary, and managed to defeat him handily, subsequently getting her revenge on the murderer for killing her friend, Sillatochca. Once she'd made her point, she finished the exercise as its sole victor.

With that, the Psi-Force was ready, and had to prepare for their first mission...

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