Psi-Force Issue Guide #8

Issue 20:
The Girl with the Far Away Eyes

In Victoria, British Columbia, Wayne Tucker and Lindsey Falmon are hiding out in their hotel room, unnerved by what they see on the television. It is showing video footage of the Russian paranormal Rodstvow, completely routing the Mujahedin rebels for the USSR. The two talk about doing something about the world as it crumbles around them, but Wayne says he simply needs some time off after all the running.

Nearby, Tyrone Jessup is flying about in his energy form, just sort of checking the city out, when he felt some broadcast energy he thought was familiar. Homing in on it, Tyrone landed in a van holding three members of the Medusa Web: Backfire, Donner Kopf and Imprint. Questioning them, he learned that they'd followed them from Seattle, and that the rest of the Psi-Force was in fact still alive!

That next day, Wayne and Lindsey are in the mall looking around, with Lindsey trying to get Wayne some new clothes while he fought off the idea. He didn't want to get used to the idea of having her credit cards handy, considering every time he and his friends got something in the past, it would always come with a catch - or be taken away once they'd grown accustomed to having it.

When Lindsey started asking tough questions about what had happened before Seattle, Wayne wavered - so she used her powers on that earring the girls bought him before Sanctuary was destroyed. Thanks to her psychometric powers, Lindsey learned that Kathy threw Wayne out of the house when something nearby flattened him with its overwhelming power, which caused his broken wrist and the cut on his face.

When she almost pulled the earring off, Wayne took it off and gave it to her, at which point she saw what happened to the others. She saw Kathy fail to pitch Tyrone out as well before the house blew, and saw her engulfed in flames immediately afterwards. She saw Stasi heal her up when she hit the ground burning, and she saw the author of all their mystery - that paranormal on television, Rodstvow!

As she recovered from this use of her power and the terrible things she'd seen, Tyrone met up with them in the mall, showing that he'd learned how to alter his appearance to look 'normal'. After Wayne 'cleaned up' the area, since people had seen a whole lot of their paranormality there, the trio then left the mall in order to talk about what they should do about everything they'd learned.

Walking towards the pier, the three psionic youths discussed an offer by the Medusa Web to join their ranks - having an offer of help rescuing their friends if they'd join that group. Not that Tyrone was recommending they join up with the Web yet, by any means, but said he needed more information. That being said, he flew off to talk to Andrew Chaser again, though Wayne had misgivings about him, too.

At the Bel Air Hotel, Andrew was putting on the charm for his date, when his pager went off. Heading to the bathroom, he asked Tyrone to stop 'abusing' his pager just because he knows how. Tyrone then appears to talk to him, and lets him know what he'd heard from the Medusa Web. Andrew also cautions him against joining up with the Web, because they're a shady group that plays both side of the fence.

Once he finished talking to Andrew, Tyrone went to his body and tried to hop back in... but he found the pain unbearable still. He then headed back to Seattle, where Wayne and Lindsey were having a debate about right and wrong. In particular, Lindsey wanted to go and rescue Wayne and Tyrone's friends, but Wayne wasn't happy about the idea of taking on the CIA When Tyrone rejoined them, he mirrored this opinion.

Deciding to cool their jets, the two then continue hiding out - much to Lindsey's irritation. The Medusa Web, meanwhile, is eavesdropping on their conversation from afar, and are not too thrilled with this decision, either. They know that if they don't change their minds and fight back against the government, said government will simply come after them again. The Web were able to find the paranormals, so why couldn't they?

Issue 20 (Backup Tale):
the Sublet

An Army helicopter lands, having finally located the object it was hunting. Once it touches down, the remaining members of Project: Spitfire leap out, and immediately check out the inert Mark III Spitfire Armor. While Edmund Roth and Anne Pollicino work on it, Jake Travest looks on, annoyed that Colonel Browning there only sees the armor as a tool - that he doesn't see what made it magic was Jenny Swensen.

While they haul the armor back to a makeshift workshop, Jake ruminates about what got Jenny in trouble with the feds - she disobeyed an order from the Colonel to survey the Pitt in order to rescue any potential civilians, looking until her suit ran out of power. She landed it and wandered off, only to be captured by the Army alongside several displaced paranormals she'd befriended in the Pitt zone.

Eleven days later, Project: Spitfire has got the armor back in working condition, and has chosen its new pilot. Colonel Browning objects, seeing that the man is a diagnosed schizophrenic with psychopathic tendencies. Edmund Roth puts him in his place, saying it's not his call, and then has Jake hop into the armor. Once it checks out, he prepares to embark on his first mission as... Spitfire!

Issue 21:
Spitfire, Teeth and Blood

Lindsey is engaging in small talk with Wayne as he's drying off from his recent shower, the two sort of taking it easy since it's such a miserable, rainy day outside. Lindsey's musings are interrupted by an immense report of thunder seemingly right outside the window though - and looking outside, she can see that was no thunder. No, it was a giant red robot, and it wanted to talk to Wayne!

In fact, it wanted him to surrender himself, and having none of that, Wayne and Lindsey ran off, moments before the Spitfire suit launched a mini-stinger missile at his room, tearing the place apart. Fleeing down the stairs, the two paranormals escaped through the lobby while Spitfire was distracted, currently by a string of Victorian police. Ignoring them, he landed on the hotel roof.

Which promptly collapsed under his immense bulk. Falling through several floors, Spitfire had to deal with the police again, who were utterly ineffectual against him. Blasting off regardless of their safety, Spitfire burned several as he flew away, landing on the Coast Harbor Towers in order to get a voice print lock on Wayne. Meanwhile, his target was currently trying to find some clothes - he had to flee in a bath robe.

Spitfire managed to easily find him though, and captured him despite his efforts to shield himself with innocent shoppers; he didn't want to but had no choice. Spitfire gunned them down and flew off with Wayne, leaving Lindsey to her own devices. Narrowly escaping his jet exhaust, Lindsey found herself face to face with Backfire of the Medusa Web again, being his usual lewd self.

As he and his allies collected Lindsey for her own safety, Backfire grabbed a casing from Spitfire's gun, and they drove off. As they did so, Lindsey and Donner Kopf reviewed the recordings Imprint had made of the day's events, and they did a little digging. Finding out who was inside the Spitfire suit (she thought it was a robot), Lindsey freaked out, knowing that Jake Travest knew too much about his targets.

Elsewhere, Spitfire was taunting Wayne in a nearby park, holding him upside down by his ankles. Insulting him all the while, Wayne eventually realized that Spitfire was no robot, and tried to use his powers on the thing. This failed, possibly due to Jake's cybernetic link to his armor... or because he's a diagnosed schizophrenic. Either way, Jake continued to torment the hapless telepath.

Back in the Medusa Web van, Lindsey used her powers on that shell casing that Backfire grabbed, and determined that Travest was holding Wayne in a local park, though she wasn't sure which one. They started to check out all of them nearby, all the while Spitfire was continuing his abuse of Wayne, namely by cutting off his 'sissy' hair with his finger-mounted laser!

Wayne started to panic at this point, calling out with his powers... and ultimately got an answer in the form of Donner Kopf's sonic scream. Dislodged from the armored maniac's grip, Wayne fled for a few minutes, until he realized he was done running once and for all. Headed back to the fight between the Medusa Web and Spitfire, Wayne focused all his mental might and managed to stop the madman momentarily.

This was just long enough for Tyrone to arrive and tear the Spitfire suit apart with his new, electomagnetic powers. Having a momentary fight with a suitless Travest, Wayne took his spring-loaded knife and then forced the man to reveal the whereabouts of his friends. He then pushed him into confessing his numerous crimes to the Canadian authorities - much to their later bemusement.

The Medusa Web, after removing the Psi-Force teens from the scene of their battle with Spitfire, then repeated their offer of membership in their organization. Wayne turned them down for the time being, stating that he owed it to his friends to go spring them from government 'care'. After that... he wasn't sure, but at the very least they had to take care of their own first.

But, as they left, Imprint gave them a copy of Spitfire's confession to the Canadian police...

Issue 22:
The Kick Inside!

We start with Thomas Boyd in his youth, enjoying the beach with his family - but things are weird. His father is literally shooting money out of his jacket sleeves, his big brother is surfing larger than life, and sister has an almost skeletal aspect. Since everyone is too busy to play with him, Thomas wanders off only to find the head of Nightmask sticking out of the sand, and he runs away.

Chased by the master of dreams, Thomas flees into his house, only to be haunted by images of fighting. Pictures of Rodstvow, and of Potiphar shooting Kathy over and over. Taunting him about the death of Stasi, Nightmask causes Thomas to wake up, and he can sense its creator behind a mirrored window. Smashing his way through, he attacks the man immediately defends himself with waking dream images.

After they subside, several soldiers calm Thomas enough that he won't immediately try to smash Lieutenant Keith Remsen again, and the two then begin to talk about how Thomas got there. Remsen started by telling Thomas about himself, how he was a paranormal with dream powers that he used to help people, and how his parents were killed by terrorists - and his sister was 'lost' under unknown circumstances.

Trying to help him control his inner rage, Remsen explains how Boyd isn't the only one to lose the people he cares about, and how he's been using his dream powers to diagnose the mental health of those paranormals the Army has Drafted. He was worried about Thomas, since the man was a veritable powder keg since his arrival at the Paranormal Platoon camp, and expected him to have a blowout any time now.

Telling him again he's only trying to help him, Remsen then knocked Thomas out with a syringe full of anesthetic, and tries to control his dream self when he goes into Boyd's unconscious mind again. Naturally he fails, and his unstable self immediately manifests in a conversation with Thomas' father, mostly about how useless the little fellow is. The background shifts from his office to the beach.

There, we see Thomas' older brother, Tripper, hang gliding in on an American flag, and bragging about how he'd just got admitted into the Special Forces. The background then shifts again, and we're inside the house where Thomas tries to talk with his faceless mother. She's being dusted off by the maid, Irene, who is dressed in a particularly provocative outfit for a mere maid.

As he walks away, what with his mother being in a drunken stupor, Thomas tries to play with his sister, but accidentally kills her. His family flips out, and both his father and brother try to kill him. Thomas instantly shifts into his current self, defending himself when Tripper tries to shoot him. Grappling with his combative sibling, Thomas literally tears him in half - only to see a Rambo picture fall out of him!

His father grabs him and taunts him some more, but Thomas lashes out at him, knocking his arrogant head clean off. While Nightmask eggs him on, trying to somehow help him work his way through his anger, a cloud with the face of Stasi in the background cries out 'Nooo!' Heedless of this, Thomas stomps back into his home in a righteous rage, only to find Irene waiting for him - with a whip!

When she tries to seduce him, Thomas pushes her away, the one thing his old man was never able to do. Confronting his mother, Thomas tries to take her away with him, but gets only a note in answer from the drunken old woman, which says 'go ask your father'. Nightmask then shows Thomas his friends in the Psi-Force, and accuses him of letting them down as well, causing all their deaths.

Waking up in another, even greater rage, Thomas then kicks Remsen in the face, almost breaking his nose. While the dream therapist tries to apologize for letting his Nightmask get out of control again, Thomas shrugs him off. He then walks away, saying he has let go of his self-hate and bottled up anger now, because thanks to Remsen, he just doesn't care anymore.

Of course, he was lying through his teeth...

Issue 22 (Backup Tale):

As several thugs try to immolate a homeless paranormal, a strange being is watching from afar. Interrupting their crime, he is revealed to be a man with a tiger-like aspect, all save for his bizarre, metallic chest. As the thugs attack him, our odd friend, the Mutator, pounds them with fists of silver, and deflects their blades with his chest of that same metal.

Another bum escorts the Mutator and his new friend to safety, and the Mutator tries to rest in their home. Of course, when his body completes its transformation into silver, he finds himself unable to move. His new 'friends' then take advantage of this, deciding to chop him up and sell him for easy money. Acquiring a blowtorch from somewhere, they surround the Mutator, though his paranormal friend tries to save him, using his power.

His horrible, incapacitating breath! He fails to wars off the bums, but the Mutator himself does so when a new transformation of his begins, turning him into a creepy, tentacular humanoid. Immobilizing the hobos with fear, they try to leave - only to be stopped by the Mutator. He collects his new paranormal friend and leaves his would-be murderers to their own devices, and begins to look for a new safe haven...

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