Psi-Force Issue Guide #12

Issue 32:
the Fist of Love

It's late at night, on May 13th, 1989, in lonely Herat, Afghanistan. Lincoln Stryker and the Sgt. Major are leading a group of Mujahedin against occupying Soviet forces. It's a small, stealthy insertion the team has planned, one to destroy a weapons depot that the Soviets are sitting on, but things go horribly wrong... and fast. It seems that the Russians knew the Mujahedin were coming!

Ambushed just after making their way into the small Soviet camp, the Sgt. Major recommends they use Sedara to escape, but he's cut down in a hail of gunfire before this can happen. Seeing him drop, Lincoln tells Sedara to get them out of there, and she opens up a doorway in space - one that leads to the safety or their own camp. Collecting their dead, Lincoln and the Mujahedin then run through before it's too late.

As Lincoln mourns the loss of his good friend, the Mujahedin camp prepares to pull out, expecting a Russian counter-attack any time now. Of course, when he discusses the loss with Sedara, we see that the raid was a fact-finding mission more than anything else, to prove whether or not someone in the camp was selling them out to the Soviets... and thus armed, they were ready for their next step.

Hours later, just over the border in Iran, Dustoff flies Babel and the Psi-Force high enough that no one could possibly see them in their black helicopter. The four members of the Psi-Force then parachute down to the surface, though Johnny Do ignites his parachute and drifts to the earth. After the team lands, they bury their parachutes and start to make their way across the border.

Headed to that same camp in Herat, the Psi-Force is preceded by Sedara, who has returned there to try and root out who the traitor in her midst might be. Before she can kill a guard between her and the supply building she intended to detonate first, Sedara was stopped by Thomas Boyd, who stopped her and took out the guard she was about to kill quietly - and with a lot less effort.

When questioned by her, the Psi-Force tells Sedara that they're there to blow up the Soviet's arms cache as well, as the Russians were prolonging the conflict in Iran from this facility. Agreeing to work with them, she is prepared to help them blow things up when Thomas takes the initiative and sets the explosives himself. After dealing with the guards, the team starts looking for additional data.

Thanks to Lindsey Falmon's powers, they see that they were right - and learn who the traitor in Sedara's group was. Getting everything they needed, the team blows their charges, and then has Sedara transport them to safety, which she does by taking them back to her camp. When everyone came running to investigate, Sedara accused Lincoln of being the traitor, but Wayne Tucker set her straight.

Furious once she learned who it was, Sedara killed him with her power, blasting him in the head with one of her two-dimensional blades. She then collapsed in a heap, having been forced to kill her own father - he was the traitor all along! With that, everyone moved their camp, knowing the Russians would definitely be hot on their trail now, and settled in several miles away.

That next morning, Wayne and Lindsey are talking about what comes next, and how Sedara was ready for the fight the Psi-Force would be engaged in shortly - assuming she was willing. Wayne then took the opportunity while they swimmed under a cool Afghan sun to propose to Lindsey, his love, at long last. Overjoyed, she naturally agreed, and the two have been together ever since!

Once the others were ready, they collected Sedara after she said her goodbyes, and since she was tired of fighting a pointless war here, she did indeed decide to join the Psi-Force. They left for Switzerland almost immediately afterward, and so did Lincoln Stryker, though he went to Florida instead, having decided that he'd also had enough of this ugly war for quite some time...

Post Series Summary:

Though they weren't ready until after World War III had started - and ended - it fell upon the Psi-Force to deal with a variety of threats to world peace. Since the Star-Child rendered every weapon on earth inert, save for simple ones like swords and the like, the only people with any real power to affect change on the earth were its paranormals - and the Psi-Force were its best-trained super-humans.

After they recruited Sedara Bakut into their ranks, the Psi-Force's numbers eventually grew much greater than five. Kathy Ling eventually returned to the fold, as did Tyrone Jessup - since he did not participate in the War with the Paranormal Platoon he may've managed to extricate himself from the Army earlier than expected. Or, like Bazooka and several other paranormals, he just may not have been ready yet.

Those two weren't alone in returning to the Psi-Force, however, for Michael Crawley also rejoined the team after his closest 'friend' outside the group, Skuzz, lost his powers thanks to the paranormal Cure. He was so angry about this that he abandoned Mastodon and the rest of the Displaced Paranormals from the Clinic he'd sought refuge in, and the Psi-Force quickly scooped him back up.

Things would not be all rosy for the ever-growing Psi-Force however, for Sedara would turn out to be more than a handful. She apparently caused all manner of trouble for the team, trouble which was not specified but distinctly implied. Johnny Do would also find himself injured severely in an operation at Los Alamos, though he ultimately survived it - as did all of the team.

One particularly important mission the Psi-Force participated in was the defense of their very world, when it was assaulted by invaders from another timeline - another multiverse, in fact. The so-called Starblasters were intent on seizing the power of the Star Brand for themselves, and as such the team formed up the Psi-Hawk - long thought destroyed by Rodstvow - to help fight for their world.

The results of this fight were something of a mixed bag, for Skeletron seemed to get his hand on the Star Brand, but was transferred into the timeline of the Psi-Force's earth while their entire world was dragged, kicking and screaming, into Skeletor's timeline. Furthermore, the way was closed between the two universes, and as such the team's world was trapped in orbit around the world of the Stranger.

It was then subsequently sealed off from the rest of its new universe of residence by the might of the Living Tribunal. This meant that the world would continue on uninfluenced by the outside universe... but all of its residents would be trapped there. This happened in the early nineties, but apparently civilization has continued despite this calamitous event in history.

Since this was done to seal the Star Brand's 'alien' energies off from the mainstream multiverse it had fallen into, this 'barrier' may no longer be necessary, since the Star Brand has since manifested anew in different timelines in its new multiverse - particularly on earth 555. It's possible that the 'New Universe' earth may've been shifted back to its timeline of origin, but this is as of yet unknown.

Either way, humanity persists either way, at least as far forward in time as April of 1998, when Wayne Tucker came out of hiding long enough to give an exclusive interview to Playboy Magazine. It seems the Psi-Force is alive, kicking and active as late as this date, and continuing to fight for what they believe in. It also seems that the world has moved on no matter what timeline it's resting in.

After all, if they're still publishing magazines like Playboy, it's a sure bet that the rest of civilization has held up just fine. As has the Psi-Force, despite all the tragedy they have seen over the years. The only loose end concerning this group of psionic paranormals is Edward Finelli, the one person on Emmett Proudhawk's list that the team never managed to find - even though he seems to persist to this very day...!

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