Psi-Force Issue Guide #7

Issue 17:
Beg Tomorrow

On October 19th, we see that things in the Siberian Project are not going too well. It seems they have a very, very powerful paranormal on site, calling himself Rodstvow. He is whittling his way through the psychiatric staff, slowly 'eating' them with his terrible powers. After he kills yet another administrator - who was watching the death of a different doctor - Serge Vladimiroff decides to cut Rodstvow loose.

Several days later, we find Wayne Tucker at the St. Mary's Cathedral, where he's looking for forgiveness. Forgiveness for destroying the mind of a man several months back - Doctor Licciardo. While he's trying to make his peace, Wayne is suddenly interrupted by a strange, taunting voice - seemingly in his mind. Rushing outside, Wayne tried to find the interloper with his telepathic powers, but had no luck.

Just a bit later, at the mall, Thomas is accompanying Kathy and Stasi as they try to find something for Wayne for his birthday. Settling on a pair of cross earrings, since Wayne had been going to church every week since the Foundations incident, the trio are interrupted by an apparent purse snatcher. Trying to chase him down, Thomas gets surprised when the strangely jointed man pummels him senseless - and throws him off a ledge!

Healing him up after Kathy sort of catches him with her power, Stasi then helps Thomas up, and the trio leave before too many questions get asked; several people see this, including a strange albino man. They head home, to meet up with Wayne and Tyrone, and hang out in the Sanctuary back yard while they talk about what's been going on. Though they're generally calm, Thomas thinks it's a lead-up to big trouble...

On November 2nd, we're introduced to Andrew Chaser, who is meeting with his CIA contact, the Leaker, about a new story opportunity. It involves Doctor Licciardo, and the Leaker tells him how Licciardo got his brain fried by one of the paranormal youths he was studying at the time, and mentions that he should look into a man named Emmett Proudhawk, a former CIA operative who'd gone rogue a bit over a year ago.

While he starts to do that, our roving eye returns to the Siberian Project, where Serge finally gets to talk to Rodstvow. He'd asked to back on the 19th, but the powerful and dangerous being wouldn't even bother until the 11th of November. Finally having the paranormal's ear, Serge tells him about the five members of Psi-Force that have repeatedly stymied him. How he wants the healer amongst them to 'help' Rodstvow.

Of course, Rodstvow laughs, knowing that Serge wants the power that they possess together - the Psi-Hawk - and promises to kill the Psi-Force for Serge. As he teleports away, Serge tries to stop him, saying he wanted the teens alive... not that it did him much good. Little did Serge know that he'd set in motion a series of events that would forever change the world...

On the 25th of November, Thomas gets a strange phone call - from the man who trounced him at the mall! Collecting the others, he heads out to Golden Gate Park, at the lake where Tyrone lost his basketball a few months back. There, the teens meet the Troublemaker, who ambushes them. Wayne finds he can't lock onto the guy with his powers, and gets a face-full of fist for his trouble.

The guy knocks the others down for the count rather quickly, all except for Thomas, who chases the Troublemaker down when he runs; he fled not because he was scared, so much as Tyrone did something to the electrical link-up he had with somebody named Imprint (the albino from before). Chasing him down, Kathy sees Troublemaker beating on Thomas pretty badly, and levitates him into helplessness.

Thomas then beats him to within an inch of his life, before the others stop him. They interrogate and then heal the Troublemaker, though they warn him off before heading home. As the Psi-Force winds down, including a romantic interlude between Thomas and Stasi, Rodstvow suddenly appears over the Sanctuary, glowing terrible with power. Of course, teleporting so far for so long has worn him out.

Instead of fighting the kids head on, he just blows up their home!

Issue 18:
Alone in a Crowd

On December 12th, 1987, we catch up with Andrew Chaser, who has conducted several weeks of dangerous investigative reporting only to find the targets of his research, the Psi-Force teens, were apparently dead. Standing at the edge of what remained of Sanctuary, Andrew wandered further in with the help of a female acquaintance of his on the police force, only to find the ghostly form of Tyrone Jessup!

They get to talking for a few minutes, and Tyrone takes Andrew to the St. Francis hospital, where his body was resting. It was severely damaged in the Sanctuary explosion, with third degree burns over seventy percent of his body. As damaged as his body is, Tyrone is unable to return for all the pain, and he's been watching the nurses and such take care of his physical form ever since.

Three days later, we find Wayne Tucker is also still alive, and hiding out in Seattle again. He's hanging out in an opulent hotel downtown, and chatting it up with the owner of the hotel's daughter, Lindsey. After playing with some of the instruments in the lounge, left when the Plasmatics were thrown out of the place on their last visit, Wayne is stymied by Lindsey's step-father, Gene Marriss.

Tempted to push the man with his powers, Wayne stops, having promised to never use his powers on anyone again out of mere anger. Going to confront him and his bad attitude, Wayne loses the guy only to fall back into the Medusa Web's surveillance. Apparently they'd followed him to Seattle, and this time Imprint was joined by Backfire and Donner Kopf, and began to talk about trying to 'grab' him again.

On the 16th, Andrew gets to talking with Tyrone again, who is happy to have anyone to speak with, really. He lets Tyrone know that he'd been doing some digging, and found out a group called the Medusa Web had been hired to bring him and his friends in. They were currently active in Seattle, which is where at least one other survivor of the Sanctuary explosion was hanging out, so Tyrone rocketed there as fast as he could.

Two days later, Tyrone hasn't found any sign of his friends yet - but someone else has. While the owner of his hotel is trying to throw him out, Wayne is assaulted by someone calling herself Electrique, who entered the room through his electrical outlets. She flings the security guard who came up with Marriss out the window, and Marriss himself only survived the attack thanks to Electrique's bad aim.

When Wayne tries to run, he smashes into Backfire and Donner Kopf, who both attack. Donner Kopf flattens Wayne with his sonic implants, while Backfire stomps on him some. When Lindsey breaks up the bedlam by driving a car through the front door, Wayne takes this opportunity to sick Donner Kopf on Electrique (since he couldn't use his powers on her for some reason) and makes his getaway.

As the Medusa Web tries to deal with the police, they send Electrique out to stop Wayne from getting away. He actually gets pretty far with Lindsey, who seems rather non-plussed about the fantastic abilities being bandied about. It turns out that she's a paranormal too, only with a less 'active' power - she can do psychometric readings on objects to learn things about everyone who's ever handled them.

Having learned some rather shady things about her step-father's business dealings, Lindsey decides she's better off with Wayne - though she immediately reconsiders this assumption when Electrique stalls out the car they're fleeing in. Electrique threatens to kill the both of them if they don't get out of the car, but she is... very adversely affected by Tyrone when he flies through her in his 'astral' form.

When the rest of the Web catches up with them, Lindsey overtimes on Backfire's gun when he puts it to her head, and she realizes it's only got blanks in it - at which point Wayne knocks him cold. The two then fight their way past Donner Kopf and the assembled Seattle police force, and make their way out of the city in a stolen police cruiser - they then make their way to Canada!

Meanwhile, the Medusa Web is starting to hunt down the other Psi-Force teens...

Issue 19:
the Masada Defense

On January 2nd, the Medusa Web is chasing Kathy, Stasi and Thomas through the streets of San Diego. Currently on the run from the police, the trio of paranormals violently ditch the uniformed men on their tail and make for a hiding place. Thinking they can duck out in a nearby mall, they run to the Horton Plaza - which was exactly what the leader of the Medusa Web was hoping.

Once they're inside, the leader of the Medusa Web, the man known as Babel, sends two of his men after them. One is the Troublemaker, which already knew some of them, while another was Skybreaker, another paranormal mercenary in the Web's employ. As those two got into position, the Psi-Force teens dealt with a large crowd of security guards on premises, and then split up to escape.

As they did so, the rest of the Medusa Web assembled, including Gatto di Sangue the acrobat, Relampago the speedster, Toocheetsch the strong-man, and Potiphar the gunman. Thinking this a good opportunity, Kathy uses her powers on a large tower by the Web operatives, toppling it on them. Of course, while Potiphar shoots at the thing, Toocheetsch just grabs it and places it peacefully on the ground.

Running off after that failed, Kathy missed the arrival of Babel, who landed his helicopter and made for the security station of the mall. Starting to set up his control center where he could see everything taking place, Babel had to deal with the Skipper, who was on scene to observe... and had more than a small personal stake in the matter. It seems that Colby Shaw was his ex-wife... and died with Sanctuary.

While he dealt with this, Thomas was himself dealing with Troublemaker, who jumped him out of nowhere. He then returned the favor from their previous fight at a mall, and shoved him off a handy ledge (though Troublemaker landed on something soft). Kathy, meanwhile, was running from Potiphar and Gatto di Sangue, though she flattened the latter easily with but one good force blast.

Elsewhere, Tyrone was flying about the country, since he was bored, and happened upon the massive area of devastation that used to be Pittsburgh: the Pitt. The energies in the area do something to his energy form, causing it to make him feel physically ill. He flies away to safety, unaware that the Air Force is now tracking his movements - which apparently they've been able to do for quite some time.

Back in San Diego, Skybreaker makes his move, and separates Thomas from Stasi. While the adrenaline leech is being kept busy, Relampago attacks, but Stasi keeps healing herself as soon as she's hit. Running away, Stasi sets a quickie trap for her super-speedster pursuer, pulling a string of Christmas lights up to trip her. Not seeing the danger in time, Relampago trips on it and breaks her neck - though this costs Stasi.

The force of Relampago hitting her light string removed her fingers. She healed the damage... though the strain knocked her out, leaving her easy pickings for Troublemaker. Nearby, Thomas is busy dealing with Skybreaker, easily taking him out after smashing his flight goggles. This lands him in front of about every policeman in San Diego however, and he has to surrender in order to help his friends later.

Poor Kathy, meanwhile, is still running from Potiphar. Showcasing ever-newer applications of her telekinetic power in the process, she manages to lose Potiphar momentarily in a clothing store, using her powers to literally swarm him with objects until he can't see her. She leaps out of the store, only to find herself face to face with Toocheetsch, and knocks the giant Russian senseless with a concussive strike.

Too tired to fight at this point, Kathy was unable to fight off a renewed Potiphar, who gunned her down in cold blood. With all three of them neutralized, the Medusa Web collected the teens - only to have them taken by the CIA Skipper, who was only observing until now, took custody of the paranormals despite Babel's protestations, all while other CIA folks were preparing to deal with their friends.

Their ultimate plan: to sic Spitfire on Wayne and Tyrone...

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