Jake Travest, the Second Spitfire (deceased)

Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty -5



Jake Travest, like Jenny Swensen herself, was a 'normal' human that piloted a huge suit of powered armor. Of course, he was quite insane, both due to his multiple personalities and the psionic damage done to him by Wayne Tucker's psionic powers.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Mark 3 MAX Suit: Jake's claim to fame, this billion dollar armor suit was originally built by Jenny Swensen, though he 'inherited' it from Project: Spitfire when she deserted the group, and was later arrested by the US Army in the vicinity of the Pitt.


Insanity: in addition to the above, Jake was inadvertently driven insane by Wayne Tucker, Psi-Force's telepath, who messed with his mind before he was locked up in solitary confinement for over six months. These two events have unhinged even Jake's 'normal' personality.

Multiple Personality: Jake has at least two distinct personalities: the smooth, savvy Jake, and the psychotic, homicidal Slash. He was known to switch between the two on occasion, and Edmund Roth knew how to trigger such a switch in poor Jake. Not a good thing, to be sure.


Detective / Espionage: Jake is an accomplished espionage agent, and has proven so time and again while in Afghanistan (though his multiple personality, Slash, did most of the 'dirty work'). His Reason rank concerning such matters should be considered +1 CS.

Guns: as a member of the United States military, as well as a man who swims in espionage circles, Jake Travest naturally knows his way around firearms. He may wield them, whether standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, at his Agility score +1 CS.

Martial Arts types A, B, and E: In addition to his military training, Jake has received further instruction in the way of unarmed combat by the US Government's Central Intelligence Agency, who has imparted upon him mastery of these fighting styles.

Military / United States: Jake is an accomplished military man, and as such, he knows things like military protocols like the back of his hand. This also allows him to readily lead a group of fighting men and women into combat, should they trust him enough to lead them.

Repair / Tinkering: Jake has demonstrated the ability to fix the Mark 3 MAX armor, as it were in a highly broken state at the time (thanks to Tyrone Jessup). He should receive a +1 CS to all FEAT rolls made when trying to fix up something mechanical or electronic.


Jake could rely on Project: Spitfire for aid in a pinch, at least, until he failed in his mission against Psi-Force. Furthermore, Jenny Swensen sort of liked Jake, though she did suspect his true mental nature, and would probably help him if he were to ask.


Jake had no costume, per se; he only wore military fatigues while 'at work'. Of course, the Mark 3 MAX suit could count as a rather expensive costume, as he wore it into action on at least one occasion - albeit against his fellow citizens.


He's bloody crazy.

Before his run-in with Psi-Force and the Medusa Web, Jake was off in a savvy, friendly, sadistic sort of way (not counting his Slash persona). Once he was in the MAX armor, however, all the floodgates of Jake's rage blew wide open, and he relished in the killing of other people.

After he was dealt with by the above paranormals, however, Jake was locked up in solitary confinement for a good long time. That, combined with Wayne Tucker's mental programming, made him totally loony, a fact that the Medusa Web later used to their advantage.

Real Name: Jackson 'Jake' Travest
Occupation: government agent
Legal Status: American citizen with a criminal record in the US and Canada, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Slash, Spitfire 2
Group Affiliation: Project: Spitfire (a government operation)

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Little is truly known about Jackson Travest's history, especially by Jake himself. He isn't sure which of his memories are real, and which aren't. He's had several flashbacks about his martial arts training, some operations in various bejungled countries, and more. However, his present is just as interesting as his past, as there are at least two people in his head.

Jake Travest is possessed of multiple personalities.

His normal self is sort of smooth, savvy, and of course, a highly effective operation. However, he occasionally switches into another persona, his Slash persona, which is rage and homicidal anger personified. This identity tends to manifest itself while Jake is under lots of stress, or when he needs to accomplish something his already violent 'normal' self is loathe to do.

Jake's first published appearance saw him being dropped off in Afghanistan with Jenny Swensen by Edmund Roth, who wanted to impress upon the young lady just how important it was for her to work with Project: Spitfire. Jake was in on this duplicity, even though he masterfully feigned innocence, and managed to help Jenny complete her first mission.

Essentially, there were several Soviet-built Mark 1 MAX suits killing the remaining Mujahedin rebels in the country. Knowing how the suits worked, and their weaknesses, Jenny managed to totally destroy the Soviet MAX operation -- with Jake's help, of course. Upon returning to America, Jake joined up with Project: Spitfire full time, along with Swensen.

Jake's next adventure saw him accompanying Jenny (in the new, Mark 3 MAX suit) into Nicaragua, as it was rumored that there were MAX sightings in the region, perpetrated by the Soviets again. Jake was captured by the locals during this mission, and was almost killed when Jenny managed to save him, overcoming the jamming device the locals were using against her armor.

Jake was hospitalized for the next few months afterwards, and as such, he missed Jenny's mission into the Pitt, where she ultimately became paranormal after getting exposed to Pitt-juice. She abandoned her suit shortly after this, hooking up with the paranormals of DP 7 until the Army arrested her (and them) for simply being in the area. Oh, and because the Government wanted to punish Jenny for disobeying them.

As such, once the Mark 3 Spitfire suit was recovered from the Pitt area, Jake was chosen to be the man in the can. His first mission, once the suit was put back together, was to capture two rogue paranormals. They were Wayne Tucker and Tyrone Jessup, members of Psi-Force, who the government had failed to capture using the bounty hunters known as the Medusa Web.

Jake tracked them down in Vancouver, where he proceeded to take the place apart in his attempt to capture them. He eventually caught Wayne Tucker, whose mental powers weren't working on him thanks to the cybernetic interface of the MAX armor. However, Jake didn't account for Wayne's new girlfriend, Lindsay Falmon, who sicced the Medusa Web on him.

After their previous operations, you see, the Medusa Web had a falling out with the government, and were now trying to recruit the remaining members of Psi-Force. Once Lindsay told them what was happening, they tracked Jake down and attacked him. The battle ended, however, when Tyrone Jessup, the other member of Psi-Force, returned. His electromagnetic body totally scrambled up Jake's armor.

Out of his suit, Jake was easily defeated; sure, he's a master of combat, but the combined force of paranormals was simply too great a foe for him to overcome. Once beaten, Jake was programmed by Wayne Tucker to tell everybody what he was doing in Canada, especially to the authorities. When they picked him up, that's exactly what he started doing.

He kept doing that for months, in fact, to anybody that appeared to him in his cell, a sort of solitary confinement chamber set up by the Canadian authorities - who knew he was a master of dirty operations, and didn't want him getting away. Of course, this managed to corrode what was left of the man's sanity (which wasn't too hard), and by the time the Medusa Web broke him out, he was a total loon.

The Web wanted his technology, and they broke Jake out of jail under the pretense that they were CIA operatives. In his damaged mental state, Jake bought the deception, and rode with the Web operatives to the point where the Canadians were keeping the remains of the Mark 3 MAX suit. Wishing to repair the MAX suit, Jake went to the sweet spot of the armor, and downloaded its onboard schematic.

Of course, that was just what the Medusa Web wanted, so they took the disk and left Jake for dead in the Canadian warehouse, which they promptly blew to bits. Unfortunately, Jake was in the warehouse still, so he was blown to bits with the warehouse, and as such, won't be appearing in any further tales - unless, of course, he managed to get away from that warehouse in time!

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