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Unlike most of the people his stories tend to cover, Andrew Chaser is a normal human, lacking any sort of ascendant abilities. No magic spells, no psionic talents, no mutagenic abilities brought on by the White Event - no nothing. He's quite the talented writer, though.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Pulitzer: this oddly-named electronic device is actually just a pocket tape recorder, even if it is Andrew's only real friend in the world - he confides in it more than any mere human. In its '87 incarnation, it used micro-cassettes, and could record up to a half hour of audio per tape.

Modern incarnations of Pulitzer may have much larger amounts of audio storage.




Artist: in addition to his journalistic tendencies, Andrew is also an accomplished writer, and several of his books were best-sellers. For each completed work, Andrew gains an amount of Fortune equal to ten times the number of weeks spent writing.

Journalism: Andrew has a knack for seeing the real story by 'reading between the lines', which he applies to his non-fiction works. In addition to the two free contacts offered, Andrew should also receive a bonus when digging about for clues when working on a story.


Andrew has numerous contacts in various fields, particularly in government and entertainment circles - though the Leaker, his major government source, was assassinated right before his eyes. He's also on good terms with Tyrone Jessup, despite how his book ruined that paranormal's life.


Andrew usually prefers what he considers 'casual' wear while researching any of his books. This consists of a comfy pair of trousers, a collared, long-sleeved shirt, a tie, a pair of black leather shoes, his trademark brown trench coat, and of course, his corrective, round-rimmed glasses.


Andrew is a good man, albeit a womanizer; it seems he 'knows' a female in every major American city. He trusts his instincts, though, and puts the integrity of his work above concerns of personal safety at times. He would rather not get hurt, of course, but he knows it could happen.

While on the job, he tends to talk to his portable tape recorder, Pulitzer, like it was a person. This may help him to recall events better later on, but it definitely stands out as one of his more idiosyncratic traits.

Real Name: Andrew Morrow Chaser
Occupation: freelance journalist, nonfiction author
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record (but watched by individuals in intelligence circles)
Marital Status: divorced (twice)
Alias(es), if any: Scoop
Group Affiliation: the American Library Association, the Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Association

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 165 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than his round-rimmed, corrective lenses, none.


Andrew Chaser is an award-winning journalist, one who has seen his work published in a wide array of newspapers and magazines over the years. Rolling Stone, Playboy, Omni - just to name a few. Of course, Andrew's done his fair number of pieces that wound up in the tabloids.

He's also written numerous books, including By Dawn's Early Light, about the Libyan air raid, The Streets are Free, a book about the homeless situation in America, and of course, On Sale Now - Toilet Seats for One Hundred Bucks, about Reagan-era Pentagon spending.

After Doctor Emilio Licciardo's mind was severely damaged during some undetailed incident in Colorado, Andrew decided to figure out what happened. Licciardo had given him an interview that made its way into Omni magazine, after all, so Andrew figured he at least owed the guy.

Meeting with his CIA contact, the Leaker, Andrew was pointed in the right direction for this new story: Emmett Proudhawk. Looking into the actions of that man, Andrew tracked down his charges, the so-called Psi-Force children - about a day too late, though.

He found their home, the Sanctuary, hours after it had been destroyed by the Russian paranormal, Rodstvow. But wait, there's more! While sifting through the rubble (he shouldn't have been able to, but a former female police acquaintance let him onto the scene) he found Tyrone Jessup.

The kid was in his astral body, since his physical form had been severely injured during the explosion. While his body lay comatose, his mind was free to roam around. Glad to finally have somebody to talk to, Tyrone answered all of Andrew's questions to the best of his ability.

Of course, Andrew also had information for Tyrone, information about his so-called 'astral' body that he'd collected from Foundations in post-disaster interviews. He also explained that the Medusa Web, a group of international bounty hunters, was on Tyrone's trail.

Armed with this information, and the location of his friend Wayne, Tyrone left Andrew to his own devices. However, Andrew did remain in contact with Tyrone for quite a while, giving him information he'd found regarding the Medusa Web and the CIA as he found it.

Before long, the Psi-Force youths had their fateful clash with Rodstvow over Washington DC, and were seemingly killed in the process. All save for Tyrone, since he'd been accompanying the team in his 'astral' form ever since his physical body was wrecked up months back.

Before Andrew learned Tyrone wasn't dead, he had several run-ins with CIA spooks, as well as the Medusa Web's Babel, in his efforts to get all aspects of the story he was about to write a book about. He even saw his pal, the Leaker, killed right in front of him as he revealed a new threat.

Said threat being one Philip Nolan Voigt, the man secretly in charge of governmental affairs ever since the Pitt incident. After the Leaker was killed, his assassins then went after Andrew, though this was mostly a government attempt to spook him into not writing his Psi-Force book.

Andrew wasn't cowed by this, and eventually got said book, Power for the Preying, written once he'd collected his wits... and all of the facts. He left out a few things, though, like the fact that Tyrone was still alive, and the looming threat of a paranormal President.

Shortly after his book hit the #3 slot in the Times best seller list, the suits pestering Andrew backed off somewhat, allowing him to start looking into Voigt. Once he eventually got an interview with the man (after he'd been successfully elected), Andrew learned the truth.

The man was stark, raving mad! Even though the President had lost his 'Overshadow' powers for a time, he was still insane with notions of paranormal supremacy - and since Voigt wouldn't let him record their interview with Pulitzer, he couldn't prove any of it. At least, not yet.

How Andrew dealt with this mad paranormal, not to mention everything else in the quickly disintegrating world he lives in, has yet to be revealed. However, it was eventually revealed that the Psi-Force survived their fight with Rodstvow - which likely made Andrew feel much better in the end.

Note: Andrew isn't alone in the multiverse; his variant earth counterparts have sprung up here and there. For instance, in the timeline of the Troublemakers, an alternate version of himself is known to have been around, though his exact activities there are as of yet unknown.

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