Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Am 50
Rm 30
Am 50
Am 50
Sh 0
Ex -20



The Psi-Hawk leads a transient existence, being a spectral gestalt formed by a merger of the powers and psyches of at least one member of the Psi-Force team and several other paranormals. Outside of such mergers, the Psi-Hawk essentially does not exist.

Known Powers (Fixed):

Wings: the only power that can be attributed solely to the Psi-Hawk, this gestalt being has a large, billowy pair of wings. Fully functional, they carry the Psi-Hawk aloft in the skies, moving at 90 miles per hour indefinitely, or 225 miles per hour in short bursts.

Known Powers (Variable):

Any other powers the Psi-Hawk has access to depends entirely on who it is that is combining their minds and power to make him manifest in the physical plane. It can access these abilities at their possessors' rank +3 CS or Unearthly (100), whichever of the two is less.

This assumes that five individuals are acting in concert to create him. If only two people are acting to manifest the Psi-Hawk, subtract 2 CS from his overall power level, while three or four will reduce his effective power scores by only 1 CS. Either way, he has these variable powers:

* Healer's Powers: when Anastasia Inyushin is contributing to the composition of the Psi-Hawk, it has access to her Cure Disease, Detoxification, Healing / Self, Healing / Others, and Regeneration / Self parabilities, making it nigh-impossible to harm for long.

* Johnny Do's Powers: if he ever contributes to the generation of the Psi-Hawk, Johnny Do will lend that spectral gestalt his powers of Energy Generation and Control (fire), Flight, and Invulnerability to Fire and Heat, granting him overwhelming destructive might.

* Network's Powers: Wayne Tucker usually initiates Psi-Hawk's formation, granting it his Auscultation, Charm, Crowd and Mind Control, Linguistics, Macro Sense, Mesmerism, Mind Wipe, Psi Bolt, Psychic Invisibility and Probe, Sensory Distortion, and Telepathy abilities.

* Overtime's Powers: whenever Lindsey Falmon is contributing to the composition of the Psi-Hawk, it can make use of her Psychometry power, which also serves as a gateway for the use of Precognition and Sensory Link related to what she reads from an object.

* Salvo's Powers: though Johnny Do's powers are generally destructive, they simply don't hold a candle to Michael Crawley's. His power of Psychokinesis can destroy just about anything, and what it can't touch, his knack for Disintegration can.

* Sedara's Powers: if she ever lends her psychic and paranormal essence to the generation of the Psi-Hawk, Sedara can infinitely increase its effective range of motion. Her Portal and Dimensional Displacement parabilities mean there's nowhere she cannot reach.

* Shockwave's Powers: when Kathy Ling uses her psionic might to bolster the creation of the Psi-Hawk, it can make use of her Flight, Force Field, Force Blast, Kinetic Focus, and Telekinesis powers, some of which greatly augment his own, inherent abilities.

* Syphon's Powers: though he wasn't one of the initial creators of the Psi-Hawk, Thomas Boyd can readily lend his parability to him when necessary. This allows the Psi-Hawk to make use of Boyd's Adrenal Vampirism in addition to his melee prowess.

* Voyager's Powers: if the Psi-Hawk enjoys having the powers and psyche of Tyrone Jessup contributing to his existence, he develops the ability to transform his very body into electromagnetic energy, usually light. This may say something about the ultimate nature of Jessup's powers.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Though there isn't a finite number of paranormals who have the ability to contribute to the generation of the Psi-Hawk, only five individuals can pool their powers and psyche to do so at any given time. More will render him unstable, and he may well attack his component paranormals!




The Psi-Hawk's mind is made up of the individual consciousnesses that help maintain its existence, making him rather erratic in combat, from manifestation to manifestation. There's no specific quirk to account for this, but if there were it would resemble 'multiple personalities'.


The Psi-Hawk can draw upon the individual talents of the psis that maintain its existence, making him quite knowledgeable and dangerous indeed, especially now that Wayne possesses access to just about every talent known to man via his macro sense.


As the Psi-Hawk is only a temporary creation of the Psi-Force folks that have learned the Spectral Gestalt power, he doesn't have a personal life, per se. However, he could presumably draw aid from people who knew Emmett Proudhawk in the past, such as his brother Eugene.


The Psi-Hawk always manifests in a distinctive outfit. It includes a gray frilled vest with stylized red hawk head on front, gray frilled 'skirt', frilled red boots, golden bracelets with red borders, and gray hawk-style mask (covering head, eyes, and some of the nose).


When he first appeared, the Psi-Hawk was portrayed as this sort of enigmatic, otherworldly spirit, molded after the appearance of Psi-Force's former mentor, Emmett Proudhawk. Later, however, he was shown to be an amalgamation of the minds that maintained his existence.

Real Name: Psi-Hawk
Occupation: none (it's a temporary creation)
Legal Status: none
Marital Status: not applicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force (by default)

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: unknown
Eyes: white (pupil-less)
Weight: unknown
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none, other than the huge eagle-like wings protruding from his back, and his pupil-less eyes.


The Psi-Hawk is a sort of amalgamated psionic energy being, created by the focused wills of at least one member of the original Psi-Force team and several other psionic folks. He was first created after the death of Emmett Proudhawk, Psi-Force's ersatz mentor, who taught the team how to meld their mental essences into a being of singular power. They first used him to vanquish Emmett's killer, Mindwolf.

Over the space of the next year, Psi-Force called forth the Psi-Hawk on several occasions to save their lives. The Psi-Hawk initially had a mysterious, otherworldly air to him, as his driving intelligence was seemingly the leftover essence of Emmett Proudhawk's psyche. As such, he tried to direct the teens within Psi-Force to stick together, despite the fact that several of them wanted to split at first.

This was the ultimate reason that Michael Crawley ended up leaving the team. You see, the group was trying to protect Thomas Boyd from his former CIA employer, Derek Shiningstar, when they had to form the Psi-Hawk once again. The Hawk was highly erratic however, and once he defeated the group's foes, he started to attack Psi-Force itself.

This happened because too many people were generating him at the time. When he first taught the paranormals in his care how to generate the Psi-Hawk, he was doing so based on a vision he had concerning their future, a vision that only saw five youths contributing to the Hawk. The addition of the sixth teen (Boyd) set the thing all crazy. And, as luck would have it, Michael Crawley figured this out first.

In order to protect his friends, he did what he had to - he quit the group. He knew that Boyd needed more help than he did, so he split for parts unknown (eventually ending up at the Clinic). The team didn't use the Psi-Hawk for a year after that incident, during which time Emmett's driving influence on the thing waned considerably. By the time the youths needed him again, he was different.

When Wayne Tucker, Tyrone Jessup, Kathy Ling, Thomas Boyd, and Lindsey Falmon formed the Psi-Hawk in Washington DC, he wasn't being controlled by an otherworldly intelligence at all: he was being steered directly by the minds of the youths that generated him. Tucker discovered that this was Emmett's ultimate plan, a forging of their minds into one incredibly potent defensive weapon.

However, this weapon ultimately failed Psi-Force, and Rodstvow spent an agonizingly long time killing the Psi-Hawk after defeating him. The evil Russian dispersed the Psi-Hawk's essence across the earth, an event that threw the Psi-Force youths into comas for months, and critically augmented Tucker's telepathic powers. On the down side, the Psi-Hawk was gone for good.

Or so it seemed.

Six years later, the Psi-Hawk was seen beating the crud out of Quasar during that whole Starblast debacle. As such, Psi-Force is apparently still capable of generating their psionic fusion. This may be because Michael Crawley wasn't involved in the Washington DC battle with Rodstvow, and as such, Rodstvow wasn't able to destroy that tiny, last little bit of the Psi-Hawk's power.

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