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Hand Size:
5 (30)


Wayne is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained his powers during the White Event, an incident that forever set his world apart from our more standard reality. His powers are psionic in nature, and incredibly versatile due to extensive usage.


Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Telepathy (a) (w): Wayne has developed into a very powerful telepath, one of the most potent on the earth, in fact. He can achieve mind to mind communication with intensity 17 ability, whether he's sending thoughts to or receiving thoughts from others.

Auscultation (t) (w): Wayne can eavesdrop on the thoughts of others with intensity 13 ability. Targets are only allowed card play to resist if they think Wayne - or someone else - is spying on their mind. And most of the time, why would they think so?

Charm (s) (w): Wayne can be highly persuasive when he wants to be. This intensity 15 power ensures that, upon a successful easy difficulty Charm (willpower) action, everyone within far missile distance will find themselves going above and beyond to get on his good side.

Crowd Control (a) (w): Wayne can use this power on several people at once; usually everyone within near missile distance, with intensity 11 ability. This tends to wear him out however, and Wayne will usually get a bad headache from attempting this.

Mind Control (t) (w): Wayne usually uses this lesser form of mental control, as he can concentrate on one person at a time much easier, doing so at intensity 13. Naturally, this is less stressful on him than his 'group' mind control ability is.

Mesmerism (s) (w): Wayne can put people in a trance, and program future actions and suggestions into their minds, with intensity 15 skill. This functions above and beyond the standard hypnosis skill, but people can attempt to resist it the same way.

Mind Wipe (a) (w): Network has the ability to erase the memories of others, though he mostly does this to make people forget he (or any of his various teammates) was ever somewhere. He can wield this psipathic art with intensity 11 ability.

Linguistics (t) (i): Wayne has learned how to 'absorb' languages from other people, simply by talking to them for a short time. He can do so at intensity 10. He seems to hang onto these languages after learning them in this fashion.

Sensory Distortion (s) (w): Wayne can make people's very senses betray them, an act that causes them to attempt all actions at an increased difficulty, if he can pass an easy difficulty Sensory Distortion (willpower) action with this intensity 12 power.

Psychic Probe (a) (w): Wayne can look for specific memories or images in the minds of other people, though they're more than aware of his doing so; this power tends to cause considerable discomfort to its target. He can attempt this with intensity 12 ability.

Psychic Invisibility (a) (w): Wayne can make people mentally ignore himself and up to eight others. He can affect any number of people, at intensity 16. This tends to wear him out, however, and Wayne will usually get a bad headache from attempting this.

Psi Bolt (a) (w): Wayne can use this art to directly assault the mind of another. When doing so, he can inflict intensity 16 karmic damage, upon passing an easy difficulty Psi Bolt (willpower) action. He can also wield this power against everyone within near missile distance, at a -4 penalty.

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Macro Sense (a) (w): after the death of the Psi-Hawk, Wayne's mind made a staggering leap in power, and he now has access to everything that anyone alive knows. He can make use of this staggering knowledge with intensity 10 ability.

Trained Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Spectral Gestalt (a) (a): Wayne can combine his psychic essence with the rest of Psi-Force's to manifest the Psi-Hawk, their combined gestalt form. This entity was apparently slain by the Russian paranormal known as Rodstvow, but manifested anew several years later.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Cybernetic Switchblades (s): swiped from Spitfire 2 after Psi-Force and the Medusa Web cleaned his clock, these items are of material strength 12, and inflict +2 damage in Wayne's hands. These blades are retractable, housed in a container strapped to the backs of Wayne's arms.


Brawling (s): Wayne grew up in a bad part of town, and as such, he learned how to fight dirty. Real dirty, if need be. If he reduces an opponent to zero health while brawling, his opponent will slip into a coma, as the damage to his person will be quite severe.

Computers (i): a part of Wayne's extensive Medusa Web training included a proper understanding of a computer's operation. For instance, he can program, hack, and to some extent, design just about any computer system, doing so at a reduced difficulty.

Crime (a): in his youth, Wayne was somewhat of a hood. He got rather good at breaking into cars and such, though it is assumed that, since he knows the basics of lock-picking, he could apply that knowledge to any locks. He's also good at being generally sneaky.

Detective / Espionage (i): another skill the Medusa Web trained Wayne in is proper espionage technique. He has training in surveillance techniques, spotting minor details about a subject, operating 'spy' equipment, and of course, detecting whether or not he's being followed.

Guns (a): his extensive training with the Medusa Web has given Wayne the ability to competently use any sort of hand-held firing weapon. He makes attacks with such weapons at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Leadership (w): Wayne can, upon passing an average difficulty willpower action, give a +1 to the actions of any group he's leading (usually Psi-Force). If his leadership disappears, however, this translates into a -1, as the group has begun to depend on his direction.

Manipulation (w): this skill is a sort of natural persuasive ability, an ability that Wayne had long before he developed his paranormal powers of telepathy. It makes it easier for him to influence a body into doing something, without said body sensing his manipulation attempt.

Psychology / Sociology (i): after dealing with the complex innards of people's minds for years, Wayne knows what makes people tick. He can make reasonable assumptions about what a person will do next, and can make undeclared contingent actions if he doesn't attack in an exchange.

Skill / Knives (s): Wayne is also well-versed in the use of a knife, either to make a point or to defend himself. He makes attacks with knives and similar short, bladed weapons at one difficulty level lower than would normally be necessary.

Survival (w): if anything, Wayne is skilled at getting by, regardless of his surroundings. Whether it be in the Afghanistani wilds or simply on the streets of Chicago, Wayne can draw forth the minimum necessary survival requirements (food, water, etc.).


As the leader of Psi-Force, Wayne can probably rely on any team member for whatever help he could need. The Medusa Web should also be considered a reliable contact, as they went to great lengths to recruit the Psi-Force, and would not like to lose them.

Eugene Proudhawk, Emmett Proudhawk's brother, would also help Wayne if he were to ask for it.


Outcast, later Peace of Mind: Wayne felt all alone in the world when he first developed his telepathic powers. He's since reconciled his bad feelings about his abilities, and with his massive increase in power, well, he has achieved a sort of peace (though he still strives for more).


While active with Psi-Force, Wayne usually didn't wear a specific uniform to speak of, but has flirted with such designs in the past. His ideal 'look' would include black pants, a black leather jacket with a stylized red hawk head on front and a spiky right shoulder pad, and gray gloves.


Wayne used to be a very angry youth, thanks to the physical abuses of his father. Wayne eventually grew to like the members of Psi-Force, however, and truly became a team player over time, particularly after meeting (and eventually marrying) Lindsey Falmon (Overtime).

Real Name: Wayne Tucker
Occupation: vigilante, former student, former gang member
Legal Status: US citizen wanted by most authorities
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force, the Medusa Web

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 145 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: scar on right side of face, 1.5" under his eye


Wayne Tucker came from a damaged family, his mother having died six years ago, and his father beating him ever since. To get back at his policeman dad, Wayne became the leader of a Chicago street gang, until one fateful night. The night of the White Event.

After another fight with his father, Wayne felt compelled to leave home and head west, all thanks to Emmett Proudhawk's psychic manipulations. Once there, he met up with the rest of Psi-Force, but didn't like them or Emmett's ideas for a team all that much.

However, Proudhawk taught him and the rest of the psionic youths how to combine their psychic essences into a singular being, which they did to avenge his death soon after. After trying to leave the group several times, Wayne eventually decided to stick with them.

The group remained together until the Russian paranormal known as Rodstvow destroyed Psi-Force's home. Scarred and wounded in the explosion, Wayne fled to Seattle, only to be followed by Tyrone Jessup's 'astral' form, whose body was severely burned in the incident.

There, they met up with Lindsey Falmon, who Wayne got involved with... a lot. The two became inseparable after several encounters with the Medusa Web, an organization that first tried to capture them for the US government, and then tried to recruit them after saving them from Spitfire.

In time, Wayne, Tyrone, and Lindsey found out that the rest of Psi-Force had been captured by the government, and went to the east coast to save 'em. They broke out Boyd first, and then the others, though tragedy struck afterwards.

After freeing Anastasia and Kathy from a military hospital, Psi-Force was gunned down by the Army, and Anastasia died healing the damage caused by their assault. The team then ran afoul of Rodstvow again, and was forced to form the Psi-Hawk to fight this genocidal terror.

Rodstvow and Psi-Hawk then fought over Washington DC, and the resulting battle utterly devastated the city. In the end, Psi-Hawk lost his fight with the Russian paranormal, who quickly destroyed him and most American monuments and historical artifacts of note (like the Constitution).

The Psi-Force woke up in the Siberian Project, taken there by Rodstvow, and stayed there until rescued by the Medusa Web. The mercenaries, who were joined by Justice, teamed up with Psi-Force and Red Sun (a Russian group of paranormals) to defeat Rodstvow once and for all.

The group then made for France, and joined up with the Medusa Web on a contract basis, performing various helpful jobs for the subversive organization. Wayne eventually married Lindsey, and the group survived the third World War (waged at the 'end' of the New Universe line).

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