Thomas Boyd: Syphon


Hand Size:
5 (30)


Thomas is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained his powers during the White Event, an astronomical incident that set his world forever apart from our more conventional timeline. His powers are psionic in nature, and particularly aggressive.


Natural Psionics (Metapsi Powers):

Adrenal Vampirism (i): Thomas can use this power to 'leech' energy away from others as a contingent action, once he's made contact with them. He can accomplish this with an easy difficulty Adrenal Vampirism (strength) action using this intensity 15 power.

When successful, Thomas may steal an amount of Strength from his target equal to either the amount by which his adrenal vampirism action succeeds or the value required to reduce his foe's Strength to one, whichever of the two is lower.

Strength stolen by adrenal vampire adds directly to Thomas' own, with an upper limit of 15. Such boosts last for an aura duration, after which point his Strength will return to normal - until, that is, he leeches someone else to make use of their physical power.

If a foe who has already been reduced to a Strength of 1 is the victim of this power again, they will fall into a deep coma, which, while not deadly, will take them out of action for quite some time. Draw a card to determine the number of days the victim will remain unconscious.

Oddly enough, Thomas has learned how to channel his power through a metal medium, and can thus use a garrote to increase his range with this power to near missile distance (if he can hit with it, of course). He prefers hand to hand combat, but will fall back on this if necessary.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Missing Part / Right Eye: in final battle with Rodstvow, Thomas lost his right eye. This has affected him by increasing the difficulty of any vision-based actions by one level, as he lacks depth perception, and is still a bit unaccustomed to working with only the one eye.


Thomas Boyd carries a large variety of survival gear with him on missions for the Medusa Web. Several guns, knives, and other mundane things to back him up, in the event that he needs it. However, he tends to use a garrote the most (he carries two of these).


Boxing (s): Thomas has been highly trained in making effective use of his natural weaponry, and as such, he can make two unarmed melee attacks per exchange, the last of which occurs as a contingent action. He can use his adrenal vampirism power through these attacks.

Brawling (s): furthermore, Thomas is highly skilled in using his hands, feet, teeth, and head in order to cripple or otherwise maim an opponent (usually only temporarily, mind you). If he brings an enemy to zero health (or no cards) with melee attacks, they will fall into a coma.

Computers (i): after he hooked up with the Medusa Web, Thomas was trained in computer operating and programming techniques; he can perform such actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally required (and can even build computers, to a small degree).

Detective / Espionage (i): during his time with the CIA's Derek Shiningstar, Thomas was trained in various espionage techniques. He's good at noticing the fine details, reading between the lines, operating spy equipment, and detecting whether or not he's being followed.

Guns (a): his Medusa Web training has, in addition to the knife usage, gained Thomas the ability to effectively use firearms in battle; as long as it has a trigger, he can pull it with some competence. His difficulty level with gun attacks is one level lower than is normally required.

Languages (i): during his long stay at the Siberian Project, Thomas learned how to speak Russian, in addition to his native English, in order to better understand the nature of his captors (and to talk to that Johnny Do fellow).

Military (w): after he was drafted, Thomas was forced to go through basic training by the US government. As such, he can easily decipher military plans, lead and coordinate troops, and has an inherent understanding of military protocols.

Skill / Garrotes (s): if Thomas scores any damage with this weapon, he can begin to strangle his foe as a contingent action (which requires an average difficulty Strength (strength) action). Such an assault inflicts 4 points of damage per exchange spent in suffocation.

This effect persists until Thomas lets go or suffers damage from the opponent he is suffocating.

Skill / Knives (s): in addition to using the garrote, Thomas has been trained by the Medusa Web in the proper use of knives for the purposes of self-defense. He makes attacks with these weapons at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.


As a member of Psi-Force, Thomas can probably rely on any team member for whatever help he could need. The Medusa Web should also be considered a reliable contact, as they went to great lengths to recruit the Psi-Force, and would not like to lose them.


Soldier: the ultimate head-breaker, Thomas loves working in a disciplined, orderly group. If he's not actually running the show, he'll do whatever a competent leader asks without hesitation. At first, he did this in order to prove himself to Psi-Force; now, it's just to keep them alive.


While active with Psi-Force, Thomas usually didn't wear a specific uniform to speak of, but has considered such designs in the past. His 'ideal' combat look includes a pair of black pants, a black leather jacket with stylized red hawk head on front, and gray gloves.


Thomas Boyd has always been troubled. First, thanks to his odd childhood, and then due to the loss of the only person he ever loved, Anastasia Inyushin, who died to save his live. Cold and detached, he's started to come around thanks to Johnny Do, his sort-of adopted kid.

Real Name: Thomas Fitzpatrick Boyd
Occupation: vigilante, former student, former CIA operative, former US Army Private First Class (AWOL)
Legal Status: US citizen wanted by most authorities
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Stalker
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force, the Medusa Web

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: missing his right eye (wears a patch)


Thomas Boyd never felt at home anywhere. He was shipped off to boarding school at an early age, apparently after accidentally killing his sister in a freak accident. He eventually got used to having nobody, and got on with is life, excelling in normal school - and one other area.

Boyd always scored high on ESP tests, though he didn't know why. He eventually figured this out during the White Event, when he manifested his power of adrenal vampirism. Shortly afterward, he was collected by Derek Shiningstar, in order to become a CIA operative.

This dirty agent was the man that sold out Emmett Proudhawk's list of psionic youths to the KGB and various other organizations. He intended to make Boyd a premiere assassin, and made sure he was trained well in what he was about to start doing.

Boyd started calling himself Stalker, and became quite good at espionage operations. He was eventually sent to capture or neutralize Psi-Force, a bunch of other youths on the list that he was led to believe were bad people trained by a rogue CIA agent.

He fought them twice, but failed to kill them each time. During the second battle, he learned two things: his boss was using him, and he could also form the Psi-Hawk entity with the other psionic youths. He couldn't initiate it, but could contribute to its power, at least.

On the run, Boyd eventually hooked up with Psi-Force, though Michael Crawley left the group at the same time because of this. While with the group, he fell in love with Anastasia Inyushin (and vice versa) and the two remained a couple from then on.

Eventually, Psi-Force's Sanctuary was destroyed by the Soviet paranormal known as Rodstvow, and the team was split up. Boyd fled the mad Russian with Anastasia and Kathy Ling, though they were eventually captured by the Medusa Web for the US government.

Led to believe the others were dead, Boyd remained in the Army (thanks to their paranormal Draft) until he was rescued by Network, Voyager, and their new pal Overtime, who told them the others weren't dead at all. He left the Army with them, and went to save the rest of their team.

After the rescue, the team was gunned down by Army soldiers. Anastasia knew the group would die without her help, and healed the others at the cost of her own life. This destroyed Boyd, who became totally cold and careless about his own existence.

He was very angry, however. He gleefully joined the others in forming the Psi-Hawk to destroy Rodstvow, who was also in Washington DC at the time. This failed however, and the Psi-Hawk was apparently wiped out by the Russian paranormal.

The group awoke in the Siberian Project, brought there by the Russian. Boyd simply began to get back in shape, though he eventually discovered Dehman Doosha (Russian for the Demon Within). The boy was autistic, and Boyd decided it was because of his poor treatment by the Project.

Thomas actually made progress with the child, until the group was broken out by the Medusa Web, and both they, Psi-Force, and Red Sun (a Russian paranormal group) banded together with Justice to slay Rodstvow once and for all.

This huge battle cost Boyd, as his eye was put out during the fight. He recovered, though, and eventually joined the Medusa Web with the rest of Psi-Force. He even began to recover from the emotional scars left by Anastasia's death, thanks to the help of his 'son', Johnny Do.

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