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Hand Size:
4 (25)


Lindsey is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained her powers because of the White Event, an incident that set her world apart from what we perceive as 'standard' reality. Her powers are psionic in nature - though not very offensive in nature.


Natural Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Psychometry (a) (w): Lindsey can, on touch, read the psychic imprints left on inanimate objects by people. She can use this ability to look at the history of any object with intensity 13 ability, which means she can perceive information about its last thirteen wielders.

She can see who has used an item, how it was used, and can even sense many other things concerning the item, including details in the area around an item, and things said in its vicinity. This makes her extremely useful for information gathering tasks.

Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Precognition (a) (i): Lindsey can use this art at intensity 2, concerning objects she is overtiming on. This power is unpredictable, however, and sometimes Lindsey cannot control the images her mind draws forth with it.

A curious use of this ability that Lindsey has developed is looking in on the present of people that have utilized an object she's reading. She can do this with intensity 6 ability, and can perceive approximately what they are doing, and actually see and hear their surroundings.

Sensory Link (t) (w): Lindsey can also share the experiences she reads from an inanimate item with others, as long as they are also touching the item she is reading. She can do this with intensity 10 ability.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Since she has no offensive powers to speak of, Lindsey typically carries several guns and knives on her person at all times - at least, she has started doing so upon being trained for combat operations by the Medusa Web.


Business / Finance (w): Lindsey is quite a financial expert, having spent several years helping to operate her step-father's hotel in Seattle. In business matters of any stripe, Lindsey can bring her Willpower to bear whenever it would be to her advantage.

Computers (i): Lindsey knows how to use computers, since she had to learn how to do so while helping to operate her step-father's Seattle hotel. Further training by the Medusa Web gives her a reduced difficulty when operating, repairing or programming such devices.

Detective / Espionage (i): gained thanks to Medusa Web training, Lindsey can surveil a target easily; in fact, she attempts applicable actions at a reduced difficulty, whether tailing a target, eavesdropping inconspicuously, or digging up obscure clues.

Guns (a): originally, Lindsey didn't know her way around a gun at all. Once the Medusa Web got through with her, however, Lindsey could effectively utilize any guns in combat, as long as they are hand-held. If it's got a trigger, she can wield it with competence.

Military (w): yet another Medusa Web imposed skill Lindsey has is a basic understanding of military protocols. She can decipher military plans, lead a body of troops, and otherwise function in a militaristic setting (like the Medusa Web).

Skill / Knives (s): due to the training imposed upon her by the Medusa Web, Lindsey has learned how to defend herself with any knife, and can even use one to attack with some competence; her difficulty when making such assaults is lowered by one difficulty level.


As a member of Psi-Force, Lindsey can probably rely on any team member for whatever help she could need. The Medusa Web should also be considered a reliable contact, as they went to great lengths to recruit the Psi-Force, and would not like to lose them.


Thrill-Seeker, later Guardian: for the majority of her exploits, Lindsey tagged along with Psi-Force for the insane experiences such friends exposed a body to. After that last fight with Rodstvow, however, she only cares about keeping her friends alive.


While active with Psi-Force, Lindsey usually didn't wear a specific uniform to speak of, but has flirted with such designs in the past. Her ideal 'look' includes a pair of black pants, a black leather jacket with stylized red hawk head on front and a large, black concealing hood.


Lindsey Falmon is the essential team player. She can function by herself effectively, but she would rather not, now that she has gotten used to working with Psi-Force over the last couple of years. She's more of a 'hero type' of character than the rest of her compatriots.

Real Name: Lindsey Falmon
Occupation: vigilante, former student, former hotel employee
Legal Status: US citizen wanted by most authorities
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force, the Medusa Web

Height: 5' 2"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue-green
Weight: 98 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Lindsey Falmon has always been lonely. Her mother died soon after she married a guy Lindsey hated, and she was pretty much put down her entire life by him. She was thus more than happy to enjoy the company of a roguish young man that had recently moved into her step-dad's hotel.

He was Wayne Tucker.

The two sort of got involved, shortly before Wayne was tracked down by the Medusa Web, a gang of international bounty hunters. She helped him to escape them, along with Tyrone Jessup, who'd rejoined his pal in his electromagnetic form.

The two fled to Canada, where they were tracked down and mauled by Spitfire 2, a CIA madman in a big suit of armor. The psionic youths were on the verge of being captured when the Medusa Web came to their aid; their contract with the US government had lapsed, you see.

Furthermore, they wanted to recruit the Psi-Force into their ranks. The team thanked the Web for their help, but went to rescue their friends, who were being held by the US military for their Draft. Lindsey joined the others in their trip back to America to free their teammates.

This led to that fateful encounter in a US army base, where the team was shot down by armed soldiers. Anastasia (one of the freed members of Psi-Force) managed to heal the group up, but at a cost of her life. Enraged, the team went to get even, but Rodstvow intervened.

The team summoned forth the Psi-Hawk to deal with this foe, and the two fought over the streets of Washington DC, destroying it in the process. Unfortunately, the Psi-Hawk lost this battle, and Rodstvow also destroyed him for his troubles.

The backlash of this traumatic incident rendered the Psi-Force insensate for some time, and Rodstvow subsequently collected their bodies and took them to the Siberian Project in the USSR. Lindsey stayed with the others in this horrible facility until they were ready to try to escape.

This opportunity presented itself when the Medusa Web journeyed to Russia to break Psi-Force out. During this bout of mayhem, the team fought Rodstvow again, but managed to defeat him this time, putting him out of their misery at long last.

The team hooked up with the Medusa Web after this, and began to work for them on a part-time, contract basis. Soon after, Lindsey got married to her pal Wayne, and the team continued on through the War (the end of the 'New Universe' line), and beyond!

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