Kathy Ling: Shockwave


Hand Size:
5 (30)


Kathy is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained her powers during the White Event, an incident that forever set her world apart from our more 'standard' reality. Her powers are psionic in nature, and incredibly versatile.


Natural Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Telekinesis (a) (i): Kathy has become quite a telekinetic master in the three years that she has had her psionic powers. She can manipulate matter (animate or otherwise) with intensity 16 ability, able to lift as much as fifty tons of weight.

Flight (t) (a): Kathy, while under constant pursuit by the Medusa Web, developed the ability to fly. She can levitate herself around, in three dimensions, to fly at with intensity 4 ability, reaching speeds of up to 120 miles per hour.

Kinetic Focus (s) (s): one of Kathy's meaner tricks involves focusing her telekinetic power through her fist (or feet, or any other likely body part), to strike in melee to inflict a massive, intensity 15 concussive strike with each powerful attack.

Force Blast (t) (a): this psionic talent allows Kathy to fire an invisible blast of telekinetic force at any one person. She can hit people with telekinetic force anywhere within far missile distance of her person, inflicting intensity 14 force damage with each deadly strike.

Force Field (t) (i): Kathy has also developed the ability to build a defensive force field about her person, which she can do at intensity 16. As such, she can produce like (or at least +4) protection from physical, energy, and psionic attack.

Trained Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Spectral Gestalt (a): Kathy can merge her psychic essence with the rest of Psi-Force's, to manifest the Psi-Hawk, their combined gestalt form. This entity was seemingly slain by the Russian paranormal known as Rodstvow, but manifested anew several years later.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Computers (i): though she hates the mayhem and violence associated with the Medusa Web, they have trained Kathy how to use and program computers, a useful skill, to be sure. She makes actions involving computers at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Detective / Espionage (i): another skill the Medusa Web imparted upon Kathy is the ability to effectively perform surveillance missions. She can also operate 'spy' equipment, and can easily determine whether or not she is being followed.

Guns (a): originally, Kathy wouldn't even touch guns. Once the Medusa Web got through with her, however, she could effectively utilize any firearm in combat, as long as they are hand-held. If it's got a trigger, Kathy can wield it with competence.

Military (w): the final skill that Kathy picked up from the Medusa Web is a general understanding of military protocols and tactical thinking. Of course, she rarely makes use of this skill, preferring to do things her own way, regardless of the situation.


As a member of Psi-Force, Kathy can probably rely on any team member for whatever help she could need. The Medusa Web should also be considered a reliable contact, as they went to great lengths to recruit the Psi-Force, and would not like to lose them.


Responsibility of Power: Kathy hates having powers. She always has and always will. However, after practically refusing to use them for over a year, Kathy finally got used to the idea, and though she'd prefer to be 'normal', she now doesn't mind using them to protect herself.


While active with Psi-Force, Kathy usually didn't wear a specific uniform to speak of, but has flirted with such designs in the past. Her ideal uniform would include black pants, a trendy black leather jacket with stylized red hawk head on front, and gray gloves.


Kathy used to be a snotty little rich kid, who was 'totally' grossed out by her powers. After years of pursuit by various agencies out to exploit her, Kathy has begun to like her powers somewhat, and enjoys using them to get back at those that would harm her and her friends.

Real Name: Kathy Ling
Occupation: vigilante, former student
Legal Status: US citizen wanted by most authorities
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force, the Medusa Web

Height: 5' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 103 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Kathy Ling was your stereotypical spoiled rich kid until she developed her telekinetic powers. Soon after this happened, she felt compelled to run away from home, making for San Francisco to meet up with several other runaway paranormals.

These teens were collected by Emmett Proudhawk, who had been keeping an eye on them, since they all scored rather good on their ESP tests in high school. Of course, soon after collecting these youths, Emmett was slain by the Russian psi known as Mindwolf.

Before his death, Emmett had shown the teens how to combine their psychic essences into a being more powerful than themselves, and they soon did so to defeat their Russian pursuers. The teens, dubbed Psi-Force by Emmett's own files on them, decided to stick together after this.

They did so until their Sanctuary was destroyed by the Russian paranormal known as Rodstvow. When this happened, the group split up, and Ling joined Anastasia and Thomas in their flight. Immediately after, the group was eventually targeted by the Medusa Web.

These international bounty hunters tracked the kids down in a suburban mall, and proceeded to blow the place up in their hunt for them. Kathy sustained serious gunshot wounds thanks to the Egyptian mercenary known as Potiphar, and was carted off to a military hospital.

She was eventually rescued by the rest of Psi-Force, but was gunned down with the rest of the team by the army soon after. Anastasia, the team's healer, died trying to save Kathy and the others from their grievous wounds, but she was successful.

Enraged, the team got ready to get even with somebody, at which point Rodstvow again appeared to attack them. This time, they formed the Psi-Hawk, and fought the Russian paranormal over the streets of Washington DC, pretty much totaling the city in the process.

The kids ultimately lost this fight, however, and Rodstvow destroyed the Psi-Hawk (apparently, anyway). The villain then collected the team and made for Russia, dumping them in the Siberian Project, a Soviet facility built to study paranormal powers.

Kathy and the others stayed for a time, recovering from their shock, and waiting for the right time to escape. This happened when the Medusa Web arrived to spring the team of psionic youths. Of course, they also had to deal with Rodstvow, again, since he lived there.

Combining forces with the Medusa Web, Red Sun (Russian paranormals), and Justice, Psi-Force managed to finally defeat their incredibly powerful foe. The youths then journeyed to France with the Medusa Web, and ultimately joined up with the larger group of paranormals.

Kathy didn't hook up with them right away, though, as she wanted to take time away from all the fighting the group had been involved with lately. She eventually returned to the group after some time, and she got most of the same training the Medusa Web gives its various members.

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