Crasniye Solleetsi

Crasniye Solleetsi, or Red Sun, is a squad of paranormal combatants assembled by the Siberian Project, under the auspices of the KGB. Their purpose is martial in nature, meant to be a military application of those rare individuals who were forever changed as a result of the so-called White Event. The team wasn't very successful, however, in that most of its membership had... problems.

For instance, Sillatochca was a rather unwilling member of the team, Dehman Doosha was an autistic, uncontrollable child, Shivowtnoeh was rapidly diminishing in sentience, and Rostvow was too powerful for his own good - and quite insane. However, their leader, Coojeechiscue, wasn't about to give up on them yet, and tried to form these disparate individuals into a team. Crasniye Solleetsi is:

Coojeechiscue (Cubic): the sanest member of Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda is also its field leader. Using her paranormal ability to generate cubes of psionic force, Nadehzda's paranormal power is useful for both defense and containment. Availability:

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (MSH Classic)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (4C System)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (Marvel Saga)

Johnny Do: autistic and dyslexic, Johnny Do was locked up in a Soviet sanitarium for years, even after he developed his parability. After being liberated by Psi-force, Johnny slowly began to recover from years of abuse and joined their paramilitary action. Availability:

Johnny Do (MSH Classic)

Johnny Do (4C System)

Johnny Do (Marvel Saga)

Rodstvow (Kinship): when the first manifestation of his powers killed his family, he who would become Rodstvow went insane. As his powers grew in scope, he became convinced only he was worthy of life, and intended to kill everything on earth. Availability:

Rodstvow (Kinship) (MSH Classic)

Rodstvow (Kinship) (4C System)

Rodstvow (Kinship) (Marvel Saga)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal): formerly a Russian high school student, the White Event was not kind to Irina Mityushova. Transformed into a slavering, bestial terror, Irina has slowly, but increasingly lost her tenuous grip on her remaining humanity. Availability:

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (MSH Classic)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (4C System)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (Marvel Saga)

Sillatochca (Force Point): though he abhors violence, Leonid Vishnevesky was forced by the KGB into joining the Red Sun combat team after his parability became known to them - though his peaceful ways were a constant thorn in their side. Availability:

Sillatochca (Force Point) (MSH Classic)

Sillatochca (Force Point) (4C System)

Sillatochca (Force Point) (Marvel Saga)

The team saw action on two specific occasions, the first being a paramilitary incursion into Afghanistan to assist the Soviet military there against the Mujahedin rebels; used in addition to experimental Soviet MAX armor, this attempt at Afghanistani domination ultimately succeeded. However, the members of Crasniye Solleetsi were rather beaten down by this affair, and required months of recovery time.

The next time they saw action was when the Medusa Web showed up on their doorstep to rescue the Psi-Force from captivity at the Siberian Project. This battle saw Dehman Doosha leaving to join Psi-Force, Sillatochca slain at the hands of the murderous Potiphar, and by the time all was said and done, Rodstvow went mad and had to be put down - by every paranormal present.

Whether Crasniye Solleetsi was continued after losing most of its membership remains to be seen.

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