Coojeechiscue ('Cubic')

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Sh 0



Like the rest of her fellows in the Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda is a paranormal, an altered human of sorts that acquired her super human powers in the wake of the so-called White Event, a strange astronomical phenomenon that forever steered her world on a path away from our timeline. Nadehzda's powers involve the creation of psionic cubes of force, hence her code name.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Force Field (t): Nadehzda's trademark power is her ability to generate psionic cubes of force, cubes that she can assemble around either herself or other people. She can do this with Incredible (40) skill, creating force cubes that can either protect or contain a person with similar strength, and this protection works versus the various attack forms as follows:

Rm 30 / In 40 / Ty 6 / In 40 / Sh 0

One power stunt that she has demonstrated so far is the ability to generate one of her cubes in front of a moving object bearing down on her. When she does so, she can effectively attempt a power dodge with her paranormal ability; in other words, she rolls a dodge on her power rank score instead of her Agility, and if the attack misses, it will strike her cube, instead.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Communications Headset: while she's active on either a mission or just in a practice session with Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda wears one of these electronic devices for the duration. This headset theoretically has a maximum range of ten miles (Typical (6) rank), with which she can talk to a command and control center - who then, presumably, has a greater communications range.


Dulled Sense / Vision: while otherwise in top form, physically speaking, Nadehzda is known to have relatively bad vision. She makes all vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at a -2 CS, though she can correct this penalty by wearing a pair of correctly adjusted glasses. However, should she lose these spectacles for some reason, she suffers an additional -2 CS penalty for 1d10 turns while her vision readjusts.


Leadership: though she doesn't seem to be trained by the Soviet military by any means, Nadehzda has the skills necessary to lead a body of people into battle; said skill could use some work, but that's what she was doing with her time in the Siberian Project. Any team led by her enjoys a 100 point bonus to its Karma pool for the duration that it accepts commands from her person.

Martial Arts type A: in addition to her ability to use her paranormal power competently, Nadehzda has demonstrated the ability to defend herself in combat, should the need arise. While engaging in unarmed combat with any opponent, Nadehzda can inflict Slam or Stun results regardless of the comparative difference between the Strength and Endurance scores of her and her opponent(s).


As the leader of Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda can reasonably rely upon the members of that team - sans Rodstvow - for assistance; that one exception merely being because he's generally unpredictable in the first place. Furthermore, since she seems to be working with the Siberian Project willingly, that arm of the KGB may permit her favors if it suits them to do so.


Nadehzda doesn't go for a spectacular, heroic uniform while on duty with the Crasniye Solleetsi. However, she does believe in functionality, and as such, typically wears a stretch fabric suit while on the job. This suit consists of red pants and a red, long sleeved shirt bound by white racing stripes along the outside of the legs and arms, red boots and gloves, and a white belt.


Little is truly known about Nadehzda's various personality traits, but she has demonstrated a tolerance for the Siberian Project's treatment of herself and her paranormal fellows, so it is assumed that she is at least a patriotic woman. Furthermore, she's shown that she does care for her Solleetsi allies, presenting concern for their well-being and worrying about them when they're hurt.

Real Name: Nadehzda (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: paranormal soldier
Legal Status: citizen of the Soviet Union with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Crasniye Solleetsi

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: ice blue
Weight: 110 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Nadehzda wears a pair of round-rimmed glasses at all times, and she's typically got a cigarette in hand while not in action - occasionally during missions, too.


Very little is known about Nadehzda's background, in that her tale has yet to be told in the pages of any comic. She may have a background in government services, or the KGB may have something on her - either way she seems to be a willing participant in the Crasniye Solleetsi team. She's been the leader of that group since it first appeared in Afghanistan, quashing a local rebellion.

Her team didn't do all that good in that particular instance, save for the rather insane Rodstvow, who inflicted the most damage on the intransigent Mujahedin rebels. As such, she was reprimanded severely by her superiors in the Siberian Project, and has strived to improve the performance of both herself and her troubled teammates ever since - though she didn't make much headway.

You see, several months after the Afghanistan operation, her team was joined - so to speak - by the captured American paranormals known as Psi-Force. Their very arrival, coupled with their innate stubbornness and unwillingness to be forced into anything by the Soviets - threw off all her work. The Psi-Force youths eventually escaped, and during the mayhem, their Medusa Web allies killed Sillatochca!

Personally angered by this, Nadehzda gladly accepted her superior's order to hunt down and destroy Psi-Force. Along with Shivowtnoeh, she and dozens of Soviet troopers downed the Americans' escape helicopters, and fought them in the Siberian wastes until Rodstvow decided to enter the fray. Of course, by this time he was totally out of control, and Hell-bent on killing every living thing on earth.

Realizing the scope of the danger she was in, Nadehzda decided to drop her rage over Sillatochca's demise, and joined Psi-Force, the Medusa Web, and Justice (who tagged along with the Web on their rescue op) to oppose and eventually destroy the super-powerful madman. Afterwards, she even allowed the various teams to use the Siberian Project facilities to treat their many wounds.

Nadehzda's current activities are as of yet unrevealed.

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