Rodstvow ('Kinship', deceased)

RV 10
RV 20
RV 30
RV 100
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Rodstvow is a paranormal, an altered human of sorts who gained his super human powers in the immediate wake of the White Event, an astronomical phenomenon that forever set his world apart from a standard, earth-normal timeline. Further, since his power has proven too much for his physical body to contain, he has been outfitted with a special, space-age plastic energy containment suit.

Known Powers:

Catalysis: the primary parability with which he can manipulate matter, this power allows Rodstvow to infuse matter with his own, volatile energies, causing it to detonate in a column of fiery energy. Rodstvow uses this power at rank value 30, and it has been hinted that he gains sustenance of some sort by doing this to living folks, though this has yet to be verified.

Heat Generation: while he has several additional, highly dangerous parabilities, Rodstvow is perhaps most notorious for his use of this one - possibly because it's by far the most flashy. With this power, Rodstvow can generate an intense, searing heat at will, with which he can inflict rank value 50 SD Energy damage, either at a singular foe or at everyone within Very Near distance.

Energy Absorption / Heat: Rodstvow can absorb thermal energies at will, draining matter of its warmth as he sees fit. He may perform this trick with rank value 40 ability, which lets him restore his energies if he's overextended himself a bit faster than merely resting. Or, in a pinch, to heal himself when he's been damaged in battle with other paranormals.

Flight: in addition to his teleportation powers, Rodstvow has the ability to raise his body off the ground, and move about in three full dimensions without any apparent source of locomotion. He can do this at rank value 10, allowing him to move himself around at approximately 109.09 miles per hour, though he only uses this power for relatively short trips - or to lord over others.

Image Projection: a finer application of his energy manipulation abilities, this power allows Rodstvow to construct insubstantial holograms in the air around him. He can do this with rank value 20 skill, though specific details in a given hologram truly shine through thanks to Rodstvow's artistic skills. Of course, when he produces an image from one's mind, it's downright creepy.

Resistance to Psionics: an odd side-effect of his slow transformation into an energy form is that Rodstvow is somewhat resistant to telepathic powers of all kinds. This incompatibility, generated by the very energy that he's slowly transforming into, grants him this power at rank value 100, causing telepaths who try to read his mind to hear nothing but a static-like buzz.

Telepathy: Rodstvow has demonstrated the ability to read at least the surface thoughts of others on numerous occasions, drawing forth either words or images from a target's mind. He can do this with rank value 20 skill, allowing him to read the minds of mere mortals rather easily, but still giving him problems against a powerful telepath, like Wayne Tucker.

Teleportation: Rodstvow can teleport with rank value 2 ability, allowing him to cross about a mile with each jump. He can use this power to cross vast distances over time, though this drains his power reserves severely. For example, he once made a series of jumps from Siberia to San Francisco, though the transit time occupied several weeks of Rodstvow's life.

Topological Control: reflecting his artistic side, this frightening power allows Rodstvow to alter the very form of inanimate objects. Most often used on his space age plastic casing, this power works at rank value 30, allowing him to repair holes, rents, and tears in the device, thus maintaining his very existence. He can use this power on other objects as well, but rarely bothers.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Space Age Plastic Casing: in order to contain his roiling energies, the Siberian Project has increasingly encased bits of Rodstvow in a special casing devised for the Soviet space program - until there was nothing left of his flesh. This casing is of material value 100, and offers the man considerable protection against physical attack. His overall defense breaks down as follows:

RV 50 / RV 30 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0


Abnormal Appearance: it may go without saying, but Rodstvow sticks out in a crowd. Even if he wanted to be inconspicuous for some reason, the fact that he's increasingly covered in a space-age plastic casing as he slowly transforms into an energy being, one which glows at that, would put the kibosh on that notion. No, Rodstvow is inherently conspicuous, and he exults in the fear he instills in others.

Insanity: when his powers manifested seconds after the White Event, Rodstvow's life came crumbling down. After inadvertently slaying his family, the man went completely loony, and only got worse as his transformation became more and more complete. Reasoning with Rodstvow isn't an option, nor is hoping for basic human decency - he loathes people.


Artist: the one documented talent he possessed before his transformation forever shattered his happy little life, this skill represents Rodstvow's rather creative side. If he spends a week at work on one of his stylish wooden carvings, or any other artistic work for that matter, he gains a respectable amount of Fortune, not to mention the fact that he can sell the things to earn a living.


When his transformation began, Rodstvow could easily rely upon the Siberian Project, as well as his Crasniye Solleetsi teammates, for aid if he should need it - not that he really had to, though. Mostly, he used these people as he saw fit, and they were too scared not to do his bidding. After his change was complete, however, Rodstvow had no friends left, for he wanted to kill everyone!


Rodstvow doesn't really make use of a costume, per se, for he is above such menial things as uniforms - or even clothing. His only real modesty maker is his space age plastic containment suit, which gradually expanded from covering just his eyes and lower left arm to contain his entire body. The plastic is transparent, and allows Rodstvow's roiling energies to be seen underneath.


You have to ask? Rodstvow is a criminally insane madman bent on destroying all life around him! He wasn't always this way, but his gradual transformation into an unknown form of energy has slowly created within him an intense disdain and loathing for the human race in general, and paranormals in particular. He feels that he is above them all, and free to destroy all that get in his way!

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: would-be destroyer, paranormal soldier, former sculptor
Legal Status: citizen of the Soviet Union with no criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: the People's Hero
Group Affiliation: Crasniye Solleetsi (when it suits him)

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: blonde, later inapplicable
Eyes: unknown, later inapplicable
Weight: 175 lbs, later inapplicable
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when his paranormal powers surfaced, they destroyed both of Rodstvow's eyes and part of his left arm, and the energy discharge from these wounds was fixed by containing the lost bits with a special plastic casing developed for the Soviet space program. As he uses more of his power, Rodstvow requires more of this casing to contain himself - until he's all out of flesh, that is.


The monster that would become Rodstvow didn't begin as a madman bent on destroying the earth. His life was a rather peaceful one, actually - he was a sculptor, a gentle man content to raise his family in tranquility in the Russian wastes. Fate was not kind to him, however, for while chopping wood outside his Siberian home, the so-called White Event occurred, and it changed him drastically!

Seconds after the light faded, Rodstvow's eyes exploded with power, and his lower left arm was consumed by the raging, roiling energies manifesting within him. Watching her husband burn, Rodstvow's wife attempted to help the man, but she was consumed by the overwhelming power within him. Seconds later, the man inadvertently burned his own children with his uncontrollable power.

Overwhelmed with grief over his actions, and overflowing with deadly power, he who would become Rodstvow slowly began to lose his mind. However, he knew he could be helped by the Soviet military complex, as it must have the technology required to contain the energies spraying forth from the parts of his body destroyed by his nascent power. As such, he hooked up with the Siberian Project.

Having studied paranormals for months, and angry about the loss of their prize specimen, one Anastasia Inyushin, the Project was more than happy to take Rodstvow in, for he presented an unparalleled opportunity for study. They patched him up with a special plastic casing developed for the space program, and began to poke and prod at the man in order to see what made him tick.

The Siberian Project's scientists quickly discovered the error of their decision, however, when it became frightfully apparent that Rodstvow - who had taken his new name, Kinship, for his apparent belief that he was kin with God and the Devil, with Life and Death itself, was quite insane. They couldn't contain the man, and he kept killing the scientific staff when it amused him to do so.

As such, the Project's overseer, Serge Vladimiroff, decided to give Rodstvow something to do. He wanted the super powerful paranormal to apprehend Inyushin in the United States - along with her paranormal pals in the so-called Psi-Force. Rodstvow didn't want to capture them, however, he wanted to kill them... especially their gestalt creation, the Psi-Hawk, which he saw as his only equal.

So, with that goal in mind, Rodstvow began to teleport from the Siberian Project to San Francisco. As he can only manage short hops with his teleportation power, it took him several weeks to get there. Once he had, though, he determined that the trip had severely weakened him, and as such, decided to kill the Psi-Hawk in the most expedient way - by slaying his component parts.

To this end, Rodstvow destroyed the Sanctuary, the current home of the Psi-Force teenagers, along with everybody inside. This failed to destroy the Psi-Force, however, instead scattering its battered and bruised membership across the country. Returning home, Rodstvow arrived in time to hook up with the Siberian Project's new paranormal strike force, Crasniye Solleetsi.

Once he'd recovered enough of his power, Rodstvow went with them into Afghanistan, in order to help the Soviet military destroy the Mujahedin rebel forces once and for all. This mission was a success, though it did drain Rodstvow's energies once more, depleting his remaining flesh even further. After he'd recovered yet again, he decided to go after the Psi-Hawk a second time.

Journeying to Washington DC, Rodstvow began destroying various monuments, and other items of American significance in order to draw his foe out. His actions inadvertently caused one member of Psi-Force to be slain by the American military, who overreacted to them in the wake of his own actions in the area. This angered the Psi-Force youths severely, and they formed their Psi-Hawk to gain revenge!

That's when the havoc really began, for Rodstvow and the Psi-Hawk did extensive battle over the streets of DC, causing billions of dollars in damage, and killing innumerable innocent bystanders. Rodstvow ultimately won this confrontation, however, and apparently slew the Psi-Hawk outright - for the whole world to see on television. He then collected the Psi-Force teens and went back to the Project.

Once he got there, Rodstvow required much more plastic casing to contain his power, as he'd expended enough energy to consume almost all of his flesh; only his skeleton remained. This took several months to fashion, which Rodstvow was fine with, as he needed plenty of time to recover from the overwhelming power drain he'd just suffered from. When he had done so, though, Rodstvow was completely mad.

Now believing all life on earth was his to destroy, Rodstvow decided to go on a genocidal killing spree, and went after both the Medusa Web and Psi-Force as they fled from the Siberian Project. Realizing that he was too dangerous to live, the remnants of his Crasniye Solleetsi team joined those groups, as well as the vigilante known as Justice, in an effort to put Rodstvow down once and for all.

Though he'd inflicted severe damage to his opposition, the assembled group of paranormals proved to be Rodstvow's match, and they destroyed the casing keeping him in one piece. With it gone, only his flaming skeleton remained to menace the heroes (and not-so heroes) before him, the last chunk of his body that simply refused to believe it was dead, until it too was blown to bits - by Dehman Doosha.

Since he had transformed into an energy-based intelligence, it is presumably possible that Rodstvow could somehow reintegrate himself, and then cause more problems to the paranormals of earth. However, this seems highly unlikely, considering the relative finality of the battle in which he - or rather, it - was destroyed. You never know, though, since variant earth analogs of himself have been spotted here and there.

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