Shivowtnoeh ('Animal')


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Irina is a paranormal, a sort of altered human that acquired her powers after the so-called White Event, an astronomical phenomenon that forever set her world apart from the standard, earth-normal timeline. Her powers are primarily physical in nature, revolving around a gradual transformation from a normal teenage girl into an animalistic killing machine - one that cares not for mere human concerns.


Claws (s): Irina has developed rather sharp claws since her transformation began, claws that she can use to rend even the toughest of opponents. Composed of strength 14 materials, these organic implements of destruction can be used as +2 weapons with every deadly swipe, and can cut through items of up to their material strength without breaking or otherwise being damaged.

Fangs (s): in addition to her deadly claws, Irina's teeth have also evolved into somewhat nasty weapons. Though she hasn't shown any real disposition towards biting people, she could easily do so as if these were +2 weapons with each chomp. Since she can do so much more harm with either her horns or her claws, though, such an attack is likely a last resort maneuver.

Horns (s): her final set of physical weaponry, these long, spear-like protrusions extend about one and a half feet from Irina's skull, allowing her to head butt or body check an opponent to deadly effect - especially when used in conjunction with her super running. They are of strength 15 material, and can be used as +2 weapons on any people or objects that get in her way.

Super Jumping (a): Irina has been documented as having the ability to leap at least sixty-six feet straight up into the air, or ninety-nine feet forward, in a single bound. As such, she can be considered to have this paranormal power at intensity 10, a power that allows her to cross vast spaces in the veritable blink of an eye - even before you consider her super running power.

Super Running (a): further bolstering her astounding movement abilities, Irina has manifested the ability to run, as per a land-based vehicle, at a sustained rate of at least forty-five miles per hour. This roughly translates into intensity 2 super running, allowing her to move at the speed listed above. She can also divide her pre-card play action score between two or more attacks - making her truly dangerous.

Prehensile Feet (a): though it is a relatively minor thing, it should be noted that Irina has seemingly evolved fully prehensile feet - complete with opposable, thumb-like digits. As such, she can theoretically utilize them to wield items, but most likely uses them to attack with an effectiveness that is equal to that which she demonstrates with any handed assault - and her feet have claws, too.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: let's face it, Irina doesn't even look remotely human anymore. As such, one could easily apply this hindrance to her person, causing zero (0) edge characters to flee from Irina on sight. Furthermore, should she wish to for some reason, Irina reduces her Willpower score to zero (0) for the purposes of convincing such people not to run away from her - not that she tries all that often...




Natural Weaponry (s): practically Irina's only true talent to speak of, this skill represents her ability to effectively strike a body with her natural (to her) weaponry. Whether she be using her horns, claws, or teeth to assault a body, she may do so at one difficulty level lower than is usually required - which makes her extremely dangerous when considering her super running.

Tracking (w): Irina's animalistic sensory abilities allow her to more easily follow her opponents or prey (or both) in natural settings. One action, at a reduced difficulty level, is all she needs to acquire a target's trail, and she only needs to attempt another tracking action to keep the trail if she's distracted along the way (by crowds of people, loud noises, waves of perfume, etc.).


For the most part, the only people that Irina even knows these days are her still-living compatriots in Crasniye Solleetsi, the Red Sun. Since most of that team has left or been killed in action, this basically narrows down to Coojeechiscue and any surviving Siberian Project technicians. She did meet Psi-Force, and lived with them for a while, but it's not like they parted on good terms or anything.


Animal Nature: Irina has totally given in to her animal side, and basically goes through life as a sort of mindless beast. Oh sure, she has moments where she reflects a shred of her former personality, and she does readily obey commands from her Crasniye Solleetsi commander, but she's practically out of control most of the time. She doesn't resist the wild side of her persona one iota.


Irina doesn't really wear a costume to speak of, allowing her bizarre and terrifying physique to speak for itself. She basically wades into combat wearing nothing but a pair of stretch fabric shorts, which are black with purple trim, and a purple belt on top of 'em. Other than that, the only thing she wears into action is her fur - which isn't a big thing, since she isn't remotely human anymore - anatomically speaking.


Irina's mind has sort of gone south since the White Event, her personality slowly withdrawing after her bestial nature became more and more apparent. These days, she's all instinct, having no trace of rational thought left in her, and she mostly responds to the actions and commands of others rather than doing anything of her own initiative. Think of her as a big, almost sentient killing machine.

Real Name: Irina Mityushova
Occupation: paranormal soldier, former student
Legal Status: citizen of the Soviet Union with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Crasniye Solleetsi

Height: 6' 8"
Hair: auburn blonde
Eyes: brown
Weight: 335 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Irina has undergone a metamorphosis into a large, muscular, and overall bestial humanoid form, complete with horns, fangs, a bear-like face, fur, pointy ears, and prehensile feet.


Irina was a normal Russian girl before the White Event, attending secondary schooling like most girls her age. However, soon after that bizarre astronomical event, she began to change, slowly undergoing a radical metamorphosis into a bestial creature. Her mind reeled at the alterations slowly affecting her body, and it began to withdraw into itself in horror.

This situation came to a head after she accidentally killed her family in a murderous rampage, after which point she'd devolved into a complete animal intelligence. Collected by the KGB shortly thereafter, Irina was inducted into the Siberian Project's secret paramilitary strike force, Crasniye Solleetsi - the Red Sun - and put to work on various missions meant to supplement the Soviet army.

Crasniye Solleetsi's first documented mission saw them in action within war-torn Afghanistan, where they were used to deal a death-blow to the Mujahedin resistance that was giving the Soviet army so much trouble there. Of course, save for Rodstvow, the team's efforts had little effect on the situation, so they were brought back to the Siberian Project for review - and further training.

Later, after Rodstvow had annihilated the Psi-Hawk, he brought the various paranormal youths who formed the creature back to the Project, and they were forced to work with the Solleetsi paranormals for a time. In particular, Irina was used by Serge Vladimiroff in his attempt to gain control of one Kathy Ling, who he found to be rather fearful of the beastly girl. This plan ultimately backfired, however.

You see, with the assistance of the telepathic Wayne Tucker, Kathy overcame her fear of the monstrous Irina, and when Vladimiroff set the two against each other as an intended object lesson, Ling beat the snot out of the monstrous young girl - and then got even with Vladimiroff by breaking his jaw - and all the bones in his hand. Unconscious, Irina couldn't prevent this - and probably wouldn't have anyhow.

About a month later, Irina wound up getting into various brawls with the youths of Psi-Force, as well as their would-be rescuers, the Medusa Web, when the teens attempted a breakout of the Siberian Project. Chasing them down as they fled the facility, Irina and Coojeechiscue fought with the paranormals alongside a contingent of Soviet forces, and got into a fight with Justice, who was with the Medusa Web.

She worked him over pretty good, and he was about to strike her down in turn, but she was 'saved' at the last minute by Thomas Boyd, a Psi-Force youth who then beat her to a pulp. Of course, when Rodstvow arrived on scene, cheerfully insane and wanting to kill every living thing on the face of the earth, she had to rally herself to fight the unnatural menace with those she so recently called enemies.

Alongside Coojeechiscue, she fought Rodstvow with Justice, the Medusa Web, and Psi-Force, ending the threat of the monstrosity once and for all, though Irina was severely burned during the fight. However, she was brought back to the Siberian Project soon afterwards to be treated for said burns, and presumably lives on to further the aims of the Project to this very day.

Of course, after the fiasco the Project has produced so far, Crasniye Solleetsi's future isn't too bright.

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