Sillatochca ('Force Point', deceased)

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Sh 0



Like his fellow members of Crasniye Solleetsi, Leonid is a paranormal, an altered human of sorts that gained his powers in the wake of the so-called White Event, a strange astronomical phenomenon that forever diverted his world from an earth-normal path. His powers are psionic in nature, and involve the manipulation of subatomic forces to cause items - or people - to explode spectacularly.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Psychokinesis (a): this incredibly dangerous parability allows Leonid to expand the mesonic bonding of atoms on a molecular level, causing items to break - and how! When used against standard, inanimate matter, Leonid can destroy objects simply by passing a power FEAT roll, at Amazing (50) rank, against their inherent material strength. Not bad, eh?

When utilized against living targets, this power inflicts Amazing (50) Metabolic damage with each application, though Leonid has mastered a trick whereby he applies slight pressure to a body's skull, thus reducing this horribly lethal damage to a mere Stunning attack. Deadly or not, this power can be resisted by living opponents who can pass an Endurance FEAT roll versus this power's rank.

The trick to keep in mind, however, is that simply possessing this power causes Leonid intense migraines, possibly due to the deformation of his cranium, and using it is an exercise in excruciating, self-inflicted pain. The larger an object he destroys, the more pain he causes himself, which is why he typically focuses on weak points in objects - or people - when using his power in combat.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Abnormal Appearance: from the neck down, Leonid appears to be a perfectly normal Russian. However, it's hard to avoid staring at his immense head, his cranium having expanded greatly after the advent of his parability. Though this makes him look like unto some kind of science fiction movie reject, the more puerile of those who associate with Leonid have taken to calling him 'Butt-Head'.


Engineering: Leonid is a trained automotive mechanic, and has an almost instinctual knowledge of moving parts and their various strengths and weaknesses. In addition to providing him a +1 CS on all FEAT rolls intended to build or repair mechanical devices, this talent also allows him to utilize his power in a way that is less painful to him; he can determine an item's weak point almost instantaneously.


As a member of the Crasniye Solleetsi, Leonid can presumably rely upon that team for assistance in a pinch, even if he is an unwilling member of that paranormal strike force. Furthermore, he was on relatively good terms with various members of Psi-Force while they were detained with him at the Siberian Project, and as such, should he experience a miraculous resurrection, he can call them allies.


While he's on the job with Crasniye Solleetsi, which is all the time, Leonid typically wears a standardized team uniform. It is a primarily red affair, consisting of a pair of red leather boots, a red pair of trousers with large pockets on the front, a red, long-sleeved shirt with oversized sleeves that buttons down on the right side of his chest, and a brown leather belt.


Leonid is a kind, gentle man, one who despises violence in general - and the KGB in particular. Having been forced into service by the government due to his paranormal powers, he longs to escape and be reunited with his family, though he never got the courage to put any such plan into action. He is a good man, you see, and will do what he must to protect his loved ones.

Real Name: Leonid Vishnevesky
Occupation: paranormal soldier, former automotive factory worker
Legal Status: citizen of the Soviet Union with no criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Crasniye Solleetsi

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: brown, balding
Eyes: blue
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the manifestation and development of Leonid's parability caused his cranium to expand to accommodate both his power and enhanced mental functions, which gives him a truly freakish appearance.


Leonid Vishnevesky used to lead an ordinary life as an auto mechanic before the White Event, living out his life with his beautiful wife and daughters in relative peace and tranquility. Shortly after that strange astronomical event, however, Leonid started having headaches - bad ones - and it was determined that he was changing... and fast. That's when the KGB stepped into his life.

You see, they were attempting to assemble a paranormal, paramilitary strike force, and wanted Leonid to be a part of it. A peaceful man, Leonid was disgusted at the notion of using his newly found abilities to kill. As such, the Soviet government detained his entire family, and told Leonid he'd never see them again unless he cooperated with their Siberian Project officials.

Despondent, Leonid did what he was told, and was inducted into the Crasniye Solleetsi along with several other Russian paranormals. After a short amount of training, the team was put into action in Afghanistan, where they helped a Soviet military push to derail the Mujahedin resistance movement - almost terminally so. However, the limits of Leonid's powers became apparent during this conflict.

He managed to detonate a tank while in action, but the resultant pain knocked him out for over sixteen hours. Having learned this, Leonid started using his powers in more subtle ways, usually focusing on the stress points of objects, and detonating them as opposed to the whole thing, effectively performing the same job and sparing himself a considerable amount of mind-numbing pain.

Soon after this, the Solleetsi was joined at the Siberian Project by various members of Psi-Force, who had been captured by Rodstvow and forced to serve the Russians much like he had. In time, he met the object empath Lindsey Falmon, who inadvertently used her powers on the man and learned several things about his story - though Leonid also felt what Lindsey had experienced.

Using her powers in creative new ways, she was able to determine that Leonid's family was indeed okay, and having seen them through Lindsey's powers, Leonid decided that he had to be with them, no matter the cost. As such, he joined the girl and her Psi-Force cohorts in an escape attempt, though he was shot dead by the assassin Potiphar when he and his Medusa Web pals arrived to rescue Psi-Force.

It was a mistake, of course, but Potiphar wasn't too concerned about that... he rarely is.

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