Hate Ball


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Russell Barnett, the one and only Hate Ball, is a natural psi. A third generation super-human, he's inherited several technopsionic abilities that allow him to create advanced crime-fighting equipment... but only when the poor guy's seeing red with rage!


Natural Psi Powers (technopsionic)

Knowledge (a) (i): while Russell considers his main power to be super invention, he actually wields this ability instead. Functioning at intensity 25, this power gives Russell the ability to temporarily adopt multiple additional skills to aid him in his endeavors.

Schema (t) (w): greatly aiding his inventive plans, this power allows Russell to analyze a device and determine exactly why it works. He can use this power at intensity 13, which is great for the purposes of reverse engineering almost anything he handles.

Technical Intuition (s) (w): similarly, Russell can determine how a device works simply by handling the thing. He need only engage in card play to activate something if it is somehow booby trapped, at which point this power's intensity of 10 can be put into play to defuse said trap(s).

Mesmermechanism (a) (w): Russell can also directly control devices very close to his person (within near missile distance) with this intensity 13 power. This only requires an easy difficulty action, unless the device in question is in someone else's thrall.

Transception (t) (i): finally, Russell has the power to perceive, receive and transmit electronic signals in his vicinity, and can interpret them without the benefit of external equipment. This intensity 10 power works within far missile distance of his person.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Rage Induced: Russell has a slight problem with his technopsionic powers: he can't operate them under normal conditions. At all. In fact, the only time he can make his psychotronic abilities work is when he's experiencing nigh-irrational rage and hatred.

For the most part, this prevents Russell from wielding his powers unless he can whip himself up into a homicidal rage - and keep himself there for the duration of his work. Russell must pass an average difficulty Willpower action each exchange he attempts this while also wielding his powers.


Crazy Hate Communicator (i): wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at intensity 18) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence.

Eight Blasters, Mark II (i): while the original Eight Blaster was a large, two-handed franken-gun, the current model has been reduced to a somewhat large handgun - and Russell carries a spare in the event that the first is wrecked up in a fight.

Each of these guns has eight offensive options... hence the name. When one is invoked, the barrel will rotate until the desired implement of destruction is readied, and then Russell can fire it at will. These weapons work within far missile distance unless otherwise indicated:

* Antianomalous Ray Gun (i): when standard gear proved useless against the demonic Ocpatex, Russell built a counter to such foes. This came in the form of a special lens that focuses energy into an intensity 8 anti-magical beam (Armor Piercing versus magical protection).

* Concussion Blaster: fueled by the Eight Blaster's internal micro-fusion engine, this weapon fires intensity 11 bursts of concussive force at a target. This weapon can also cause knockback upon a successful average difficulty Blaster (strength) action.

* Conventional Projectiles (a): fitted with a hyperspatial bullet storage system, this weapon can fire as many rounds as Russell desires - unless it jams, that is. Inflicts Russel's Agility +4 damage in a single shot, +5 in a short burst, or +6 in a full-auto spread.

* Eight Balls (a): fitted with a hyperspatial ball rack, this weapon can fire Russell's branded rubber balls at high velocity, as an ostensibly non-lethal weapon. Each eight ball will inflict Russel's Agility +3 damage upon successfully striking his foe.

* Flamethrower (i): fitted with a hyperspatial fuel tank, this weapon can spray a remarkable amount of fiery doom at Russell's foes. Each burst from this flamer will inflict intensity 10 SD energy damage, and can strike anything within near missile distance.

* Laser Cannon (a): fueled by the Eight Blaster's internal micro-fusion engine, this weapon fires coherent beams of light. Russell's lasers inflict his Agility +5 in energy damage per blast, and cause +1 damage for each doubling of time they are held on a single target (max +5).

* Micro-Rockets (i): fitted with a hyperspatial projectile storage system, this weapon can fire one rocket per round - for as long as Russell desires. These guided mini-missiles visually lock on their target, to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage.

* Particle Blaster (i): fueled by the Eight Blaster's internal micro-fusion engine, this weapon fires bursts of disassociated subatomic particles. These packets of quasi-matter, quasi-energy can strike Russell's foes to inflict intensity 10 energy damage with each successful hit.

Flight Disks (a): built into his Army boots, these implements allow Russell to defy gravity and fly! He can propel himself, in three dimensions, with intensity 5 ability, which means he can move up to 150 miles per hour, horizontally or vertically, for as long as he chooses.

Force Field Generator (i): housed within an oversized belt buckle, this device acts to protect Russell from a variety of harmful effects. Operating at intensity 12, it offers like protection against attack, or the applicable ability score +3, whichever would be higher.

Former Equipment:

Armor Suit (s): Russell's first heroic identities wielded an actual armor suit instead of the force field he carries now. It was built from woven micromechanical transducers designed to absorb incoming kinetic energy at intensity 10 (or offers +3 protection, whichever is greater).

Eight Blaster, Mark I (i): the original Eight Blaster was an oversized firearm Russell built all on his own, which was ostensibly several different ranged weapons built on top of each other, though all were designed and installed at approximately the same time.

As far as raw capabilities are concerned, the Mark I Eight Blaster is almost mechanically the same as the Mark II design. However, instead of the antianomalous beam weapon, Russell's first Eight Blaster was equipped with the following device:

* Sonic Stunner (i): in the event that Russell needs to incapacitate a hard target, and his eight balls simply won't cut the mustard, he can break out this military-grade ultrasonic weapon. This sound beam inflicts intensity 10 stunning damage (non-lethal, versus Willpower).


Advanced Guns (a): while he can wield most guns well, Russell has also learned how to operate advanced, energy-based projectile weaponry, too. He should receive a reduction in the difficulty required when handling such firearms - especially his Eight Blasters.

Boxing (s): thanks to the Reincarnator, Russell has learned basic fighting techniques - which is more than he could say for himself before. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Marksmanship (a): having always envisioned himself as a gun-toting hero, Russell learned how to effectively shoot at an early age. As such, he can operate most standard, semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles or pistols at a reduced difficulty.

Electronics (i): long before he manifested his technopsionic abilities, Russell was quite adept with electronic devices. He can design, build, and repair such devices at one difficulty level lower than would otherwise be required.


Russell has a large number of contacts in the super hero community. He was the founder of the Cybernetic Crew, a member of the Universal Squad, and is currently one of the Crazy Hate - and save for the former, most of those folks look upon Russell favorably.

Of course, Russell is the product of a super-human legacy, his parents and grandparents all having been ascendant humans themselves. He can naturally call upon them for aid if he can contact them - particularly his father, the one and only Seņor Barnett.


Responsibility of Power: while Russell was originally motivated by Youthful Exuberance, mainly wishing to be an Adventurer for the sake of doing so, he's matured significantly. He now acknowledges the responsibility his abilities has foisted upon him.


Russell's current costume is rather... thread-bare, when you get down to it. It includes red and black camouflage-patterned trousers, black Army boots, a black tank top, and a utility belt to hold a few small tools - along with twin holsters for his new blasters.

His original costume was a chromed body suit, woven from micro-machinery motors built to absorb incoming kinetic energies (derived from the Circuit Board's original armor). It had a black firearm emblem on the right breast, but was otherwise unblemished.

Russell's second costume was a black metal body suit, again woven from micro-machined motors, with an eight ball engraved on the right breast. He broke up the darkness of this look somewhat with white trunks, gloves and boots - and a sling for his old Eight Blaster.


Russell is a highly driven young man, feeling the need to use his powers for the greater good. This often involves him grouping together with a variety of different adventurers to fight villains, monsters, aliens, and anything else that threatens the world at large!

Real Name: Russell Barnett
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Gunner, Eight Ball
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate, former member of the Cybernetic Crew, former member of the Universal Squad

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: after his time with the Ologyology Foundation, Russel changed considerably. He now looks incredibly wiry, as if he'd lost every last ounce of body fat - and was only left with a small amount of muscle to cushion his innards. Though he used to keep his hair quite short, Russell has kept the longer style he grew after not trimming it for months in the Ologyology Foundation.


The child of two super-humans who were themselves descended from actual, self-declared super heroes, Russell Barnett assumed he'd grow up to be a hero too. After all, not everyone could justifiably claim that they had life as a costumed adventurer in their very blood.

Russell never made that claim, of course, working hard to keep the family secret; it's not like adventuring troublemakers were welcome in the world - or even well known to the public at large. Thus, Russell worked secretly to become the super hero he always felt he should be.

Having a knack with electronics, Russell focused on this area, assuming he had abilities like his father, Seņor Barnett, does - though hopefully a bit less sanity-bending. He didn't want to wind up in the funny farm alongside his pops, you know.

Using this rather advanced skill, backed up a bit by knowledge he gained from a real life hero he'd met in college, Russell built up enough gear to kit himself and several friends out as high tech adventurers. He then adopted the code name of Gunner.

The only problem was that Russell and his pals were woefully unprepared for an encounter with actual super villains, and many of his friends were killed or maimed in their first outing. Despondent over this, Russell almost gave up heroics forever... but ultimately couldn't stop himself.

Rebuilding himself as the Eight Ball, Russell began to engage in heroics with the so-called Universal Squad for a time. He remained with them until their devastating defeat at the hands of the Calamity Consortium, and almost took his own life in the wake of this crushing blow.

However, Russell was saved at the last minute by Clarence Davidson, leader of the Foundation of Ologyology. Davidson stopped Russell from leaping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and convinced him via Ologyology logic knots to instead join his church in New York City.

Over the next few months, Russell was indoctrinated in the Ologyology way, which almost caused him to participate in the sacrifice of a young woman. This act would've completed a fell spell designed to summon demonic Kedae from elsewhen into his own body - killing him instantly!

Snapping out of his brainwashing just in time, Russell stopped this strange Ologyology ritual and escaped with his would-be victim - only to be captured again by Davidson and his cronies. However, something happened at that perfect moment, and Russell's powers awakened.

Consumed by rage and hatred for Davidson, Russell was able to control a variety of his cast-off inventions, using them in an attempt to kill both Davidson and himself. The plan was to at least save the girl he'd almost sacrificed, but things didn't quite work out that way.

Instead of taking himself and his foe out, Russell had instead blipped both of them off into Jl'rtz space. There, Davidson tried to waylay Russell by convincing the local authorities that he was some sort of sorcerer - when it was in fact Davidson who was the devil worshiper.

Coming into his own, Russell managed to escape his advanced alien shackles, defeat the Jl'rtz who opposed him, and ultimately make his way back to earth before even Davidson could. After getting home, Russell defeated Davidson and seriously crippled the Foundation of Ologyology!

Doing this in a highly public fashion, Russell has been branded a vigilante by the media. He's since become wanted by the police for taking the law into his own hands, though the people of New York City seem to like him - saving people from a demonic holocaust will do that, after all.

Staying away from his family home, lest he bring the relatives down with his sudden notoriety, Russell continued to fight crime for a while in the Big Apple, though he eventually got mixed up with several other outcast adventurers, and helped them to defeat the dread wizard Mho.

After saving the world thus, Russell convinced these others to stick together - to form a group of heroes who could handle the strange and bizarre threats that others could not. Since it was his idea, Russell decided that they'd go by the Crazy Hate - a play on his second alias.

Caring not, the others did indeed stick around, and ultimately became quite the force for good... when not bickering amongst themselves, that is.

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