the Headquarters Attack

The Headquarters Attack is the first of two GI Joe BTR (Built To Rule) installations. It comes in a large set of crates that can be unpacked (and subsequently assembled) in one of two configurations - one of which aids the GI Joe Spy Troops.

The first, straight-forward mode is that of an anti-aircraft installation - it's designed to shoot down enemy planes. The second is a GI Joe base that is disguised as a Cobra Firebat launch platform - making use of a captured example of the Cobra BTR Firebat.

The Headquarters Attack has the use of the following technology in both modes:

Autocannons: the Headquarters Attack has two rotary-barreled machine gun mounts equipped. Each can discharge a short burst of ammunition to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage, or Remarkable (30) Shooting damage when they are fired in a fully automatic fashion.

Mind you, if both guns are trained on a single target, the damage involved (in either mode) is bolstered by +1 CS.

Body Armor: regardless of its configuration, the Headquarters Attack is built tough. Its components are made from Remarkable (30) m.s. materials, and offer Excellent (20) protection against physical attacks for those who are sheltering behind (or within) its walls.

BTR Firebat: one of the centerpieces of the Headquarters Attack's Spy Troops function is the use of an authentic, captured BTR Firebat to help it pose as a Cobra facility. This vehicle can be used by the Joes (or Cobra, really), and is described in its own entry.

Communications Array: the Headquarters Attack is equipped with an extremely powerful, gigahertz-frequency, frequency-wobbler radio system. This makes for Excellent (20) communications power (with a 100 mile range) that features Remarkable (30) signal encryption.

Missile Launchers: the Headquarters Attack has two missile launchers. One is an anti-aircraft projectile launcher, and has a rotary barrel that can fire up to six missiles at once! The second is an anti-personnel launcher, and can fire up to three missiles simultaneously.

Each of these missiles behave per the 'standard' statistics listed below, though they may add a +1 CS for each doubling of missiles that hit a single opponent or target (up to a +3 CS bonus if the anti-aircraft launcher is trained downward).

Ex 20
Am 50 *
Ex 20
Remarkable (30) Edged Attack (fragmentary)

* Note that the anti-aircraft missiles actually work at +3 CS Speed, or Mach 1, allowing them to catch most aircraft.

Radar Unit: in either mode, the Headquarters Attack has the use of a large radar unit, situated high above it on a rotating base. It can scan the area around the Headquarters Attack with Typical (6) ability, letting it monitor movement within ten miles of its location.

Shape Change: the whole point of BTR technology is that it can be field-modified by just a few Joes in little time. The Headquarters Attack can be quickly changed from a GI Joe to a 'Cobra' configuration in a couple minutes by a highly motivated group of Joes.

The GI Joe mode is a straight-forward, reinforced installation. It consists of three buildings, one of which houses a jail to hold captured Cobras. When posing as a Cobra Firebat launcher, the Headquarters Attack is a singular tower, with the aircraft catapult on the far end.

Spotlight: the Headquarters Attack has a powerful spotlight it can use to illuminate the sky - or just a specific area. It can do this with Remarkable (30) ability, often enough to flood the area with light, or to easily (and temporarily) blind foes in a surprise maneuver.

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