the Hydro-Sled

The Hydro-Sled was designed by Doctor Mindbender as a fast and relatively inexpensive means through which small groups of Cobra operatives could quickly traverse the waves, whether to harrass enemy craft or to simply travel from one point to another.

A small, flat-bottomed vessel, the Hydro-Sled can acheive considerable speed on the waves, though it is susceptible to being capsized by particularly large waves - or the wake of ships passing too close. Cobra's Hydro-Sled has an m.s. of 8, and is has these features:

9mm Cannon (a): this front-mounted cannon can be discharged by the Hydro-Sled's occupants at anything within a ninety degree arc of the craft's bow, inflicting one's Agility +5 in damage when firing a short burst of rounds, or their Agility +6 in damage during continuous fire.

Exciter Hydro Jets (a): these DC-powered implements draw water in from the surroundings, and violently expel it to give the Hydro-Sled its considerable speed! Moving the Hydro-Sled at 52 knots, or 60 MPH, its intensity 2 speed easily leaves most other craft lagging far, far behind.

Short-Range Radar (w): as its operators cannot see more than a few feet ahead of it, particularly at high speed, the Hydro-Sled is equipped with a short range radar scanner. It can light up whatever is within one mile of its location (intensity 1 radar range).

Snag Speargun (a): installed over its 9mm swivel-mounted cannon, the Hydro-Sled's snag speargun allows it to fire a single spear at its occupants' enemies. This projectile, on impact, will inflict one's Agility +5 in damage, often enough to pierce poorly armored craft.

Sunk Torpedoes (i): mounted on each side of the Hydro-Sled, these two projectiles can be fired to inflict devastating damage to other vessels. They inflict the intensity 11 damage when fired singly, adding a +1 if both projectiles strike their target at the same time.

Thermal Imaging Sensors (w): the Hydro-Sled is operated by instrumentation alone. When targeting foes, these heat detectors allow its occupants to effectively fire upon ships and personnel with all its weaponry, doing so even without actually looking at them directly!

Water Shield (s): primarily intended to keep water out of its operators' faces, the Hydro-Sled is equipped with a front-mounted water shield. Interrupting its otherwise flat profile, this feature also grants those on board intensity 4, or +1, defense against front-facing foes.

Extra Goodies:

Hydro-Sled Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Hydro-Sled:


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