Jim Hanrahan

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Jim Hanrahan gained his dangerous powers after he was given the Star Brand by the so-called Star Child, a nascent cosmic entity that was removing the power of this device from all its other wielders save for, apparently, Jim. Though he has since passed it on to Wendell Vaughn, Jim still retains ten percent of its original might - and the physical alterations the Brand inflicted upon his body.

Known Powers:

Immortality: after he was slipped the Star Brand by the Star Child, Jim was rendered immortal. He can be killed, but he won't die. If brought to zero health points and rank value zero Fortitude, his body will assume a regenerative form, a sort of fish-headed, pink humanoid looking thing with really loose, baggy skin (until he's all healed up). Even total body disintegration cannot stop this regeneration from occurring.

Longevity: while not ageless, Jim most likely has a somewhat extended life-span, as do the many other folks who have wielded the Star Brand. This is at least a rank value 4 power, which has granted Jim a 2905 year life span; 70-25 (standard human life span minus his likely age when he gained the Star Brand) x 64 (power rank value cubed) + 25 (again, his age) = 2905.

Limitations / Enhancements:



The Star Brand: for a time, Jim possessed the Star Brand, a device that could be used to draw forth an effectively infinite amount of energy from some unknown source. Jim never really tried to channel such power from the thing, however, as he'd vowed never to use it. If he had changed his mind, he could've made use of the Star Brand as follows.

The Star Brand is capable of virtually anything, save for the resurrection of totally dead biological entities. Powers it is used to actualize typically function at rank value 50, though if he or she wants to, the bearer of the Brand can boost this operating power level as high as is desired - with a typical ceiling of rank value 500. And even this isn't the upper limit of the Brand's power.

Additionally, the bearer of the Brand could utilize more than one of its powers at a time. Operating two powers at once requires a red Intellect ACT roll, and each additional power added a -1 RS penalty to this ACT. In other words, Jim could theoretically use all of his Star Brand powers at once, but this is difficult for him to concentrate on. At any rate, Jim has demonstrated these Star Brand abilities so far:

* Damage Reduction: by spreading the Star Brand's energies throughout his body, Jim could achieve nigh invulnerability. If he's not concentrating, however, he can be hurt normally, and even killed - though his immortality would eventually counter that. If spreading the Star Brand's energy throughout his body, Jim benefits from 8 RS of damage reduction where physical and energy attack are concerned.

* Flight: though he didn't mean to, Jim found himself levitating occasionally, most often while he was asleep, but sometimes during simple day-to-day activities. Though he tried to suppress this power, he could most likely fly about at rank value 50 speeds, or approximately 340.91 miles per hour; of course, if he could do this, he could likely enhance this flight like his other powers.

* Macrosense: on occasion, despite his wishes to the contrary, Jim would find knowledge about certain people, places, and things springing unbidden into his conscious mind, knowledge he would otherwise have no access to. This information was caused by the subconscious use of this rank value 50 power, though Jim tried to keep such things from happening - it was rather disconcerting.

* Portability: the Star Brand itself is easily portable, and Jim can move it about on his person as he sees fit. If he wants to get rid of it, it is similarly easy to just move it onto the body of another person, should they want the thing. However, it is vital to note that the Star Brand cannot exist on an inanimate object; placing it upon such a thing is a very, very bad idea.

This is because, without a true sentience to control it, the power will rage out of control, disintegrating the object and a very large portion of the surroundings. For instance, placing the Star Brand into a bent ten pound weight destroyed said weight and all matter within a twenty-five mile radius, accidentally creating the Pitt. Needless to say, this also ruined Ken Connell's day.

Similarly, placing the Star Brand into a non-sentient animal isn't a good idea, either. This won't cause the calamity described above, but it will kill the animal over time, as the Star Brand's energies, unchecked, will consume it within days. Of course, this was discovered by the Old Man during his many attempts to rid himself of this weapon.




Guns: thanks to his military training, Jim presumably has the ability to use any standard firearm with competence. Though he doesn't really need this talent, he can nonetheless use it to wield any rifle or pistol as though his Coordination trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type B: another talent that Jim gained in the military, this skill allows him to defend himself unarmed, if necessary. In technical terms, this grants Jim the ability to execute any unarmed attacks as though his Melee trait was +1 RS in value.

Military / United States: Jim is associated with the American military, granting him this skill as a result. In other words, in addition to gaining his other talents for free, he can issue and understand military commands easily, and understands the various military protocols.

Piloting: having been an Air Force combat pilot for years, even seeing action during World War 3, Jim can be said to know his way around an air plane. While flying an aircraft, he can add a +1 RS to his Coordination (or a vehicle's Handling rating) when making aerial maneuvers.


Not too much is known about the personal life of this Air Force pilot. He could potentially call upon the Air Force for aid in a pinch, especially if he told them about his powers. He's also on good terms with the Marvel Universe hero Quasar, who he gave (most of) his Star Brand to.


Jim wore no costume. He had no delusions of heroism (or villainy, for that matter). Should he have found himself in some conflict or another, he'd either be wearing ordinary clothing (if off duty), an Air Force uniform (if on duty) or a general issue flight suit (if on a mission).


Jim Hanrahan is good people. An honest, hard-working man, he simply wanted to do his part to protect his country from outside aggression. He became something of a loner after acquiring the Star Brand though, as he feared inadvertently causing harm with the terrible thing.

Real Name: Lieutenant Jim Hanrahan
Occupation: Air Force pilot
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the USAF

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
Weight: 160 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Jim Hanrahan was an ordinary fighter pilot working for the United States Air Force, one who he was ordered to investigate a strange energy discharge taking place in the vicinity of the Pitt. Getting too close for his own good, Jim's plane was blasted out of the sky by violent energies, power given off thanks to a battle raging between Jacob Burnsley and the so-called Old Man.

A good man at heart, Jacob investigated Jim's crash scene as soon as he dealt with the irrational Old Man, and tried to make things right. Though he was fatally broken when his plane crashed, Jim was nonetheless healed up by the power of Jacob's Star Brand. Furthermore, Jim received something else during this exchange, thanks to the nascent cosmic entity, the Star Child.

Though this entity was supposedly removing the Star Brand from the universe at large, he apparently decided that the world needed its power and, through Jacob, gave the device to him. Of course, Jim didn't know this at first, and went on as though nothing else but an unfortunate plane crash had happened to him. Soon enough, though, he started to remember things.

Over time, information that the Star Child had implanted in Jim's head resurfaced, information about the Star Brand and how it had been used in the past. Horrified that he was wielding the weapon that annihilated Pittsburgh, Jim vowed never to use the thing, no matter the cost. After all, he didn't want to be responsible for carnage on that level - or worse, as was now possible.

Though the power kept manifesting unconsciously, Jim never did use the Star Brand, and he was content to take it to the grave with him. However, this decision changed when Wendell Vaughn showed up on his doorstep. This man explained that he was in fact Quasar, a hero from a variant earth, and that he needed the power of the Star Brand to get himself back home.

Eventually, Quasar managed to convince Jim that he wasn't a heel or would-be dictator, so Jim gave him the weapon. Once Wendell left, Jim had himself a little celebration, believing himself finally free of the dread responsibility of carrying the Star Brand. Of course, he didn't yet know that a body always retains ten percent of the Star Brand once he gives it up. Only time will tell what he will do about this.

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