The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: A

Abyssal Princes and Lords (Tanar'ri): those rare few tanar'ri who live long enough, and gather enough power, can ascend past the known, common forms their race takes as they evolve, becoming unique. Even fewer of these rule a layer of the Abyss itself! Availability:

Abyssal Princes and Lords (MSH Classic)

Abyssal Princes and Lords (4C System)

Abyssal Princes and Lords (Marvel Saga)

the Accountant: made an undead horror by the sorcerer Icthyon, George Zimmerman was reborn a vampire - though he didn't let that ruin his life. Using skills learned via accounting skullduggery, he began to carve out a little empire all his own...! Availability:

the Accountant (MSH Classic)

the Accountant (4C System)

the Accountant (Marvel Saga)

Ace: a gambler through and through, Brad likes nothing more than a good poker game - hence his code name. It's fitting in two aspects, as Brad is also the Joe team's crack fighter pilot, who's downed more Cobra jets than you can shake a stick at! Availability:

Ace (MSH Classic)

Ace (4C System)

Ace (Marvel Saga)

AceTone: possessing the natural gift of strength enhancement, Yuki was taken in by Mindwatch after her powers went out of control. Soon after she got them under control, she began work on mastering metapsi powers as a part-time Mindwatch agent! Availability:

AceTone (MSH Classic)

AceTone (4C System)

AceTone (Marvel Saga)

Action Man: Matthew Exler was adopted by a world-famous rocket scientist, and embraced mental disciplines as well as the physical. Forged in the literal fire of a family tragedy, the man known only as Action Man quickly became the Greatest Hero of All! Availability:

Action Man (MSH Classic)

Action Man (4C System)

Action Man (Marvel Saga)

the Acrimonious Apostate: Ethel Rhea was a professional bodybuilder who originally found the Church of Hercules appealing - until she discovered its vast corruption. Losing her faith entirely, she eventually became a Frankologist! Availability:

the Acrimonious Apostate (MSH Classic)

the Acrimonious Apostate (4C System)

the Acrimonious Apostate (Marvel Saga)

Aero-Vipers: pilots of Cobra's Condor Z-25 Fighter-Bomber, the Aero-Vipers corps constantly train their bodies to withstand the same punishment that their Strato-Viper counterparts can absorb - but they manage to do so without surgical augmentation! Availability:

Aero-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Aero-Vipers (4C System)

Aero-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Agent Axis: originally three separate fascist spies, Agent Axis is the result of their accidental merger in a freak accident while in flight. Though granted three times the power of an ordinary man, he is also cursed with a fractured, querulous mind. Availability:

Agent Axis (MSH Classic)

Agent Axis (4C System)

Agent Axis (Marvel Saga)

Agent Deathmonger: having a long history with both the United States Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, former Mrj. Michael Shaw is an expert in investivative work, and can keep his objectivity no matter how bizarre everything gets. Availability:

Agent Deathmonger (MSH Classic)

Agent Deathmonger (4C System)

Agent Deathmonger (Marvel Saga)

Agent Delta: Lorcan Rourke was one of General Flagg's original recruits for his small, anti-terrorist operation. Sent to infiltrate Cobra early in its formation, Lorcan was believed to have been killed in the line of duty - at least, until recently...! Availability:

Agent Delta (MSH Classic)

Agent Delta (4C System)

Agent Delta (Marvel Saga)

Agent Faces: GI Joe's resident super spy, Michelino's natural disguise and mimicry talents are backed up by top notch covert training provided by the United States Army. He can disguise himself as virtually anybody he wishes to, with but a few minutes of study! Availability:

Agent Faces (MSH Classic)

Agent Faces (4C System)

Agent Faces (Marvel Saga)

Agent Helix: the neurodivergent covert operative known only as Agent Helix is poorly adjusted to function in modern society. Her unique mind nonetheless allows her to work well in detail-oriented combat situations, however, which she does for her own reasons! Availability:

Agent Helix (MSH Classic)

Agent Helix (4C System)

Agent Helix (Marvel Saga)

the Aggravant: the result of a matter duplicator accident, Chuck is the counterpart of the original Charlie Chicanery. After a brief stint alongside a gang of cross-time thugs, Chuck has returned home to launch his very own career as a super hero! Kind of. Availability:

the Aggravant (MSH Classic)

the Aggravant (4C System)

the Aggravant (Marvel Saga)

the Air Assault Glider: designed to work in two distinct modes, the Air Assault Glider can function as either a normal GI Joe glider or be converted into a fully functional Cobra jet pack - the better for Barrel Roll to slip behind Cobra lines with! Availability:

the Air Assault Glider (MSH Classic)

the Air Assault Glider (4C System)

the Air Assault Glider (Marvel Saga)

the Air Chariot: a veritable mobile throne for Serpentor to occupy whilst leading Cobra forces towards global domination, the Air Chariot is an ostentatious, snake-themed golden aircraft that the emperor may use to survey the battlefield from above. Availability:

Serpentor's Air Chariot (MSH Classic)

Serpentor's Air Chariot (4C System)

Serpentor's Air Chariot (Marvel Saga)

Air Devils: while Night Vultures sometimes fight Cobra's enemies while looting their lines, their Air Devils have the inverse job. They descend upon the enemy to sabotage personnel and equipment however they can, and only relieve their gear as an afterthought. Availability:

Air Devils (MSH Classic)

Air Devils (4C System)

Air Devils (Marvel Saga)

Air Raid: a seasoned Air Force test pilot, Benjamin Thomas was a perfect fit for GI Joe, since most of its aircraft are experimental at best. The new pilot of Sky Patrol's Skystriker, Benjamin is testing their stealth technology out on a venerable craft! Availability:

Air Raid (MSH Classic)

Air Raid (4C System)

Air Raid (Marvel Saga)

the Air Skiff: whether he built it himself or stole it from someone else, Zanzibar has made his Air Skiff a vital component of his criminal self-identity. A self-proclaimed air pirate, he uses it to pilfer goods from targets on both land and sea! Availability:

the Air Skiff (MSH Classic)

the Air Skiff (4C System)

the Air Skiff (Marvel Saga)

Air-Vipers: the core of Cobra's air force, Air-Vipers are those pilots the organization has lured into its service. Whether highly skilled fighter pilots or washed out commercial operators, Air-Vipers either get good on the job or crash and burn. Availability:

Air-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Air-Vipers (4C System)

Air-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

AVACs: Air-Vipers, Advanced Class, or AVACs, are elite Cobra pilots that are seemingly fearless, and capable of performing advanced calculations in their head. Both qualities are vital if one wishes to pilot the so-called Pocket Rocket: the Firebat! Availability:

AVACs (MSH Classic)

AVACs (4C System)

AVACs (Marvel Saga)

Airborne: born to oil-rich parents, Franklin E Talltree enjoyed jumping out of airplanes as a hobby - it makes him feel alive. Though a law school graduate, Franklin wanted to perform his hobby for a living, so he joined the Army to become a paratrooper! Availability:

Airborne (MSH Classic)

Airborne (4C System)

Airborne (Marvel Saga)

Airborne 2: Robert is easily the most popular Sky Patrol member, but not due to any juvenile pecking order. No, he's well liked because he does his level best to get everyone to their mission in one piece, and patches them up when they get perforated. Availability:

Airborne 2 (MSH Classic)

Airborne 2 (4C System)

Airborne 2 (Marvel Saga)

Airtight: a merciless practical joker and fan of the bizarre, Airtight is also the GI Joe expert on nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. When Cobra breaks out the dirty tricks, he's the first to wade in after them to put a stop to such tactics! Availability:

Airtight (MSH Classic)

Airtight (4C System)

Airtight (Marvel Saga)

Airwave: an electronics expert without peer, Cliff can 'kit-bash' like no one else, and is infamous for his improvisational electronics repairs. He serves as the audible frequency expert for GI Joe's Sky Patrol team - and is mean in a firefight, too! Availability:

Airwave (MSH Classic)

Airwave (4C System)

Airwave (Marvel Saga)

Alkiliths (Tanar'ri): wretched corruption personified, alkiliths are formless terrors that work to spread the horrors of the Abyss throughout the multiverse. They ruin everything they can get their pseudopods on, and delight in doing just that. Availability:

Alkiliths (MSH Classic)

Alkiliths (4C System)

Alkiliths (Marvel Saga)

the AWE Striker: a small, lightweight vehicle, this grass-green, off-road marvel was adopted by GI JOE in 1985. Weighing 2.8 tons and armed with a powerful, recoil-less rifle, the AWE Striker can offer the Joes fire support almost anywhere! Availability:

the AWE Striker (MSH Classic)

the AWE Striker (4C System)

the AWE Striker (Marvel Saga)

the All American: After developing paranormal powers, New York Smashers quarterback Jack Magniconte founded Kickers, Inc., to use said abilities to help others handle off-the-wall problems that no one else could! Availability:

Jack Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Jack Magniconte (4C System)

Jack Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

Alley-Vipers: Cobras who excel in urban combat, Alley-Vipers spearhead that organization's inner-city warfare initiatives. Strong, tough, and brutal, Alley-Vipers are notorious for the heinous crimes they commit while active in high population areas. Availability:

Alley-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Alley-Vipers (4C System)

Alley-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Alpine: though he was a perfectly good accountant, having a decent job with prospects, Albert wanted more out of life. As such, he enlisted to use his hobby, mountain climbing, to help his country - which he does as a mountain trooper! Availability:

Alpine (MSH Classic)

Alpine (4C System)

Alpine (Marvel Saga)

Altitude: a former syndicated cartoon artist and a Sergeant Major of the Army, John-Edward has a unique background. Of course, add his eidetic memory on top of that, and you have the makings for an unbelievably effective recon patrolman and combat artist! Availability:

Altitude (MSH Classic)

Altitude (4C System)

Altitude (Marvel Saga)

Alu-fiends (Tanar'ri): the offspring of succubi and non-tanar'ri, alu-fiends posses of many of their mothers' abilities. They also have the skill to master sorcery, and often carry impresive magical items to make up for their physical weakness. Availability:

Alu-fiends (MSH Classic)

Alu-fiends (4C System)

Alu-fiends (Marvel Saga)

Ambush: Aaron has been one those quiet kinds of guys ever since he was a wee youth. In fact, he always seems to slip through the cracks, and folks tend to forget he's around - which isn't helped any by the fact that he's a master of camouflage...! Availability:

Ambush (MSH Classic)

Ambush (4C System)

Ambush (Marvel Saga)

American Avenger: drafted in Argentina by the grandson of El Gaucho, American Don Caldwell became that hero's replacement. He calls himself the American Avenger elsewhere though, battling his homeland's enemies in Argentina and beyond! Availability:

American Avenger (MSH Classic)

American Avenger (4C System)

American Avenger (Marvel Saga)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier: this versatile, armored troop carrier has been in the GI Joe arsenal for years. This because, in addition to being able to drive on land or water, it's a very safe conveyance for Joes on their way to a mission! Availability:

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (MSH Classic)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (4C System)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (Marvel Saga)

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

the Angel 2: when his brother retired as the original Angel, Simon Halloway (literally) picked up the costume and ran with it. Fighting crime when he wasn't scrounging for food and shelter, Simon occasionally did some good in his time. Availability:

the Angel 2 (MSH Classic)

the Angel 2 (4C System)

the Angel 2 (Marvel Saga)

Angry Annie: Annie Claymore is a petulant sociopath who believes the world should both revolve around her desires, and abide by her own jaundiced view of How Things Work. Naturally, she explodes with murderous rage when it invariably doesn't. Availability:

Angry Annie (MSH Classic)

Angry Annie (4C System)

Angry Annie (Marvel Saga)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man: Jake became a space-faring hero after discovering the indigo Rainbow Gem on the family farm - until the sorcerer Mho stole it from him. It took him years, but Jake finally got it back, though he's been damaged by the experience. Availability:

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (MSH Classic)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (4C System)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (Marvel Saga)

Annihilators: thanks to the heli-pack assigned to each Annihlator, these airborne soldiers may be instantly deployed from any location! Serving as Destro's personal bodyguards, Annihlators work together to guarantee his safety - and that of their paychecks! Availability:

Annihilators (MSH Classic)

Annihilators (4C System)

Annihilators (Marvel Saga)

Anthropists (Devoted): while they hail from any number of different backgrounds, members of the Anthropy Society have the potential to have a couple of things in common, hence this sort of 'boilerplate' description of these ideologists. Availability:

Anthropists (Devoted, MSH Classic)

Anthropists (Devoted, 4C System)

Anthropists (Devoted, Marvel Saga)

Antibody: while he originally wanted to be a doctor, medical intern Randy O'Brien's life was forever changed after the White Event, when he developed the power to generate negative-image duplicates of himself, which he had little - if any - control over! Availability:

Antibody(MSH Classic)

Antibody (4C System)

Antibody (Marvel Saga)

the AGP: the first mass-produced aircraft produced by Destro for his Iron Grenadiers, the Anti-Gravity Pod, or AGP, is a small and vast VTOL vehicle. Capable of independently pivoting its jet engine, the AGP is capable of truly amazing aerial maneuvers! Availability:

the AGP (MSH Classic)

the AGP (4C System)

the AGP (Marvel Saga)

Antons: vaguely humanoid beings hailing from the small planetoid of Torsa, the Antons belligerently attempted to conquer our world once their own was trapped in earth's orbit. Luckily for humanity, Professor Zog was on hand to stop them cold! Availability:

Antons (MSH Classic)

Antons (4C System)

Antons (Marvel Saga)

Professor Appel: one of the older Crimson Guard operatives, Professor Appel is arguably its smartest. The genius behind the successful, diabolical plot to create Cobra Island, Appel is one of the few scientists that Cobra Commander trusts. Availability:

Professor Appel (MSH Classic)

Professor Appel (4C System)

Professor Appel (Marvel Saga)

the Arctic Blast: small and fast, the Arctic Blast is comprised of two large, off-road tires driving an oversized sled. Most often driven by Windchill, this thing is armed to the teeth and a lot faster than you'd expect it to be on first glance. Availability:

the Arctic Blast (MSH Classic)

the Arctic Blast (4C System)

the Arctic Blast (Marvel Saga)

Arden: Arden works as a Lateral Shifter. It's her job to cross from one variant timeline to another, to research how certain phenomena manifest in different universes, all to better predict how they will affect her own - for good or ill! Availability:

Arden (MSH Classic)

Arden (4C System)

Arden (Marvel Saga)

Armadillo: Philo R. Makepeace was an insanely fast driver in the civilian market before repeated complaints caused him to seek similar employ in the military. That's when it was discovered that Philo drives not just quickly, but very, very rough, as well! Availability:

Armadillo (MSH Classic)

Armadillo (4C System)

Armadillo (Marvel Saga)

the Armadillo Assault: a somewhat large ride, the Armadillo Assault is built tough. It can be configured as an armored carrier or a dune buggy depending on the Joes' needs. It also comes equipped with a one-person scout craft, making it its own air support! Availability:

the Armadillo Assault (MSH Classic)

the Armadillo Assault (4C System)

the Armadillo Assault (Marvel Saga)

the Armadillo Mini-Tank: a tank in miniature, the Armadillo packs the fire power of four linked, 60mm cannons into a vehicle the size of a Ford ™ Escort ™. Though small, and having only one real weapon to speak of, it's fast and highly durable. Availability:

the Armadillo (MSH Classic)

the Armadillo (4C System)

the Armadillo (Marvel Saga)

Armanites (Tanar'ri): seeming masters of the Abyss' 377th layer, the armanite hordes populating that plane resemble pale, undead centaurs. They wander the land in troupes, selling their services to whoever offers them enough plunder... and fresh meat. Availability:

Armanites (MSH Classic)

Armanites (4C System)

Armanites (Marvel Saga)

the Armor-Bot: the ultimate expression of Star Brigade armor technology, the Armor-Bot is a gigantic humanoid vehicle. A powerful mech, the Armor-Bot is armed to the teeth, and can walk or drive into battle on earth or amongst the stars alongside GI Joe! Availability:

the Armor-Bot (MSH Classic)

the Armor-Bot (4C System)

the Armor-Bot (Marvel Saga)

Armorhide: one of the more belligerent Combatrons, Armorhide likes nothing more than to fight - especially if large explosions are involved. An expert in desert warfare, he enjoys watching his foes fall victim to the lethal traps he's set for them. Availability:

Armorhide (MSH Classic)

Armorhide (4C System)

Armorhide (Marvel Saga)

Armula: a previously low-rent mutant thug with like capability, Simon Furst was the unfortunate victim of what he thought was a random vampire attack. Rising from the dead anew, he has rechristened himself Armula - the four armed vampire! Availability:

Armula (MSH Classic)

Armula (4C System)

Armula (Marvel Saga)

Article II: recruited because he was a patriotic, hard-working, and most of all honest cop, Arthur Blaine Poindexter II became the D.A.A.'s worst nightmare when he decided he could do a much better job protecting Freedom than they ever could! Availability:

Article II (MSH Classic)

Article II (4C System)

Article II (Marvel Saga)

Asbestos Lady: a shrewd man-hater, the Asbestos Lady was driven to new heights of loathing by one man above all others: the Human Torch! Humiliating her time and again, the Torch has earned a singular place in the Asbestos Lady's blackened heart. Availability:

Asbestos Lady (MSH Classic)

Asbestos Lady (4C System)

Asbestos Lady (Marvel Saga)

Asclepius: son of Apollo, Asclepius was originally the best surgeon in all of Greece, trained by the centaur Chiron. After Hades petitioned Zeus to slay him, Asclepius ascended to godhood himself... seemingly living on to this very day. Availability:

Asclepius (MSH Classic)

Asclepius (4C System)

Asclepius (Marvel Saga)

Ashiko: a professional stunt driver as well as an Arashikage ninja, it was easy to guess that the GI Joe team would recruit Ashiko to operate its Cycle Armor. Though he fights just fine without it, Ashiko is an offensive juggernat while armored up! Availability:

Ashiko (MSH Classic)

Ashiko (4C System)

Ashiko (Marvel Saga)

the Assault Quad: a small, offensive ATV, the Assault Quad is impressively armed for its size, featuring one machine gun and two missile launchers. Its armament, ordnance, and maneuverability make it perfect for scouting or dealing with small groups of enemy troops. Availability:

the Assault Quad (MSH Classic)

the Assault Quad (4C System)

the Assault Quad (Marvel Saga)

the ASP: a towable weapon system equipped with two powerful Eliminator cannons, the Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a menace to all Cobra's enemies. Capable of striking foes on land, sea, or air, the ASP excels for providing security or fire superiority! Availability:

the ASP (MSH Classic)

ASP (4C System)

ASP (Marvel Saga)

Astro-Vipers: those Strato-Vipers with technical ability are often trained in combat under numerous gravitational conditions, as well as satellite and spacecraft maintenance. These Cobranauts are then let loose in orbit to further Cobra's interests! Availability:

Astro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Astro-Vipers (4C System)

Astro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Astronomer: mentally and physically changed by his obsessive study of the cosmos, the Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe. Naturally, as one of the Universe's elders, he felt that he was best suited to run the joint. Availability:

Astronomer (MSH Classic)

Astronomer (4C System)

Astronomer (Marvel Saga)

Atlanteans (Typical, v13): the odd aquatic humanoids commonly referred to as Atlanteans are a reclusive offshoot of humanity. Usually only encountered on or near the open sea, these seemingly hostile entities are hard to see - and harder to fight! Availability:

Atlanteans (MSH Classic)

Atlanteans (4C System)

Atlanteans (Marvel Saga)

the Attack Cruiser: an improvement on GI Joe's Remote Piloted Vehicle, the Attack Cruiser has a similar vehicle which can also be used as a bomb in a pinch, and is armed with multiple personnel and vehicle counter-measures to neutralize Cobra forces! Availability:

the Attack Cruiser (MSH Classic)

the Attack Cruiser (4C System)

the Attack Cruiser (Marvel Saga)

Avalanche: Ian decided to do something better with his life than engage in the family business of bootlegging, poaching, and smuggling, and enlisted in the Army. The military then put his skills to use, and now he's a cold weather survival expert, too! Availability:

Avalanche (MSH Classic)

Avalanche (4C System)

Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

the Avalanche: the latest in a mighty line of GI Joe cold weather combat vehicles, the Avalanche is a heavily armed and armored, tracked assault vehicle, one that also contained a hidden surprise: a super-sonic VTOL support craft stowed within! Availability:

the Avalanche (MSH Classic)

the Avalanche (4C System)

the Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

Axer: a lethally efficient bounty hunter and interdiction expert working for the Decepticons, Axer found himself on earth after a chance encounter with a black hole, and has since decided that he don't like Scourge very much - since he doesn't pay. Availability:

Axer (MSH Classic)

Axer (4C System)

Axer (Marvel Saga)

Aya: the goddess of dawn, Aya has the task of dispelling the darkness before the sun, Shamash, rides through the sky on his solar chariot. Though this is her primary duty, she also represents youth, love, sex, marriage, and motherhood. Availability:

Aya (MSH Classic)

Aya (4C System)

Aya (Marvel Saga)

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