Angry Annie


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Unlike her sister Janet, Annie is naught but a normal human, one who lacks any sort of inherent or talent-based powers. Despite her primarily mundane background, Annie has become something of a high tech villainess more or less, with a pair of advanced bracelets that let her do some damage - and the training to use 'em. Of course, the true origin of these things is still a mystery, as of yet.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Kevlar Costume (s): Annie wears a somewhat impractical costume, to be sure, but it's not totally useless (even if it looks like it). Her biker shorts and tank top have been sewn from a handy Kevlar weave (expensive, but doable), which provides her +2 protection from physical and energy attacks that strike her in the torso area. Of course, called shots elsewhere can damage her normally.

Power Bracelets (i): these twin devices, one for each of Annie's arms, are long, cylindrical affairs. Both being about six inches long, these things look to be made of silver, though they were built from stronger (strength 16) materials than that gaudy metal, and are smooth in appearance. Save for the hinges that allow them to be removed, and the nifty blasters, of course.

Mounted on each of these bracelets is a particle emitter that gives off an unfocused blast at Annie's command, thanks to a neurological field control interface, blasts that inflict intensity 13 concussion damage per painful impact. Furthermore, these devices have no apparent power source, nor do they seem to require one; in fact, they have no discernible electronic parts whatsoever, which makes them quite a mystery!


Marksmanship (a): while she doesn't know the first thing about how to fire a gun, Annie nonetheless has this skill to an extent, for she is trained in the use of 'point and shoot' style weapons, such as the blasters on her power bracelets. When using them, or any similar devices, Annie may do so at one difficulty level lower than would otherwise be required in combat.

Martial Arts (a): knowing her quest would get her mixed up with super-human trouble, Annie made sure she learned how to defend herself before seeking out her sister, Janet. In combat, this skill allows her to strike her many enemies, attempt to dodge incoming attacks, and even actions to reduce falling damage at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Two Weapons / Power Bracelets (a): an important facet of Annie's high tech training, this skill represents her ability to utilize both of her blaster bracelets effectively in battle. This skill grants her the ability to divide her pre-card play action score between two power bracelet attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action; she must use both blasters to get the benefit of this skill, however.


Annie has few friends - can you say that really surprises you? She's on good terms with the Anthropy Society, since she does odd jobs for them and generally shares their egocentric philosophies. She's also worked with a villain group known as the Tenacious Ten on occasion, a group that seems to reunite whenever someone powerful finds a use for such an assemblage of evildoers.


Vengeance, with hints of Protector: angry to a fault, Annie is usually out to avenge herself on just about everyone and everything that wrongs her - sometimes dealing out punishment to people that she only imagines are out to get her. However, some of this vengeful anger was channeled into her quest to find her sister, Janet, and as such she was almost motivated by heroic aims for a time. Almost.


When going into action, Annie tends to wear a somewhat impractical outfit, proving that you shouldn't get your costume inspiration from video games. She wears a large pair of insulated brown leather boots (with big ol' treads), a pair of sleek black biker shorts with blue racing stripes, a blue tank top that's way too tight for its own good, a black leather belt (with two empty pouches on it, for effect), and blue Oakley™ sunglasses.


Needless to say, Annie is angry. Not just because her sister vanished off the face of the earth, oh no - her anger stems from more than that. No matter what she tries to do, everything tends to go sour, mostly because she doesn't ever think through the whole 'cause and effect' thing. Instead of accepting this, Annie simply claims that the world conspires against her... and reacts to it accordingly.

Real Name: Annie Claymore
Occupation: adventurer, mercenary, former travel agent
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Anthropy Society, the Tenacious Ten

Height: 5' 1"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: green
Weight: 101 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Annie has always been angry, even before she became Angry Annie. You see, she's one of those people who just can't deal with the world properly, what with her thinking things should work differently - namely, with her at its center. This has caused her life to be a long string of things that go inexplicably wrong for her, though anybody paying attention can see that she simply does everything wrong.

Her misunderstanding of how just about all things work hasn't caused her to step back and take stock of herself, though. Instead, she just stubbornly pushes her way through life, causing one disaster after another - for both herself and others. This situation came to a head after her twin sister Janet, the psionic talent known as Timeout, went missing in action while going about her clandestine activities.

You see, Janet is a member of both the Mindwatch group and the Direct Action Americans - a precarious position, indeed. Janet vanished shortly after a mission in which she and two other DAA operatives went on an assignment to check out rumors that the Ariel-Shijitzu corporation was building some sort of psionically active processor - in a wacky attempt to build sentient, world-dominating robots.

Annie didn't know how this turned out, but did know that Janet vanished after this job; she managed to wrest at least that much out of Director White before his security fellows threw Annie out of their most recent cover offices. Seeing that drastic measures would be needed, Annie went about looking for powerful hardware, at which point she met Alabaster Jackson-Jones, a member of the Anthropy Society.

Sensing that she was of a similar mindset to his organization, the man easily conned her into working for him for a time, in exchange for giving her the 'empowering' training she needed to figure out exactly what had happened to Janet. Thinking he helped her out of the kindness of his heart, Annie was more than happy to do a few odd jobs for the man, and by proxy, the Anthropy Society. Even if they were very illegal.

In exchange for this work though, Annie received quite a bit of combat training, not to mention a very curious set of bracelets. These things respond to her very thoughts, and fire powerful particle blasts at whoever she is currently unhappy with. Annie liked 'em a lot, and once she'd figured out how to use the things properly, she left on her quest to find Janet at long last.

This quest culminated in Annie ultimately finding Janet in the midst of a long-standing undercover operation, one which subsequently blew up in both of the twins' faces. While both Annie and Janet survived the ensuing chaos, the two split on rather harsh terms after this, what with Annie's interference getting Janet in hot water with her DAA buddies. Thus, Annie found herself with no motivation in life. Yet again.

Hence, Annie's crime spree began in earnest! Having caught the adventuring bug thanks to her time away from a structured, responsible life, Annie embraced the life of a high tech criminal with aplomb. Whether working alone or alongside the likes of transient villain team-up groups like the Tenacious Ten, Annie continues her illegal actions to this very day.

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