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Having identity issues of her own, what with her 'origins' at the hands of the corporate technomage, Argyle, it seemed that the Anthropy Society would be a perfect first assignment for the Post-modern Girl. Who knows, she might learn something about herself! - Mike 013.

The Anthropy Society is different than a lot of idealistic groups the Agency has investigated over the last couple of years. For one thing, though its founder, Alabaster Jackson-Jones, is still alive, he's by no means in charge of this organization.

While Alabaster initially assembled this group with the sole intention of propagating his empowering philosophy of self-improvement through self-awareness, numerous related humanist sects have since been absorbed into the Society - not that Alabaster minds.

As far as he is concerned, the more ongoing debate about his and other philosophies that occurs, the better! Thus, Alabaster maintains the Society's world headquarters in New York City to this very day, while continued sales of his manifesto, Paideia, keep it running quite smoothly.

So if only a minority of the Anthropists actually buy into Jackson-Jones' pet philosophy, what floats the rest of their boats, you ask? As humanists, the Anthropy Society is big on the idea that creation exists to cater to mankind's will - often, that of the specific Anthropist in question.

The Society isn't all a bunch of sociopathic failures like Angry Annie, perhaps their most infamous and extreme reflection of this particular notion, however. No, most Anthropists lie somewhere between her and Jackson-Jones, or alternately espouse a unique philosophy all their own.

This tends to give one the impression that the Anthropy Society is a schizophrenic, unfocused bag of scholars, and to an extent this is true. But their constant debates with one another about the very nature of the human mind only helps the Anthropy Society as a whole to grow.

And furthers its resolve in regards to several small churches that would see the Society dismantled. Despite hiding behind the First Amendment, various groups of the so-called faithful simply cannot abide the existence of the Anthropists, and actively plot their demise.

Most of these religious organizations are similarly headquartered in the City, and have made a habit of destroying parts (if not all) of the Society's home base over the years. The Knights of the Moral Majority in particular seem to have it in for the Anthropists like no other cult.

While this could have been somewhat anticipated, the Anthropy Society didn't see its other existential threat coming. At all. As it turns out, various extraterrestrial operatives active on our world take great, great offense at the Anthropists' tenets of human exceptionalism.

Spearheading alien opposition to the public's awareness and approval of the Anthropy Society are the Plebi, through their local Knights of Pleb chapter. Since the idea of being exceptional runs counter to the Plebi's intergalactic Ponzi scheme, those crustaceans loathe Anthropy.

Regardless of whether Anthropists act in opposition to cultists, martians, or just ignorance, they typically stand as one no matter what differences they may have with each other. After all, members of the Society typically want the same thing: to elevate mankind in some fashion.

This is why you'll spot them doing charity work in a local soup kitchen about as often as you'll see them curb-stomping sexual predators amongst the so-called faithful. And why the attempts of those who oppose the Anthropists aren't likely to achieve the desired results.

Thus far, I've done extensive background checks on the many and various Anthropists presented below, all of which only reinforce the notion of them being more than a little bit schizophrenic in philosophy. But that makes life interesting, right? - the Post-modern Girl.

Angry Annie: Annie Claymore is a petulant sociopath who believes the world should both revolve around her desires, and abide by her own jaundiced view of How Things Work. Naturally, she explodes with murderous rage when it invariably doesn't. Availability:

Angry Annie (MSH Classic)

Angry Annie (4C System)

Angry Annie (Marvel Saga)

the Eidolon Empress: an ancient vampire with dreams of global conquest, the Eidolon Empress naturally thinks very highly of herself. Wishing to improve herself beyond even her undead state, she has studied the Anthropy Society's teachings with earnest. Availability:

the Eidolon Empress (MSH Classic)

the Eidolon Empress (4C System)

the Eidolon Empress (Marvel Saga)

Enigmagic Man: rejecting the religious extremists of his home, Faazel Kukukhel walked the path of sorcery instead. Only finding oppression amongst this community as well, he struck out on his own, and wars with all who would enslave the minds of man. Availability:

Enigmagic Man (MSH Classic)

Enigmagic Man (4C System)

Enigmagic Man (Marvel Saga)

Impeccable Icarus: a former data architect for a failing publisher of government technical manuals, Ichabod Stone found a new lease on life in the midst of a botched suicide attempt, and has since transformed himself into a high-flying daredevil! Availability:

Impeccable Icarus (MSH Classic)

Impeccable Icarus (4C System)

Impeccable Icarus (Marvel Saga)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster: having long felt that humanity was held back by the inertia of tradition and the oppression of history, Alabaster Jackson-Jones has labored long and hard to help his fellow man (and woman) to ascend to a higher state. Availability:

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (MSH Classic)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (4C System)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (Marvel Saga)

Synthetic Sapien: having always felt he was meant to be more than human, Edgar Lockwood has dreamed of becoming a robot all his life. Thanks to the encouragement of his Anthropist 'friends', he's finally found the motivation to make this happen! Availability:

Synthetic Sapien (MSH Classic)

Synthetic Sapien (4C System)

Synthetic Sapien (Marvel Saga)

Tredecuplethink: psychic vigilante and humanist activist, Cecilia Baillargeon doesn't have the corner on Anthropist thinking, but is definitely an alternate voice to Alabaster Jackson-Jones'. Not that she finds his notions any less valid, mind you. Availability:

Tredecuplethink (MSH Classic)

Tredecuplethink (4C System)

Tredecuplethink (Marvel Saga)

Anthropists (Devoted): while they hail from any number of different backgrounds, members of the Anthropy Society have the potential to have a couple of things in common, hence this sort of 'boilerplate' description of these ideologists. Availability:

Anthropists (Devoted, MSH Classic)

Anthropists (Devoted, 4C System)

Anthropists (Devoted, Marvel Saga)

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