Impeccable Icarus


Hand Size:
4 (25)


For the most part, Ichabod Stone, known to the world at large as the Impeccable Icarus, is a normal human. He only has his own ability, either natural or trained, with which to perform the irrational deeds that he does, having no super-human powers to speak of.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Clubs (s): kept in the same 'package' as his micro-glider, Ichabod can pull these twin weapons out at a moment's notice, to defend himself from rabid fans - or, perhaps, the press. He can use these implements to inflict his Strength +3 in bashing damage.

Micro-Glider (a): the tool which earned him part of his nickname, this ultralight aircraft can fold down to the size of a small backpack when not in use, but instantly resume its maximum size when triggered, thus allowing Ichabod to glide off of any surface when desired.


Acrobatics (a): despite his imposing size and raw physical power, Ichabod is quite the acrobat. The man may attempt dodge attacks, reduce falling damage and perform feats such as tightrope walking and the like, at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Animal Handling (w): having gotten his television start as one of those 'stupid animal tricks' people on late night programs, Ichabod kind of has a handle on weird animals and their even weirder behavior, and gains a reduced difficulty on attempts he makes to corral the things.

Blunt Weapons 2 (s): though he's trained long and hard to master the martial arts, Ichabod has put as much effort into excelling in the use of blunt implements. Whether a club or a baseball bat, he may handle any such weapon at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Boxing (s): supplementing his basic martial arts skill, Ichabod has been trained how to strike fast. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee strikes, the second of which he may invoke as a contingent action when necessary.

Computers (i): believe it or not, before he became a death-defying perfectionist, Ichabod toiled away at a thankless job building style sheets for an utterly incompetent publisher of government technical manuals. He can utilize, program and repair computers at a reduced difficulty.

First Aid (i): because he's always tearing himself up, Ichabod has received extensive training in the application of first aid. He can immediately stabilize a character who has dropped into a coma (or worse), restoring one lost card of Health in the process.

Martial Arts (a): a master of hand-to-hand combat, Ichabod knows multiple martial arts styles. He may attempt to strike others while unarmed at a reduced difficulty, and may dodge attacks, reduce falling damage, and catch thrown weapons with similar ease.

Performer (w): sure, Ichabod's got natural ability. And yes, he trains hard to survive his mad stunts. But what makes him loved by at least some of the unwashed masses is his talent for spectacle. He can bring his Willpower to bear during mind-blowing, death-defying performances.

Tumbling (a): Ichabod falls a lot. This is why he's been trained in how to take one, to better minimize his injury while doing something stupid. On a successful, easy difficulty Agility action, he can recover from any fall that doesn't inflict damage, namely by landing on his feet.


Ichabod doesn't have a lot of friends. Sure, he's got his fan club and all the easy sex partners and of course the adulation of the people, but the man has always felt alone. Oddly enough, his short time with the Anthropists has only further enhanced this sense of alienation.


Thrill-Seeker: perhaps the living embodiment of this calling, Ichabod can't help but constantly put his life in danger. Sure, he goes out of his way to minimize the risk in each of his performances, but the truth is he simply doesn't feel alive unless his life is on the line.


Ichabod is always flashy. His costume consists of a black leather jacket with an American flag painted on the back, blue jeans under a black pair of leather chaps, a blue helmet with a white star on the back, red leather boots and fingerless gloves, and a black leather belt.


Deathly afraid of sinking back into a life of mediocrity, Ichabod is always trying to outdo himself. He's always coming up with some stunt or another that is designed to blow his previous work away - though not wanting to die horribly, he plans each of his mad maneuvers meticulously.

Real Name: Ichabod Stone
Occupation: daredevil, reality television personality
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record in several other nations
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Anthropy Society

Height: 6' 7"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 285 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: though he plans each of his stunts out to the microsecond, the sad truth is that some of Ichabod's performances go awry no matter how hard he tries to prevent it. Thus, his body is crisscrossed with a wide array of scars.


Ichabod Stone used to be a computer programmer, who never got the respect he thought he deserved. While he went out of his way to keep his current employer afloat, he never received accolades for the hard work that made them money. No, that always went to overpaid executive pukes.

Having contemplated doing something drastic for quite some time, Ichabod left his desk without notice one unplanned afternoon, and went to the office's roof. Leaping from the twenty story edifice, Ichabod had a sudden moment of clarity - moments after he'd cleared the ledge!

Realizing that he wanted to live, live more than he had ever wanted to before, Ichabod looked for something - anything - he could use to stop his fall. Making use of a flag pole, an awning, a dumpster, and a couple of ledges, Ichabod did indeed avoid dying that spring day.

Sure, he'd broken a few bones, and caused a panic that drew a news crew onto the scene, but Ichabod was alive! His staggering pain aside, Ichabod felt more alive than he'd ever managed in his life previously, and knew then and there that he couldn't go back.

Using all of his skills as the ringleader of a local gaming cell, Ichabod designed a new identity for himself, that of ludicrous daredevil Impeccable Icarus. Telling himself the whole thing was just a performance, he began to attempt one dangerous deed after another.

As local attention slowly began to trickle his way, Ichabod managed to land small appearances on late night television, most often doing dangerous things with dangerous animals since he was the only person the producers could find that was dumb enough to even attempt them.

But being a smart guy, Ichabod didn't see this new line of work going very far. No, he saw it getting him killed, and rather abruptly at that, unless he did things right. And that's why he tried to get his head on straight before continuing on with his hare-brained stunts.

Spending most of his inheritance on a series of specialized tutors, Ichabod worked his body for years, developing his physicality to not only survive what his career was putting him through, but thrive in the process of it! But he still felt he was missing something upstairs.

And that's where the Anthropy Society came in. Hearing about them when he was doing a late night appearance alongside the group's leader, Alabaster Jackson-Jones, Ichabod chatted the man up. And Ichabod managed to secure his help in sorting out just what he wanted out of life.

Realizing that what he feared more than anything else was mediocrity, Ichabod finally decided to take that final leap, so to speak, and run along his new path as fast and as hard as he could. Gone was the computer programmer of old. Heck, gone was Ichabod, as well.

There was only Impeccable Icarus! Embracing the inexplicable, Ichabod didn't have to act any more, for he was living the life. Never stepping out of character again, he truly became one with his role, and as a result the public has grown to love his ridiculous eccentricities.

When not appearing on any number of reality television shows, either as a judge of others' talents (or lack therein) or when striving for some ludicrous prize or another, Ichabod is himself performing one staggeringly dangerous stunt after another, often involving his glider.

Famous, or perhaps infamous, for leaping off of things, only to save himself at the last minute, Ichabod has grown quite fond of his custom-made micro-glider. Not only has it saved his life time and time again, but it's helped him escape from any number of boring public engagements.

And people almost always think it's part of the show!

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