the Idealists of Variant Earth 13

Idealists are always difficult foes to face, for their abnormal beliefs consistently lead to conflict with some aspect of civilization or another. This collection of philosophers and idealogues differ from cultists in that their dogmas are not religious in nature - but may well seem like such to the uninitiated. Known idealist groups active on Variant Earth 13 include the following:

the Anthropy Society: those who believe in the tenets of Anthropy are of a mind that the universe was made for the convenience of sentient beings. Human beings, specifically - or, as is often the case, the specific Anthropist in particular. As ardent humanists, then, they often come into conflict with both religious institutions and alien representatives on earth.

the Electronicists' League: this group of geeks, mad scientists, and tinkerers share the belief that to advance earth's society, one must advance their technology - and quickly! To this end, the League is constantly whipping up new and exciting and - here's the important part - unpredictable devices to test out before releasing them to the mainstream. A real fun bunch.

the Scientific College of Frankology: this group isn't a religion, so much as the opposite of one. A society of supposedly enlightened philosophers, the Scientific College of Frankology is opposed to the principle of organized religion - so much so, in fact, that they make a regular habit of engaging in guerilla warfare against all the world's faiths at every opportunity!

the Zen Hell-Kites: sequestered deep in the heart of Tibet lies an order of monks dedicated to Zen and the art of mortal combat. No, really! These fighting men and women are like unto cosmic warriors, being in tune with the universe and as such, having the capability to completely disregard fear to become a singularly deadly combat engine.

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