Devoted Anthropists

Base Cost: 14 points (assuming Treduplethink's philosophy) or 16 points (assuming Alabaster's philosophy)

RV 10
RV 6
RV 6
RV 6
RV 10
RV 6
RV 10
RV 20
RV 0



Truth be told, few Anthropists develop special powers due to their beliefs. Most are, in fact, simply casual adherents to one of the group's several humanist philosophies. A rare few, however, do develop belief-based psionics due to the level of their convictions, though.

Known Powers (common):

Believer Psionics (Superpsi Powers, Jackson-Jones Followers):

Those Anthropists who fervently believe in the teachings of Alabaster Jackson-Jones' humanist ideas can, if devoted to them long and hard enough, begin to manifest psionics reflecting that belief. Most often, this entails them developing this belief-based superpsionic:

Self Control (s): acquired naturally through deep, lengthy introspection, this rank value 50 superpsionic substitutes its value for an Anthropist's Intellect score for purposes of recall, their Awareness when determining initiative, and their Willpower to resist mind control.

Believer Psionics (Superpsi Powers, Treduplethink Followers):

On the other hand, Anthropists who instead follow the philosophies of Treduplethink may develop a different chain of abilities, depending on the length and intensity of their devotion. As do the others, they will often begin with manifesting a belief-based superpsionic:

Ability Boost (s): devotees of Treduplethink's philosophy of raising humans to a higher plane via the combination of thought and action into one may eventually develop this rank value 30 power, allowing them to function with heightened ability for short periods of time.

Known Powers (rare):

Believer Psionics (Superpsi Powers, Jackson-Jones Followers):

A rare, rare few Anthropists who observe the philosophical leanings of Alabaster Jackson-Jones have demonstrated additional, belief-based superpsionics. Thus far, only Jackson-Jones himself has attained one of these, but his philosophy makes both of the following possible:

Spectral Freedom (a): the ultimate expression of Jackson-Jones' philosophy, this art describes the mind's ability to persist without meat to house it. Anthropists who attain it may shed their body as if astrally projecting, and their minds persist even after death! (eight points)

Enlightenment (t): a power that Jackson-Jones' philosophy has only awakened in himself thus far, this ability allows him (and anyone else who attains it) to activate the latent psionic powers in other sentient beings, switching them on with rank value 30 skill! (twelve points)

Believer Psionics (Superpsi Powers, Treduplethink Followers):

Similar to the philosophical doctrines of Alabaster Jackson-Jones, the beliefs of Treduplethink can also grant their most ardent followers additional psionics. Though it is exceedingly rare, Treduplethink's philosophy ultimately leads to the manifestation of this power:

Mental Invisibility (t): the ultimate expression of Treduplethink's peculiar doctrine makes an Anthropist's mind virtually invisible, at rank value 50, to the use of psionic power. This because they rarely, if ever, engage in thinking upon manifesting it. (16 points)

Believer Psionics (Psipathic Powers, Treduplethink Followers):

The interim step between manifesting ability boost and mental invisibility for Treduplethink's followers involves the acquisition of this psipathic talent. A few of her followers have developed this psionic, which helps them to help others maintain their independence of thought:

Clarity (t): Treduplethink's philosophy hinges on freeing the human mind from that which clouds its ability to process data without interference. The ultimate result of this mind-bending philosophy has seen some Anthropists acquire this rank value 40 power. (seven points)

Limitations / Enhancements:



Anthropists are individuals more than anything else, save for those who join the group solely as a means to justify their own, inherent selfishness. As such, it's hard to pin specific equipment down to Anthropists as a whole, for they may or may not carry any, as circumstances dictate.


Enemy: those individuals who join the Anthropy Society, even if for foolish reasons, can definitely count the Knights of the Moral Majority as an enemy. Similarly, the Anthropists are especially loathed by the Plebi, who are now active on earth via their own Knights.


Psychology: one talent that Anthropists tend to develop above all others, this s represents their advanced understanding of the sentient mind and how it works. Your more devoted Anthropists should receive a +1 RS on all Intellect ACT rolls dependent on such knowledge.


Anthropists are an independent lot overall, and are often self-centered - the group's philosophies readily attracts such individuals, after all. However, those Anthropists who are more seriously dedicated in their studies tend to help each other out whenever they feasibly can.

After all, nobody likes being cornered by a Crusade of the Knights of the Moral Majority, much less the Knights of Pleb and their crustacean overlords. That and calling themselves 'knights' tends to irk Anthropists in general, who feel that title used to stand for something better.


The Anthropy Society does not have a common uniform or even style. While a few of their most devoted followers might emulate the dress of those who inspire them in some fashion or another, the truth is that Anthropists go their own way where a sense of fashion is concerned.

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