the Aggravant

Gd 10
Rm 30
Ty 6
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
Fe 2

Ty 6
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ex 20
Pr 4
Rm 30
Rm 30
In 40
Fe 2

Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty 6
In 40
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Sh 0



The Aggravant's origin is... complicated. He was spontaneously created in a matter duplicator accident, and has since been cloned a few times after the death of his original body, the most recent clone being something of a paradox in and of itself. In short, he defies classification.

Known Powers:

Dimensional Interface: the primary mutant power of his template being, this ability allows Chuck to use his body as a conduit between this universe and hyperspace. This Amazing (50) power lends itself to all kinds of handy uses, some of which Chuck has developed as follows:

* Flight: by shunting most of his mass into hyperspace, Chuck can render himself virtually weightless, and (by allowing propellant energy to escape in exchange) achieve flight. He can fly with Amazing (50) air speed, or 375 miles per hour, though he's much faster in space.

* Super Flight: complementing his ordinary flight power, this ability allows Chuck to actually move his entire body into hyperspace for significant periods of time, which lets him fly at impressive speeds. This Poor (4) ranked power lets Chuck cross four light years per turn!

* Tachyon Generation: with the use of an odd metal known as transient steel, Chuck can focus tachyons from hyperspace into our own reality for short bursts of time - long enough to blast somebody. He can use these blasts to inflict Amazing (50) Energy damage.

Mind you, Chuck has demonstrated a few additional uses of this power. He can charge his staff with tachyons, but not release the energy. This lets him inflict power rank Force damage in melee, or simply illuminate an area with light in a pinch.

Environmental Independence: Chuck has demonstrated the ability to get by indefinitely without food, water, sleep, or even air. He possesses this power at Class 5000 rank, meaning that he may partake of these biological pleasures as he sees fit, but need not ever actually do so.

Invulnerability to Cold, Fire, Heat, Pressure Variance, and Radiation: supplementing his ability to fly at ridiculous speeds in space, these powers allow Chuck to actually survive being there. Invulnerability provides him complete immunity to these environmental hazards.

Former Powers:

Clone Projection: for a time, Chuck was the herald of sorts for a powerful extraplanar entity. At times, it would take over Chuck's body for its own purposes, and build a spare for him out of its offspring, which were comprised of the imaginary material known as psychoplasm.

Thus, Chuck technically had access to this ability, at Class 1000 rank - though it wasn't him that actually generated the power, but his enigmatic benefactor. Extremely enhanced, this power let him wander with Very Far range from his body (about five light years distant).

Chuck benefited from this arrangement for a few years, but his 'friend' in higher places decided it had had enough of him, and thus severed their working relationship. Thus, Chuck no longer has access to the benefits that an imaginary body offered him (such as virtual immortality).

Limitations / Enhancements:



Speed Boosters: built for him by Wendell Wherever, these twin bracelets enhance Chuck's super flight power. Giving Chuck an astounding +2 CS boost to his F.T.L. movement rate, these bracelets supercharge his flight speed to 52,560,000 times light speed (ten light years per turn)!

Staff: though he can use transient steel in any shape to focus his powers, Chuck uses a staff since it's more impressive. And is easier to hold than a lantern. In addition to allowing him to use his tachyon powers, this Sh Y (200) m.s. staff can be used to inflict +1 CS Blunt Attack damage.

Time Travel Staff: Chuck has possessed this item on and off for quite a while now. It is similar to his other one, save for the time travel device built in. This item allows him to navigate the time stream with Amazing (50) ability, which is quite handy in and of itself, really.

It is also equipped with a so-called time dilator, which offers him like protection from time-manipulating powers. In other words, if someone tries to stop or otherwise tinker with time in his vicinity, Chuck should still be able to act in normal time (in relation to the time controller).

Former Equipment:

Energy Staff: given to him by E.S.E., this weapon is rather deadly, having two energy 'blades' sticking out of the handle... so it's not really a 'staff', per se, but that's as good a definition as any. Chuck could use this weapon to inflict Amazing (50) Energy damage per strike.

Of course, when he was 'terminated' from his job with Extra Solar Enterprises, Chuck was required to turn this weapon in. And he did... in the most destructive manner possible. This just might be one of the reasons their H.R. creature, Riley, wants Chuck dead...!


Enemy: though they didn't start out that way, Chuck has wound up getting on the bad side of his material template, Charlie Chicanery. These two are physically and mentally the same (aside from their genders), at least up to the point where they diverged.

Stubborn 2: Chuck is hard-headed. Impressively so, in fact. In order for him to change his mind once he makes it up, Chuck must pass a Psc (will) FEAT at -4 CS, assuming he even wants to. Usually he won't, and this quirk will only come into play when a compromise is in order.


Astronomy: as an employee of Extra Solar Enterprises, Chuck learned how to get around the universe without a road map. As such, he took the time to study astronomy properly, and even has a degree in this area. His Rsn in astronomical matters should be considered +1 CS in rank.

Energy Weapons: supplementing his skill with the standard staff, Chuck took it upon himself to learn how to use an energy staff without inadvertently cutting himself to bits. He can use his energy staff, or any other focused-energy melee weapons at his Ftg (off) score +1 CS.

Skill / Staff: since E.S.E. gave Chuck his original transient steel staff, that group trained him in its use - to improve the value of their investment in him. He can use a staff or other, similar weapons in a pinch, at his Ftg (off) score +1 CS (which is good, as that ability is rather low...).


Chuck works best on his lonesome, considering his impulsiveness, arrogance, and (of course) his staggering stubbornness. He worked for a time with a group of cross-time mercenaries, but that alliance didn't even last long enough for him to learn what their acronym stood for.

On the other hand, another refugee from that group, Slow Jim, has asked Chuck for aid on occasion, since he's one of the few humans that can function in his home without aid. Thus, if he ever really needed help from that Atlantean, Chuck could be reasonably assured of getting it.

Finally, Chuck is on good terms with his (and Charlie's) mutual friend, Wendell Wherever. They both grew up with him, after a fashion, and they jumpstarted his life from mundanity to super-adventurer - so he could be considered a reliable contact for Chuck as well.


Chuck didn't originally do the Spandex ™ thing, oh no. He originally wore a conventional outfit on the job, including loose-fitting blue jeans, a loose white T-shirt, black leather boots, a black leather belt with a silver buckle, and his weathered Cubs baseball cap.

A few replacement bodies later, Chuck upgraded his look. His second costume includes those same jeans, a white stretch fabric T-shirt (to show off his six pack), a brown trench coat, brown leather boots, and a brown leather belt with a silver buckle engraved with 'Aggravant' on it.


Chuck has identity issues. Being a physical and mental duplicate of someone else has caused him no end of grief, and it has taken him quite a while to finally step out of the shadow of his original, template being. At long last, he's finally making a life of his very own!

Real Name: Chuck Swank (assumed name)
Occupation: adventurer, occasional mercenary, former intergalactic item retrieval specialist
Legal Status: while he legally doesn't exist, Chuck has assumed the identity of his counterpart, the original Charlie Chicanery, who abandoned it upon her inadvertent sex change for a new one. As such, Chuck has all the benefits of American citizenship - and a handy dandy social security number, too!
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Charlie Chicanery II
Group Affiliation: T.H.E.M., former employee of E.S.E.

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Chuck is an incredibly young entity, having only recently been created as a result of an accident the original Charlie Chicanery had with a defective matter duplicator. While only moments old, Chuck had all the memories and personality that his counterpart had up until that point.

Sharing his originator's physical nature, Chuck gained his mutant powers as well. On the other hand, a bizarre side effect of this duplication meant that Charlie was rendered female (that's where the defective part of the matter duplicator comes in). This meant the duo had a problem.

Since the world knew her as a male, Charlie wasn't feeling up to explaining this curious state of affairs to her friends and colleagues. As such, Chuck went ahead and 'filled in' for her while she tried to adjust to her new, feminine existence. This meant that Chuck had to pay the bills.

He resumed his other's job at Extra Solar Enterprises, working for this suspect corporation for several months, at least until they decided to get rid of him; Chuck's powers, while natural, were a bit slower than some of the other, technologically-inclined folks they'd hired of late.

Wanting to keep their secrets, E.S.E.'s human resources guru, Riley, tried to have Chuck killed using Deion, another E.S.E. operative. Chuck survived this though, and made his way to freedom - sans his energy staff, at least. He then went on vacation... or tried to, anyway.

Kind of banged up after this ordeal, Chuck flew to Los Angeles to revel in alcohol and probably prostitutes, but instead got mixed up with a bunch of troublemaking, gun-toting time traveling mercenaries from another timeline - in other words, they were right up his alley.

Upon his tagging along with these maniacs, Chuck got his hands on a time traveling device, which he has managed to duplicate several times over the course of his travels - partly to share it with his original self, and partly to replace lost versions of it over time.

These mishaps have caused considerable consternation between himself and Charlie, as whenever one lost their staff, the other would invariably steal it to go on some temporal misadventure or another. Hence all the repetitious duplication of the bothersome thing.

Of course, this was the least of his problems. After giving Charlie a copy of his staff the first time, Chuck tripped over Deion when he and some buddies were doing some other dirty work against some other super-humans - and that villain promptly killed Chuck by ripping his heart out!

Thanks to Wendell Wherever's mind transfer technology, Chuck's consciousness was transferred into a clone. But since his device required then-living tissue to make a duplicate, Charlie had to use her own cells... meaning Chuck also found himself the recipient of a gender bender.

Unable to let this slide, Chuck threatened all of space-time by getting a sample of his past self's tissues, and having Wendell regrow him a male body from that. This oddly didn't break causality, but did open Chuck and company up for an attack by a (very) old enemy.

This foe was the ghost of an alien robot that seemed to possess spectral freedom, in that it would die over and over - only to pass on into a new body. When Chuck abandoned his female form for his new, male clone body, this ghost took over the female clone body and went on a rampage!

Chuck and company would ultimately resolve this problem, but not before they were kidnapped by Argyle, a Ubiquidyne executive who needed super-humans to do battle in his Arena competition - something of a reality show he'd spearheaded on Planet T.

During this mess, Chuck was plugged into a machine that created psychoplasmic doubles of the show's participants, so they could kill each other over and over without permanent injury. Due to his power set, Chuck realized that this worked due to extradimensional influence.

This psychoplasm came in the form of a powerful alien intelligence, one who provided its offspring to Argyle as a sort of exercise for them in forming 'stand in' bodies for others throughout the multiverse - for those times when you just have to be in three places at once.

Seeing an opportunity, Chuck made this entity an offer, and gained the use of its psychoplasmic offspring for his own purposes. They would build a 'spare' body for him, allowing him to adventure with impunity - if he died, they'd just rebuild him! Hard to argue with that.

This being would use Chuck's body for unknowable purposes during this time, not that Chuck minded too much - it mostly just got drunk a lot while occupying his real body. This deal only lasted a few years however, and in the end Chuck was left without his 'get out of jail free' card.

And his time-traveling allies. Their organization sort of fell apart a bit after the Arena debacle, which caused Chuck a bit of a problem. He'd been using them as a crutch over the months, saving himself the bother of having to develop his own identity while engaging in mayhem with them.

Alone at last, Chuck had to figure out what to do with his life. Thus, he began to work as a freelance troubleshooter, doing random acts of goodness when the opportunity arose, but always leaving himself open to 'special' jobs whenever someone had the cash available.

Space and time are his playthings, after all, so why not? Besides, he kind of likes the finer things in life...!

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