Solo Heroes - Variant Earth 13

This is a collection of heroes known to exist in Variant Earth 13, who are affiliated with neither secret societies or hero associations. They simply make their way through the world all by their lonesome, occasionally teaming up with other like individuals or perhaps a sidekick. Lacking regular companions with which to fight evil, these folks are generally more self-reliant in power and mindset.

Known solo heroes include the following:

the Aggravant: the result of a matter duplicator accident, Chuck is the counterpart of the original Charlie Chicanery. After a brief stint alongside a gang of cross-time thugs, Chuck has returned home to launch his very own career as a super hero! Kind of. Availability:

the Aggravant (MSH Classic)

the Aggravant (4C System)

the Aggravant (Marvel Saga)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie: transformed into a so-called 'greater zombie' by a mad wizard with designs on global domination, Jeb Jacobs instead decided to use his newfound physical power and renewed life to further his own ends, and not his re-creator's. Availability:

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (MSH Classic)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (4C System)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (Marvel Saga)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront: Little-Spore has found his way to earth thanks to the hijinks of Charlie Chicanery. Since moving in with his/her former sidekick and neighbor, Wendell Wherever, it has taken to exploring reality! Availability:

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (MSH Classic)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (4C System)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (Marvel Saga)

Wendell Wherever: Wendell Kirks got his start by studying the hyperspatial powers of Charlie Chicanery. Using the knowledge he gained to build his own spacecraft, Wendell eventually became a high tech adventurer across space and time - for fun and profit! Availability:

Wendell Wherever (MSH Classic)

Wendell Wherever (4C System)

Wendell Wherever (Marvel Saga)

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