Wendell Wherever


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Wendell Wherever is the quintessential high tech hero. He has developed numerous technologies that are literally centuries ahead of the curve on his home world. He's technically a clone, since he has had to replace his body a few times, but he's still his original 'self'.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Clone Matrix (i): Wendell adopted the use of cloning technology early in his career. This unit builds several duplicates of Wendell's body, all force-grown to adulthood. At any given time, Wendell will have five spare selves handy, ready to receive his mind via his safety net.

Deflector Screen (i): entirely of his own design, this potent defensive mechanism prevents incoming attacks from striking Wendell in the first place. Incoming assaults suffer a -4 to hit Wendell before any defensive maneuver, but if they hit such attacks will still inflict full damage.

Environmental Suit (s): in the event that Wendell cannot benefit from his ship's environmental pocket in his space explorations, Wendell has a spare space suit handy. It offers him +10 resistance to cold, heat, pressure variation and radiation, and intensity 5 environmental independence.

Safety Net (w): this powerful technology consists of an object the size of a conventional ear bud. Upon either the death of its owner or a manual override, the safety net will immediately transfer the consciousness of its possessor into itself, while leaving nothing behind in his or her brain.

Of course, Wendell has augmented this system with his tachyonic technologies. Upon its activation, the safety net will transmit his consciousness to a waiting clone body on earth instantaneously, regardless of the distances involved. This device functions with intensity 15 ability.

Space Boy: Wendell Wherever's pride and joy, the space boy is his means of exploring all of space and time. A seemingly unconventional vehicle, this craft demonstrates Wendell's eccentric style and thought process. The Space Boy is described more fully in its own vehicular entry.

Tachyon Blasters (i): Wendell carries two of these devices, one holstered on each hip. Built after making extensive studies of Charlie Chicanery's hyperspace-interface power, he can use these to strike his foes with powerful blasts of energy each time he fires them.

When activated, these weapons will fire a burst of tachyons. Faster than light particles, tachyons inflict intensity 12 energy damage per blast, and do so with a +10 initiative modifier. This because they technically hit their target before they're even fired...!


Scientific Genius (i): Wendell Wherever is a master of many sciences. He's a level 3 physicist, a level 2 electronicist, and a student of history and dimensional geography. He may well have even more sciences under his belt at this point.


Wendell's best buddy is Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront, a mhunghus explorer who helps him experience space-time for fun and profit. Wendell can also consider both Charlie Chicanery and the Aggravant reliable contacts, as he grew up with the feuding 'twins'.


Explorer: Wendell is one of those rare geniuses that truly lives up to the explorer calling. He lives to find out how reality 'ticks', and is constantly wandering to new places and times - when he isn't doing his level best to master new sciences, that is!


Wendell dresses like a stereotypical 'mad scientist' most of the time. He likes to wear a large, white laboratory coat with a pocket protector, black rubber boots and gloves, and coke bottle glasses. When traveling in time however, he wears a monocle instead.


Wendell is almost obsessively curious about the world and how it works. He's a fan of many branches of science, ranging from physics to history, and is constantly trying to learn more about everything. Having built his own space and time craft helps greatly in this regard...!

Real Name: Wendell Kirks
Occupation: inventor, adventurer, explorer, former troubleshooter for E.S.E.
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none, former employee of E.S.E.

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 135 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Wendell appears every bit the stereotypical 'geek'. He's of slight frame, his clothing fits funny, and he wears a pocket protector. But he's not quite as clueless as his appearance would lead you to think; he simply has more pressing concerns than what others think of his attire.


Wendell Wherever began his life as Wendell Kirks, a smart but socially awkward youth who tended towards the fringes of school society. He was never invited to do things with the 'cool' kids, for his parents didn't buy him designer clothes, and he wasn't remotely athletic.

But then, Wendell didn't care. He was an avid fan of science fiction, and felt the best way to actualize the beautiful futures his fiction revealed was with hard scientific knowledge. Thus, Wendell spent almost every waking hour in an attempt to master various sciences.

This turned out to be a good thing, for on one fateful day, Wendell's only real friend revealed to him a fantastic secret. His friend, Chuck Swank, was actually the mutant mercenary known as Charlie Chicanery! And, even better, Chuck's powers involved accessing hyperspace itself!

Using his electronics and physics know-how to make a detailed study of Chuck's powers and the tachyons they interacted with, Wendell was able to rapidly produce a technological copy of them. It was thus that, shortly after graduating from high school that Wendell first built his Space Boy.

This tiny, leisurely spacecraft allowed him to traverse a large portion of the nearby universe. Mind you, Wendell did not do this all on his own, for he was aided in this endeavor by one of Chuck's 'friends', a fungusoid alien from the planet Mhung - one who shared Wendell's enthusiasm for exploration!

Teaching him a variety of advanced technological disciplines through telepathy, this mhunghus, Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront, quickly became a good friend to Wendell. They even explored space together for a while, when not working for E.S.E. with Chuck.

And later, his matter-duplicated counterpart, the Aggravant (long story).

During his explorations, Wendell managed to uncover a large array of alien technology, and that which he didn't specifically acquire for E.S.E. was analyzed and put to use for his own purposes. One such technology was a mind transferal device and cloning bank - which was a good thing.

You see, in addition to working for E.S.E, Wendell attempted to gain membership in the Electronicists League, an elite group of high tech wonders who were secretly working to Change Everything. As it turned out, one of their high-ups was the mastermind behind E.S.E.

This shadowy individual thought Wendell was trying to sell him out, and thus arranged to have him - and the Aggravant - killed. They would've gone after Charlie, too, but they didn't know she existed. This because she was originally a he, and was changed in the incident that created the Aggravant.

Seriously, long story.

Thanks to his mind transferal technology, augmented by his knowledge of tachyonic transmissions, Wendell avoided the fate that E.S.E. had in store for him on an unknown, rogue planetoid out in the interstellar void. However, Wendell didn't know that they were out for his blood.

So he showed up for work as if everything was normal, and was then subsequently sent on increasingly dangerous jobs... until Wendell got the hint. After this, and E.S.E.'s attempts on the Aggravant's life, Wendell quit the company, and became the target of their ire for quite a while.

So, he and Little-Spore took to exploring space, and later time, simply to avoid E.S.E.'s thugs whilst enjoying themselves all the same. However, Wendell knew he couldn't avoid dealing with the target on his chest forever, and thus returned to earth to set E.S.E. straight - once and for all.

Launching a direct assault on their Pittsburgh headquarters with his Space Boy, Wendell waited for them to put up the white flag before giving them Terms. They were going to stop pestering him once and for all, else he was going to make their shady dealings public.

And he had a lawyer handy to do just that if he was eliminated for any reason. Seeing themselves outgunned by Wendell, as he'd been augmenting his technology without letting them know, the company's H.R. creature, Riley, had no choice but to agree to Wendell's terms.

And with that, Wendell resumed a generally carefree - if somewhat more jaded - life. Mind you, he'd also connected the dots regarding E.S.E. and the Electronicists League, and began to nurse a grudge with them, as well. Whether he does anything about them remains to be seen...!

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