Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie

Ex 20
Pr 4
In 40
Mn 75
Pr 4
Ty 6
Rm 30
Sh 0
Ty -5

Rm 30
Ty 6
In 40
Am 50
Pr 4
Gd 10
In 40
Sh 0
Ty -5

Gd 10
Fe 2
In 40
Un 100
Pr 4
Pr 4
Ex 20
Sh 0
Ty -5



Jeb Jacobs, the man otherwise known only as Boo-Getty to the world, is a greater zombie, a physically dead man brought back to life by a powerful sorcerer and given abilities greater than your garden variety zombie. Of course, the man died over a hundred years ago, so his sudden return to the world of animate beings is a somewhat jarring one, causing him to be rather temperamental...

Known Powers:

Agelessness: being a physically dead person, Jeb no longer has biological processes to speak of, and as such no longer ages. Assuming that he takes good care of his body, and occasionally eats living flesh, the man can theoretically live forever. That is, unless the magic that has reanimated him as a greater zombie wears off; if this happens some day, Jeb may just... pass on. Again.

Biological Vampirism: by consuming the flesh of living beings, Jeb can regenerate any damage done to his body; since he's physically dead, his 'natural' healing processes no longer function. For every pound of animal flesh he consumes, Jeb will heal one point of damage done to his body. He recovers a like amount with each ounce of human flesh eaten, but finds the idea of eating people repugnant... (Good (10) rank).

Damage Reduction: the nature of Jeb's zombie 'resurrection' has granted him exceptional resistance to injury. The man possesses a -2 CS reduction to physical attacks - at least those which don't strike him in the head - making him highly resistant to the efforts merely mundane humans may make to harm him. Of course, catch him in a burning building and he may be in something of a pickle...

Darkness Generation: Jeb's undead status has given him access to a dark, otherworldly energy. This nebulous, Excellent (20) rank power slowly seeps from Jeb's body, and he's played with it until he figured a few things out about it. For one thing, he found he can wrap it around his body (or various parts therein) to increase his combat effectiveness. He knows these stunts so far:

* Blending / Deflection: Jeb can extend his internal darkness out from his body to a small extent. This has the effect of wreathing him in writhing shadow, which makes him much harder to see. This aura provides him Excellent (20) ranked blending into shadows and other dark areas, and also makes it more difficult to hit him in combat; Jeb enjoys 1 CS of deflection while his aura is up.

* Touch of Darkness: Jeb has also learned how to concentrate his darkness around his fists, to enhance his melee damage with otherworldly force. A mere touch from Jeb's sheathed hands inflicts Excellent (20) ranked Sorcerous damage, while a full on punch will instead convert his full melee damage into Sorcerous harm while engaged in hand-to-hand combat - making his punches that much deadlier.

Environmental Independence: since he's no longer amongst the living, Jeb need not eat, drink, breathe, or sleep any longer. He does try sleep from time to time out of habit, but doesn't quite pull off anything but a restful almost-nap, really. As long as he's not damaged, he can forego sustenance of any type, at Class 5000 rank (he only requires living meat to repair damage to his body).

Fangs / Lockjaw: while he doesn't have fangs, per se, Jeb nonetheless has a nasty, nasty bite. He can bite an opponent to inflict Remarkable (30) Edged Attack damage per chomp, but can also lock his jaw in place. This allows him to continuously inflict like damage every combat round he's attached to a foe, until he either lets go or is pulled off (a very painful proposition, to be sure).

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance: as a walking corpse, Jeb's body has no metabolism to speak of. This means his body maintains no varying levels of pressure, and thus can operate in any environment from a vacuum to the ocean floor. He's highly resistant to the effects of cold, too; he can be immobilized in ice, but not frozen, per se. These are Unearthly (100) rank resistances.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Curse of the Zombie: like all zombies, Jeb may inadvertently transform normal humans into zombies if he manages to bite them - and they subsequently die. As such, he has to burn the bodies of those he kills - though he usually tries not to bite others unless they REALLY tick him off - lest they return to an animate status as a regular, unintelligent zombie (and cause lots of problems themselves).

Inert Metabolism: similarly, Jeb has the same lack of 'natural' healing ability that other zombies suffer from. Should he take damage, the lost Health will not heal - at all - unless he consumes flesh, as described above. However, even if reduced to no health, Jeb can really persist indefinitely... as long as none of the damage inflicted upon him affected his brain.


Arm Club: Jeb carries around a former arm of his, one that was cut off in an early combat (but has since regenerated, thanks to a fifty pound 'steak' meal). He truly enjoys beating people with this grisly, (very) personal weapon, which he can use to inflict Incredible (40) Blunt Attack damage per strike; this is no better than his fists, but it sure as heck makes him feel good - in a grisly sort of way.


Alien Customs: Jeb is a man who has been reanimated over a hundred years after his untimely demise, and has been forced to adapt to a truly bizarre means of 'living'. As such, his behavior can be described as 'antiquated', to put it mildly - though perhaps 'downright strange' would be more applicable. This causes Jeb to endure NPC reactions as though his Popularity was -2 CS in rank.


Blunt Weapons: while he has little real combat ability other than sheer instinct, Jeb has gotten the hang of using various blunt instruments in combat. He's wielded lamp posts, small cars, baseball bats, and even his own severed arm in melee - whatever's handy, after a fashion. As such, he can use any such weapon as though his Ftg. (off) was +1 CS in rank.


The number of people that Jeb can count as friends is highly limited. There are surely sparse numbers of people he's helped out in the past, though they are few and far between. There's Undead Girl, his fellow greater zombie on the earth, but while she may help him out in a pinch, she doesn't like him all that much when you get down to it. For the most part, Jeb's on his own.


Normally, Jeb just wears a simple pair of denim jeans when ambling about on some harebrained quest or another, along with a handy pair of leather boots. Of course, if he's trying to be inconspicuous, he'll add a white tank top and perhaps a hat (Jeb prefers a bowler, naturally). As you can guess, Jeb's not all that good with blending into a crowd, but at least he does give it the ol' college try...


Jeb is a raucous sort, being loud, boisterous, and thoroughly blunt. He likes what he likes, he hates what he hates, and he's sure as heck going to let you know about it. He's also quite oblivious to modern culture, totally ignoring it to continue living, at least in his own head, in the year 1900. This, and his twangy southern accent, account for why folks tend to think of him as a 'redneck zombie'...

Real Name: Jeb Jacobs
Occupation: adventurer, troublemaker, wanderer
Legal Status: American citizen with a small criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6'2" (6'8" if you count his exceptionally tall hair)
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 195 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Jeb is quite an odd-looking fellow. He's got brown eyes, pale, dirty white skin (not off-white so much as yellowed white), numerous scars and such on his skin that show previous wounds that he's healed, and of course, his tall head of hair. Jeb has six inch long, curly brown hair, hair that seems capable of only growing straight into the sky, giving him a sort of 'Cosmo Kramer' look.


Jeb Jacobs was an up and coming metal worker back in the year 1900. He was young, he was good at what he did, and he was looking forward to the new opportunities that the papers said would arrive with the new century. That was before, of course, the man got struck by lightning. It was at a party being held on the cusp of 1901, right as the clock chimed in midnight.

This was a truly curious death, in that Jeb was inside a house when struck by lightning. However, you can't really argue with lightning, so the police called it a simple 'Act of God' and let the matter lie. Of course, there was naturally more than meets the eye to this situation, and that is because Jeb had fallen into the sights of a mad wizard with aspirations of world domination. No, really.

This wizard had aims of building an army of zombies to conquer the United States, but was quickly finding that regular zombies aren't all that effective a fighting force - at least, not with the advent of the modern rifle. As such, he'd endeavored to create 'greater zombies', undead that retained the cognitive functions they had in life, were a bit faster in their movements, and were more durable.

His research exposed him to an arcane ceremony that would allow him to create just such a zombie, one of several he would eventually use to act as generals in his undead army. The only problem was that the creation of such a zombie required the use of a corpse that was 'the last man to die in his century'. As luck would have it, the current century was going to expire in about two minutes.

Between that, and the simple inability to otherwise determine the absolute last person to die in the year 1900, this nefarious fellow decided to create this individual on his own. Since he really despised his rather loud-mouthed neighbor, he figured he'd kill two birds with one stone, and would transform him into his first greater zombie. He killed poor Jeb right as the clock at his party rang in 1901.

This wizard wasn't quite ready to build his army yet, though, so he put Jeb's body on ice for over one hundred years. When he was ready, this wizard animated both Jeb and another, a girl he'd killed at a New Years party at the end of the year 2000, making them both greater zombies. Once the wizard explained how he intended to use Jeb and this girl, this Undead Girl, the two naturally revolted.

It took quite a while, of course, but both of the greater zombies managed to shrug off the mystical domination their 'creator' had over them, and left him to his own devices. While Jeb was rather hot for the Undead Girl, she didn't quite feel the same way about him, though; she was a 'modern girl' and didn't like his backward nature. As such, he left the place of his rebirth to wander the earth - alone.

Which, in the end, was probably a bad thing. For you see, Jeb knows very little about the modern world, and his ambling wanderings have managed to get him into trouble time and again. He tries to keep to himself, but circumstances seem to force him into one conflict after another, sometimes as the 'good guy' and sometimes as the 'annoying antagonist' for various adventurers.

On one such incident, he lost an arm to an axe-wielding dwarf named Och. While he could've just taped it back in place and ate some 'steak' until it healed, he found that he preferred to carry it around as a rather grisly club, and continues to do so this day. He's managed to regrow the lost limb, and uses it to wield the severed one in combat. This tends to unnerve most normal humans.

And lots of super-humans, to boot.

However, Jeb continues to wander about the empty spaces of the United States to this very day, often causing as many problems as he resolves. You see, he tries to do good (generally speaking), but he's occasionally duped into doing bad things. Or, as it often turns out, his own limited understanding of the world today keeps him from figuring out how to handle a situation until it's too late...

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