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Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront is a mhunghus, a fungusoid alien being with impressive powers over mind and matter. Though born and raised on Mhung proper, Little-Spore has since relocated to earth - living in New York City, to be precise.


Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Telepathy (a) (w): while evolution did not give Little-Spore the ability to communicate verbally, it has blessed it with a highly psi-active mind. Little-Spore can telepathically communicate with other sentients (send/receive surface thoughts) with intensity 5 ability.

Auscultation (t): supplementing its telepathy, Little-Spore can also read the surface thoughts of others. This power functions at intensity 7, and card play is only required if one is specifically attempting to shield their thoughts (easy difficulty vs Willpower).

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Mental Invisibility (t) (i): though it cannot mask itself from standard senses, Little-Spore can indeed hide from psionic abilities. Little-Spore can cloak its psi presence from others with intensity 5 ability, which means most casual observers won't notice its powers.

Trained Psionics (Psikinetic Powers, Intermediate Student):

Telekinesis (a) (i): since it cannot move physically, Little-Spore has mastered the art of telekinesis so that it can move mentally, instead. This mhunghus can manipulate matter with intensity 8 ability, being able to shift up to four hundred pounds at a time - with its mind!

Flight (t) (a): once it learned how to manipulate matter outside its body, Little-Spore worked hard to get the hang of lifting itself solely with the power of its own thoughts. It can do this with intensity 3 ability, flying about at around ninety miles per hour!

Kinetic Focus (s) (s): Little-Spore has the ability to focus kinetic energy on a specific portion of its body - usually its cap. It can then fly into a target, releasing this energy on impact, an act which will inflict intensity 10 concussive damage!

Trained Psionics (Superpsi Powers, Intermediate Student):

Power Boost (a) (w): in a pinch, Little-Spore can increase the operating level of any one power to intensity 10, or by +1 (whichever of the two is higher) for an aura duration. This power suffers a -1 to its effectiveness for each use made without a one hour cool down period.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Sessility: mhunghus do not have the ability to move - they lack a natural muscle structure or any other mechanism to achieve mobility. While they generally study psionics with the goal of escaping the location of their birth, they're immobile without such aid.


Breather (s): Little-Spore purchased this unit a long time ago. It can analyze the ambient atmosphere and provide whatever gases Little-Spore may require to supplement local air composition. It thus provides intensity 2 Environmental Independence (breathing) - unless in vacuum.

Clone Matrix (i): after he duplicated cloning technology he found in space, Wendell Wherever made a clone tank for Little-Spore. This unit has five force-grown duplicates of Little-Spore's body at any given time, ready to receive his mind via the networked safety net.

Life Support Bubble (s): Little-Spore does have a small, mostly transparent bubble of its own design for space travel - in case he has no vehicle handy. This tiny capsule can indefinitely support a Mhung-normal atmosphere (intensity 30 Environmental Independence).

Safety Net (w): this powerful technology is mounted in a quarter-sized device, suspended around Little-Spore's stipe on a chain. Upon either the death of its owner or a manual override, the safety net will immediately transfer the consciousness of its possessor into itself.

Of course, Wendell has augmented this system with his tachyonic technologies. Upon its activation, the safety net will transmit Little-Spore's consciousness to a waiting clone body on earth instantaneously, regardless of the distances involved. This device functions with intensity 15 ability.

Space Boy (i): built by Wendell Wherever with Little-Spore's aid, this craft is the duo's means of exploring all of space and time. An unconventional vehicle, this craft demonstrates Wendell's eccentric style and thought process. The Space Boy is described more fully in its own vehicular entry.


Astronaut (i): all mhunghus learn about space and the various objects within from a very young age; the better to get away from each other. Little-Spore may attempt an action to find or identify an object in space, or to plot a course somewhere, at a reduced difficulty.

Electronics (i): after escaping Mhung, Little-Spore began to study the technology of various alien races, the better to put even more distance between itself and its fellow mhunghus. Thanks to its diligent studies, Little-Spore handles electronic matters at a reduced difficulty

Physics 2 (i): in that same vein, Little-Spore has studied incredibly advanced physics concepts, to ultimately build itself some sort of hyperdrive. A master level physician, Little-Spore can resolve actions regarding such knowledge with his Intellect or his Willpower.


Despite being something of a 'green' space explorer, Little-Spore managed to make good friends with Charlie Chicanery, a similarly 'green' then-troubleshooter for the E.S.E. Little-Spore is also good pals with Charlie's matter duplicated counterpart, the Aggravant.

Of course, Little-Spore is truly best buddies with Wendell Wherever, the former sidekick of those two bickering clowns. Thanks to Little-Spore, Wendell has matured into something of a high tech explorer of space and time, and the two often go on adventures together!


Explorer: for reasons both selfish and altruistic, Little-Spore wishes to explore the universe. Of course, most mhunghus wish to do so to find a nice quiet place to hang up their, uh, equivalent to a hat, but Little-Spore sees exploration as an end unto itself.


Though mhunghus generally don't bother with clothing, Little-Spore does so for reasons even it does not understand - it likely has something to do with living amongst humans. It usually wears a plush bath robe over its stipe, with two of its arm-like branches sticking through the sleeves.


Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront is a very young mhunghus, one who only recently left Mhung. It is full of optimism and is quite naive - it has been fleeced more than once on its quest to find mhunghus-free real estate. Which explains how it wound up with its current friends.

Both Charlie Chicanery and the Aggravant have never taken advantage of it - but then, they're hardly clever enough to take advantage of anybody. It's also found something akin to a life-mate in Wendell Wherever, as the two share an exuberant love of exploration.

Real Name: Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront
Occupation: explorer, former E.S.E. troubleshooter, occasional technician and translator
Legal Status: citizen of Mhung
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 3' 9"
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: black (well, its light sensitive pits are, at least)
Weight: 122 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as are all mhunghus, Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront looks like a four foot tall mushroom. It possesses a bulbous, umbonate pileus, a long, hourglass like stipe, and a thick, round base. It is generally brown in color, with a gray pileus (cap), save for several black pits that it uses to see (after a fashion). It has several branches growing out the middle of its stipe, that vaguely resemble arms (or tentacles).


Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront, usually shortened to Little-Spore by those that know it, is a mhunghus who was spored on Mhung itself. Like most Mhung natives, Little-Spore couldn't wait to escape the world of its birth to get some peace at long last.

You see, mhunghus are psi-sensitive, and being physically sessile, they're often at the mercy of the psi-noise generated by whatever mhunghus are also spored in their vicinity. That is, until they learn the psionic abilities necessary to vacate the premises once and for all!

When Little-Spore did this, managing its escape thanks to its prowess with telekinesis, it levitated to the nearest space port and secured passage off-world. Vowing never to return, Little-Spore began to study advanced technology to build himself a spacecraft.

In the course of its studies, Little-Spore attempted to buy a small planet suitable for mhunghus life forms - which is basically like earth - though without inhabitants. As it turned out, the One planet salesman it purchased this world from, Grut, sold him bad goods.

Upon its arrival on its new home, Little-Spore was inundated with Zaahi, floral sentients from beyond the limited space it was familiar with. Enraged, Little-Spore tried to get its money back, but the greedy and underhanded Grut held no truck with refunds of any stripe.

In order to 'nudge' him along, Little-Spore sicced a wandering alien, Charlie Chicanery, on his case. After this dangerously unstable biped secured Little-Spore's money, the fresh-faced mhunghus decided it liked Charlie - after all, it seemed rather easily manipulated.

Thus, Little-Spore convinced Charlie to let it accompany him back to the world of its birth - earth. Seeing no reason not to take Little-Spore along, Charlie did indeed bring Little-Spore with him, and introduced it to his friend, Wendell, upon his eventual arrival.

These two immediately hit it off, both being incredibly curious about the nature of the universe. Furthermore, Wendell didn't seem to mind having an alien fungus rooting around in his head, and Little-Spore had advanced, alien technological concepts it could share with the human.

The duo worked together to study Charlie's powers, which allowed him to fly through hyperspace naturally, and eventually reproduced them with technology. This gave both of them the ability to explore space, and - eventually, again thanks to Charlie - time itself!

Despite Charlie's many and various issues, including a rivalry with a matter-duplicated version of himself, Little-Spore and Wendell often worked together with him on odd jobs for Extra Solar Enterprises - even after the original's seclusion upon an inadvertent transformation into a her.

This changed when the company tried to kill the duplicate Charlie, who eventually started going by the name of the Aggravant. Quitting E.S.E., Wendell and Little-Spore also found themselves on the company's hit list, though they have something of a hard time tracking the duo down.

They rarely stay home, after all, making a point of being all over time and space, for fun and profit. But mostly fun.

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