Agent Helix


Hand Size:
5 (30)


Agent Helix is difficult to quantify. The violence in her past has stunted her social development, but her keen mind has nonetheless developed numerous special abilities that defy classification. She uses these abilities in the fight against those who would do harm to innocents.


Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Eidetic Memory (s) (i): natural psionic gift or incredibly rare mutation? We may never know, and the truth is it probably doesn't matter. Regardless, Agent Helix can remember anything she's ever experienced, even if she'd rather not, thanks to this intensity 15 ability.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Blade (s): sometimes a machete, other times a katana, Agent Helix always has a long blade with her while working. This implement can either be used to inflict her Strength +4 in slashing damage, or it can hack through items of up to its own m.s., which is 15.

Net Caster (i): when she needs to bring her target in alive, Agent Helix sometimes carries this high-tech capture device. It fires a projectile that itself drags a net after it, and ultimately functions as an intensity 12 grappling attack against her target.

Rifle (a): when fighting opponents beyond close range, Agent Helix can discharge one round from this weapon to inflict her Agility +4 in damage, a three-round burst to inflict her Agility +5 in damage, or fire it continuously to inflict her Agility +6 in damage.

Sidearms (a): Agent Helix's primary weapons are her dual autopistols. She may fire one round from one of these weapons to inflict her Agility +4 in damage, a three-round burst to inflict her Agility +5 in damage, or burn all their ammo to inflict her Agility +6 in damage.

As fully automatic pistols, these weapons inflict a severe penalty when firing more than one round at once, though Agent Helix is skilled enough to absorb said penalty. She also excels at firing both at once, which increases the damage she can inflict with her firearms by +1.


Acrobatics (a): an accomplished gymnast, Agent Helix is a natural fit for this skill. Thanks to this training, she receives a reduced difficulty on dodge, escape, evade, feint, and weave attempts, as well as a like bonus on card play necessary when attempting to avoid falls.

Boxing (s): while she generally prefers weaponry, Agent Helix is happy to beat a fool senseless while bare-handed. Agent Helix may divide her pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee strikes, the second of which she may attempt as a contingent action.

Guns 2 (a): one of the things she has worked on since she was young, Agent Helix is an accomplished marksman. She may discharge rounds when firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at a reduced difficulty, trumping with either Strength or Agility.

Hurling (a): in lieu of attacking directly, Agent Helix may use one's offensive energies against themselves! Upon a successful, average difficulty Agility (agility) action, Agent Helix can can throw melee opponents, redirecting their momentum in any fashion desired.

Martial Arts 2 (a): Agent Helix has absorbed and personally developed the fighting skills of countless others. She may thus reduce the difficulty of actions intended to dodge incoming attacks, catch thrown weapons, or strike in unarmed melee combat, using Strength or Agility.

Martial Arts Weapons (s): thanks to her extensive training with various GI Joe martial artists, Agent Helix has developed the ability to competently utilize weapons of this sort (blowgun, crossbow, katanas, kris, nunchaku, sais, shuriken, and so on) without penalty.

Military / United States (w): though she is not a soldier, Agent Helix has presumably been trained how to function in a military environment, considering her work with GI Joe. While loathe to do so, she can fight alongside others, and knows the SOP like almost everything else.

Trance (w): Agent Helix is a master of the Sleeping Phoenix technique, letting her slow her metabolic processes to the point that she's seemingly among the dead. Verifying whether Agent Helix is alive or dead requires an average difficulty Willpower (intellect) action.


While she has a really hard time conversing with anyone, Agent Helix has grown somewhat closer to several GI Joe operatives, in particular Bombstrike, Hawk, and all three Snake-Eyes. She'd do just about anything reasonable that these people asked of her, and vice versa.


Peace of Mind: more than anything else, Agent Helix yearns to be left alone. Sure, she's made a few good friends during her time working for the GI Joe team, but with her people problems, she's really at her happiest when nobody's around to to say things at her.


Agent Helix's field uniform consists of a long sleeved, yellow stretch fabric shirt worn beneath a black leather girdle, gray striped trousers, black leather boots and gloves, black web gear, a black leather belt, and various holsters, sheathes, and pouches for her gear.


Agent Helix is a highly neurodivergent individual. She is the absolute worst when interacting with other humans, unless violence is involved, and generally keeps her own counsel on just about everything. It's not that she hates people, so much as she just isn't wired for socialization.

At the same time, she possesses uncanny intelligence, a frightening awareness of everything happening around her, and an eidetic memory. One could almost say that Agent Helix is too smart for her own good, and that she tends to get in her own way more than anyone else.

Real Name: unrevealed, Grade E-4
Occupation: secret agent
Legal Status: citizen of unkonwn nationality, with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: blonde with black streaks
Eyes: blue
Weight: 135 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Years ago, in the corrupt and unstable nation of Sierra Gordo, the GI Joe team caught wind of an active human trafficking operation while engaged in other activities there. To deal with this odious problem caused by odious people, Hawk sent Snake-Eyes to sort things out.

As is Snake-Eyes' wont, he hit the traffickers' hideout like a wrecking ball, sparing none of the offending slavers. As he slowly killed every last criminal in the facility, Snake-Eyes liberated all of the captives within - until he reached a cell that terrified his foes.

Not at all hesitating, Snake-Eyes opened that final door, and that's when he first met the woman who would become Agent Helix. Untying her, Snake-Eyes was immediately assaulted by her, since she didn't know him from her captors, clawing at him until he was shot defending her.

Letting him go, the young girl watched Snake-Eyes as he dismantled her captors, and that's when she started to learn his fighting style. Just by watching the ninja commando in action, the young girl was able to perfectly mimic his actions - and help fight for her freedom!

As the dust settled on that operation, Snake-Eyes brought the children he rescued to safety, though Hawk expressed great interest in the young girl that had helped save her fellow children. Sensing something incredible about her, he had her brought in for treatment and study.

Though Hawk himself ferried her to one of the world's best hospitals, the young Helix couldn't abide being examined. After she assaulted the nurse trying to do so, Hawk decided that a change of venue was required, and set the girl up with a new family that she could call her own.

Themselves in the witness protection program, Helix's new family consisted of a former Navy seal, a former MMA fighter, and their son. There, Helix would grow up in a loving home, since no one knew where she came from, and be given a stab at something vaguely reflecting normalcy.

Of course, with such parents, 'normal' is relative, and in time her new mother trained Helix in her fighting arts. This, of course, was the start of Helix's life in clandestine operations, though it's not quite sure how she went from junior high student to 'Alpha-level' GI Joe agent.

Nonetheless, Helix now works for the Joes, as an elite operative. She often shows up in dangerous missions where Hawk believes her skills are a vital addition. But, that being said, Helix never let go of her original grudges, going back as far as even she could remember.

While growing up, it turns out that Agent Helix had been tracking down her trafficker, Ilsa Bachmann, and all of her subordiantes. When she finally decided the time was right, Agent Helix left America to seek out the tormentors of her youth - and to shut them down forever!

After dismantling large swathes of Bachmann's operation, Agent Helix was finally captured on an ostensibly abandoned oil rig off the shore of Scotland. When GI Joe came to rescure her, Agent Helix was flung off a helicopter by Bachmann, with bombs strapped to her body!

After she escapied this death trap, Agent Helix and the Joes continued their pursuit of Bachmann, defeating her, her chief lieutenants, and several Cobra hirelings when they tried to kill Helix's adoptive parents. While she may have lived, Bachmann was forever scarred in that battle.

Having finally put some of her ghosts to rest, Agent Helix continues her work with the GI Joe team to this very day, performing all manner of odd jobs, as directed by Hawk, to save democracy - if not humanity itself - from the never-ending threat of evil!

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