Tanar'ri, Alkilith


Hand Size:
5 (30)


The solitary alkiliths are powerful demons of the Abyss. Considered 'true' members of their race, they possess a startling array of supernatural powers with which to tempt and slay mortal fools, and are partially immortal in that even death outside the Abyss may not stop them for long!


Tanar'ri Physique: as true tanar'ri, alkiliths are incredibly dangerous demonic entities. They possess a large array of physical and supernatural powers, an inherent psionic potential, and even the ability to shrug off death! Their considerable powers include the following:

* Darkness (a): all tanar'ri have the ability to share the inherent darkness of their very souls with the world at large. This rudimentary power functions only at intensity 4, but basically 'blacks out' everything within near missile distance of the alkilith.

* Dimensional Transit (i): in addition to being able to teleport, tanar'ri can transition between planes of existence. They may do so with intensity 5 ability, though on a failed action dimensionally transiting tanar'ri may be subject to error, per a failed teleport. *

* Infravision (w): many of the Abyss' countless layers are dark beyond mortal ken, and have never seen the light (physically or otherwise). As such, all tanar'ri have evolved the ability to see by heat as well as by visible light, and can do so with intensity 5 skill.

* Invulnerability to Corrosion, Fire, Electricity, Heat, and Poison (s): the tanar'ri are hardy creatures - they have to be to survive at all in the endless, horrific wastes of the Abyss. Alkiliths in particular possess immunity to corrosion, fire, electricity, heat, and poison.

* Portal Sense (w): planar beings all, alkiliths have the ability to perceive the various rifts that dot the planescape of the multiverse. Most of these doorways are invisible to the naked eye, but all alkiliths can spy them with ease, doing so with intensity 8 ability.

* Resistance to Blunt Attacks (s): their amorphous bodies make the alkiliths highly resistant to blunt force trauma (on top of their resistance to physical attack in general). They benefit from intensity 8 (+2 additional) resistance to assaults which inflict smashing or force damage.

* Resistance to Cold and Physical Attack (s): while they're not immune to the effects of these attack forms, tanar'ri are considerably resistant to such. When exposed to any form of cold or physical attack, an alkilith may resist such as if their Strength were +2 higher (intensity 8).

* Resistance to Magic Attacks (s): in addition to shrugging off most forms of physical harm, alkiliths are also considerably resistant to magical assault. They can resist direct magic damage, as well as the effects of spells, at intensity 16 (+4).

* Telepathy (w): almost all tanar'ri are able to communicate directly from mind to mind - a vital skill when so few speak the same tongue. They can usually broadcast and receive thoughts with intensity 5 skill, enough to get their point across when necessary.

* Teleportation (i): chaotic creatures all, the tanar'ri can bend space itself to their will. All tanar'ri possess the power to teleport with intensity 10 ability, and can avoid teleportation's usual side effects while transporting themselves within the same plane of existence. *

Additional Limbs / Pseudopods (a): as a general matter of rule, alkiliths have no limbs to speak of. However, they can form several pseudopods at their leisure, and may attempt up to four separate attacks with them each exchange - whether 'bare handed' or holding a weapon.

Animal Control (w): highly intelligent blobs of corrosive poison, alkiliths hold some power over like, less intelligent entities. An alkilith may exert intensity 11 sway over any non-sentient ooze, jelly, slime, or fungus-based monstrosities.

Annulment (w): in addition to their considerable magic resistance, an alkilith has the ability to completely dispel magic in its vicinity as well. Functioning at intensity 11, this spell-like power allows them to easily counter weaker magic used against them.

Circular Vision (w): alkiliths tend to have anywhere between three and seven eye globules scattered across their body at any given time. This allows them to visually observe everything occurring in their environment around them, thus allowing them the use of this ability.

Cold / Ice Generation (a): three times per day, an alkilith may emit intense cold or ice. It may do this with intensity 11 ability, in a manner which strikes foes within a thirty degree arc with sheer cold or constructs a wall of ice sufficient to block off the space within near missile distance.

Corrosion (s): though not physically strong, alkiliths can inflict staggering damage thanks to this ability. They can exude acids on touch, which act to inflict intensity 12 metabolic damage to inorganic entities as well as the materials and equipment of their many foes.

Danger Sense (w): alkiliths are supremely aware of their environments, and are thus rarely surprised. They possess this supernatural awareness of their surroundings at intensity 8, though this ability is increased to intensity 12 while they're actually in the Abyss.

Death Ray (s): not content with simply corroding others, an alkilith can kill outright! They may emit a ray of anti-life energies at will, which inflicts intensity 11 metabolic damage with each blast - literally canceling out some of one's life force with each attack!

Disease (i): alkiliths are harbingers of plague. They can spread terrifying, transient diseases with intensity 12 ability. By passing an easy difficulty Disease (strength) action, alkiliths can subject their foes to metabolic damage, as well as the effects of the disease in question for the encounter.

Magic Sense (w): all alkiliths have the ability to sense ambient magic in their environment. They may do so with intensity 11 ability, which lets them spot magical items, beings, and other phenomena within far missile distance of their person.

Paralysis (w): complementing their destructive powers, alkiliths can also paralyze a single foe with intensity 11 ability, per the spell of the same name. This makes it much harder for the victims of an alkilith to avoid being utterly destroyed or corrupted by their power!

Poison (s): the acidic secretions of the alkilith are not only corrosive, but are also poisonous! Upon touching another, an alkilith may poison them to inflict like metabolic damage if they can pass an easy difficulty Poison (strength) action against them as a contingent action (intensity 12).

Revival (s): like other true tanar'ri, alkiliths can sometimes give death the laugh. Unless killed inside the Abyss or eaten, alkiliths may attempt to reconstitute themselves on their home plane with this intensity 5 power. The difficulty involved, of course, depends on how they died.

Summoning (i): while their prowess is less potent than that of other true tanar'ri, alkiliths can also summon their fellows in a pinch. At intensity 5, an alkilith can attempt, once per day, to summon forth either one to three chasme or just one hezrou.

Transformation / Self (a): while usually encountered in the form of an acidic slime, an alkilith may transform into a vaporous state. This horrific mist will cover all within near missile distance, and automatically prompts an attack with their poison ability against anyone present (intensity 12).

Natural Psionics:

In addition to the above, considerable array of supernatural powers, alkiliths are also equipped with natural psionic abilities. These capabilities will vary from alkilith to alkilith, but will usually be of either an empathic, metapsi, or psipathic bent, most often being destructive in nature.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: it should go without saying, but alkilith are monstrous entities - just look at them! An alkilith is at Willpower 0 to prevent Edge 0 humans from fleeing at the mere sight of them - not that they would ever really bother, for such creatures see humans as things to destroy.

Susceptibility: like all tanar'ri, alkiliths are weak against the use of cold-wrought iron weapons, as well as holy water and weapons. Their supernatural defenses are ineffective against such assaults, which inflict at least a quarter of their maximum Health in damage.






Demolisher: the sickening alkiliths exist only to corrupt, to destroy that which is good in the multiverse. They go well out of their way to achieve their goals, and get an unholy joy out of ruining that which others hold precious or sacred.


The ranks of the alkiliths are filled with sadistic and solitary sociopaths. They live only to spread the corruption of the Abyss across the multiverse, and everything they do acts to further this goal. They gleefully ruin anyone or anything pure or pristine, in absolutely any way they can.


An alkilith is a formless blob of protoplasm. It may be of virtually any coloration, and may form pseudopods at its leisure - which may or may not have an eye globule sequestered within. Alkiliths usually have from three to seven such globules scattered across their body.

Their 'skin' is hardened protoplasm, which slowly cracks and is reabsorbed into itself as fresh ooze flows outwards. This never-ending cycle of skin growth and decay is yet another manifestation of the corrupting, corrosive nature of an alkilith - as if one needed more reminders.

Ecological Niche:

Alkiliths are never born, nor are they spontaneously created in the roiling chaos of the Abyss - despite being a veritable embodiment of such. No, as true tanar'ri, alkiliths are formed from lesser tanar'ri who gather enough power (either literally or in the minds of others) to become one.

They tend to roam alone where they may, quickly rising to the top of most food chains. Alkiliths are a corrupting influence wherever they go, quickly bringing cities, regions or even whole nations to heel as their caustic, diseased pseudopods affect more individuals over time.

Oddly, alkiliths are often the chosen assassins of Abyssal lords. Their ability to get most anywhere and staggering lethality make them excellent killers, since even the tanar'ri don't see them coming most of the time - especially if they're travelling in their vaporous form.

When not working for an Abyssal lord, alkiliths pursue their own agendas. They do not take part in the Blood War, their alien mores pulling them their own direction - not that they wouldn't kill a baatezu given half the chance. Alkiliths manage this by actively avoiding babau and molydei.

In the inhospitable layers of the Abyss where alkiliths thrive, hardly anything else - even most tanar'ri - dare to tread!


* Depending on which version of the Planescape lore you wish to use, alkiliths (along with the rest of the tanar'ri) may not have access to teleportation any longer, having lost that power due to yugoloth meddling. Its presence is at the discretion of the individual Narrator.

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