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Like all of Destro's Iron Grenadiers, the Annihilators are high tech villains. Fielding an experimental flight pack and laser weaponry, the elite Annihilators definitely fit this mold, whether or not they know how to maintain their advanced martial hardware.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Body Armor (s): in addition to obscuring their features entirely, the uniform worn by the Annihilators acts as a form of armor! It provides most of their body intenstiy 4, or +1, protection from physical attack, though this is raised to intensity 8, or +2, around their helmeted heads.

Heli-packs (i): these back-mounted helicopter units allow Annihilators to be deployed from anywhere, whether on land, sea, or air. The intensity 6 levitation and intensity 3 flight they provide lets Annihilators move from anywhere between zero and ninety miles per hour.

Their primary combat implement, the heli-pack has two control arms for their Annihilator operators. The left one is just for steering, while the right has a submachine gun, per the below, attached to the side. This allows for the targeting of whatever's ahead of an Annihilator.

Knife (s): all Annihilators carry a blade with them while on the job, usually in a convenient boot sheath. This knife is made from m.s. 13 materials, and can either be used to cut through items of up to like m.s., or to inflict +2 Slashing damage in melee combat.

Laser Pistols (a): highly advanced sidearms, these hip-holstered weapons serve as the Annihilators' backup pieces. They may fire a beam of coherent photons from them at their foes to inflict their Agility +4 in Armor Piercing energy damage, doing so six times per charged power pack.

Submachine Gun (a): their secondary armament, Annihilators may fire a single round from this weapon to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, a short burst of rounds to inflict their Agility +5 in damage, or fire it continuously to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.


Advanced Guns (a): carrying directed energy weapons in the field, Annihilators are well-trained in their proper usage. Whether handling coherent laser emitters, ionized particle blasters, or any other energy caster, an Annihilator may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Aerial Combat (a): those Iron Grenadiers earning assignment to the Annihilators are trained in the fine art of battling one's foes in the clouds! They may reduce the difficulty of any offensive or defensive combat action they attempt while operating their heli-pack or any other aircraft.

Detective / Espionage (i): their primary job, Iron Grenadiers are well-versed in various subversive techniques. They use this skill to spy on and sabotage the nations targeted by Destro, destabilizing entire regions to bolster the arms sales of the MARS corporation.

Guns (a) the better to demonstrate their use to prospective clients, Annihilators are continuously drilled in the use of all modern firearms. Whether standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, an Annihilator may discharging firearms at a reduced difficulty.

Boxing (s): while heavily armed and armored, Annihilators can competently defend themselves even without their special toys. They may divide their pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Military (w): the Annihilators are highly disciplined, with most developing such via some military outfit or another, and Destro supplements this with his own training regimen. As a result, Annihilators invariably function well in a fighting unit, whether Destro's or any other.

Salesmanship (w): the other half of the training that Annihilators receive is in the fine art of sales. The Annihilators are so ruthless that they can procure arms sales and mercenary contract work over the telephone, often when blind calling individuals off their lists.


Annihilators are Iron Grenadiers, and elite ones at that. Serving multiple roles within the organization, Annihilators can consider their fellow Iron Grenadiers reliable contacts, and each of these operatives typically have two more contacts from elsewhere in the mercenary world.


Greed: most Iron Grenadiers are in it for the money, and Annihilators generally fit this mold. However, the long hours spent telemarketing for Destro often fills them with a need for Vengeance against their fellow man, or just makes them want to become Demolishers.


The original Annihilator uniform is comprised of a purple and gold vest over an orange jacket, orange and purple trousers, purple leather gloves, purple and gold leather boots, a steel belt, steel hip holsters for their laser pistols, and an orange helmet with a purple visor.


Drawn from the most seemingly ruthless of his Iron Grenadiers, those who are called upon to become Annihilators serve Destro's interests in numerous fashions. The first of these is as hard-sell telephone operators, rustling up sales for MARS and contracts for the Iron Grenadiers!

Finishing a hard day of dealing with the public as a telemarketer, Annihilator inductees are then given extensive and exhaustive training in the fine points of aerial combat. Those Iron Grenadiers who don't wash out of this two-pronged schooling are given their very own heli-packs.

Having created an elite airborne assault team suffering from intense loathing of their fellow man, Destro makes use of them at every opportunity. As he does with the Nullifiers, Destro unleashes his Annihilators upon his enemies at every tactically sound opportunity.

Paradoxically, his horrible treatment of these most twitchy of minions has engendered tremendous loyalty in Destro. As such, the villain typically relies upon Annihilators as personal bodyguards in addition to airborne assault troops and weaponized call center operators!

2012 Variations


The Annihilators' second uniform is similar to their first. It includes a purple and gold vest over an orange jacket, orange trousers, purple leather gloves, purple and gold leather boots, a steel belt, steel laser pistol holsters, and an orange and black helmet with a purple visor.

2015 Variations


The third Annihilators field uniform is a recoloration of the second, and consists of a black and gold vest over a red jacket, red trousers, black leather gloves, black and gold leather boots, a steel belt, steel laser pistol holsters, and a black helmet with a red visor.

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