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Arden is a human being from another timeline, making her technically an alien (even though she isn't, really). She also has access to incredibly advanced technology in the form of Tangentia, her craft which can travel through space - and sideways through time, too!



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Tangentia (i): though she lacks special powers herself, Arden has the use of Tangentia. This small, spherical spacecraft is fully sentient, and has a bevy of special abilities to support Arden in her work across the multiverse. Tangentia has these vehicular capabilities:

* Dimensional Transit (i): the primary function of Tangentia, this ability allows it (and its occupant(s)) to traverse the multiverse of variant time streams. It can cross from one timeline to another with intensity 15 ability, with no real possibility of error.

* Environmental Independence (i): Tangentia is a fully functional spacecraft. It can operate in the inky black void of interstellar space, though it usually has little reason to move that far out. It can support human life indefinitely (intensity 30 for its occupant).

* Environmental Pocket (i): supplementing its ability to support its pilot's life, Tangentia can also extend a 'pocket' of breathable air into space when necessary - the better to communicate with (or rescue) someone who's out in the void. This power works at intensity 5 for air.

* Flight (a): Arden's craft can fly in addition to its ability to shift from one timeline to another. It can move about at intensity 10 speeds. This is approximately Mach I, the speed of sound in an atmosphere, though this is increased to .1% light speed in a vacuum.

* Invisibility (i): Arden's vehicle has the power to become invisible by barely shifting itself out of phase with a given timeline. It can otherwise interact with it just fine, but this curious ability masks it from detection from conventional senses with intensity 15 ability.

* Sentience (i): last but not least, Tangentia is intelligent... quite so, in fact. A fully sentient machine intelligence, Tangentia has the ability to wield its functions independently if necessary, though it usually does so at Arden's discretion. It has an Intellect of 10 and a Willpower of 7.


Scientific Genius (i): in her role as a variant earth researcher, Arden has mastered a wide variety of skills. Thus far she has demonstrated her knowledge of Archaeology, History, Lore, Physics, and Sociology.


Arden is a member of a mysterious organization that investigates various matters on numerous variant timelines. She is not necessarily in good standing with this group, but can possibly rely upon them for assistance in a pinch - as she can Ken Connell, the Star Brand.


Explorer: however much she may find some of her work tedious, Arden is an explorer first and foremost. She loves to learn new things about how the multiverse works, and is willing to go to truly bizarre extremes to glean new knowledge about it.


Arden wears a simple, 'sci-fi' costume while on the job in variant timelines. It consists of a light blue body suit with white trim in places that looks as though it reflects the universe itself, along with matching knee pads and oversized, almost clunky looking boots.


While she is a lady of Science, Arden is somewhat jaded by her work; she's experienced so much that the 'little details' of the job often bore her. She's also more than a little impulsive, which has of course gotten her in serious trouble on several occasions.

Real Name: Arden (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: variant timeline researcher
Legal Status: citizen of an unknown nation on an unknown earth with a possible criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: a mysterious (unnamed) cross-time research organization

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Very little has been revealed about the origins of the mysterious entity known only as Arden. She grew up on an earth that exists on the far end of the probability curve, what her people identify as a timeline of high variable dynamics - a sort of 'looseness' in its physics.

This 'looseness' has allowed her people to advance far beyond most standard earth timelines, but has also given them an advanced understanding of temporal mechanics. In particular, her society has developed the means to easily cross from one variant earth to another.

Though this resulted in a sort of 'bonanza' for cross-time travelers at first, Arden's society realized that actions taken on one timeline often have an echo, no matter how small, on all the others (where applicable). This caused them to adopt a sort of variant earth non-interference protocol.

Expanding on their knowledge of timeline interaction, Arden's people began to study other earths, to learn more about their own - both past, present and future! Arden herself is a member of this group, though she got into trouble upon studying earth 148611.

She traveled there to study its local version of the Star Brand, which she'd encountered on three previous earths: earth 866, earth 726 and earth 541. Sadly, Arden found that the Brand's bearer on this earth seemed to be something of a 'loser'.

After a brief encounter with Ken Connell in the process of studying him, Arden was separated from her craft, Tangentia. This because Ken damaged it somewhat, and it required time to repair itself. During this time, Arden explained why she was there - and spying on him.

In the course of this encounter, Arden slowly lost her grip on her 'non-interference' protocol, something that got her in serious trouble when her supervisor, Dr. Lester, came looking for her. Of course, the damage was done, and Arden had put Ideas in Ken Connell's head.

Sanctioned for her interference, Arden was subsequently banned from cross-time travel by her superiors, but she was allowed to monitor this timeline for a few years, to see what she'd set in motion. And she'd set a lot of bad things in motion, however unintentionally!

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