Jake Smythe: the Angry Man

Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 15
Ex 20
Gd 10
In 40
Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd 10

Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 15
Rm 30
Ty 6
Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10

Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 15
Gd 10
Ex 20
Am 50
In 40
Gd 10
Fe -2



In his career as a super hero, Jake Smythe has worn many hats. He began as the user of a powerful deionic device known as a Rainbow Gem, then became a sorcerer when that was lost. Upon the theft of his sorcery, he became a powerless vigilante before finally reclaiming his gem.

Known Powers:

None. For a time, Jake replaced his indigo Rainbow Gem with magical training. He'd gone as far as gaining a level of power which marked him as a sorcerous disciple - at least, until his mystic knowledge was stolen from him by his arch-nemesis, rendering him powerless again.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Bullet-resistant Vest: during his years as a powerless vigilante, Jake relied on this Kevlar ™ body wear for protection. It allows him Good (10) protection against Shooting attacks that strike him in the chest, either in the front or back.

Rainbow Gem: when the seven Rainbow Gems drifted into our area of space, one of them landed in the back yard of then-youthful farm boy Jake Smythe. When he found it, the Gem merged with his body and granted him its mastery over indigo light waves.

The Gem itself has the power to shape change, which lets it suffuse its mass throughout its wielder's body, as well as the power to enter a link (per that power) with the other six Gems. It may be possessed of intelligence, but it does not communicate with its wielder.

While wielding the indigo Rainbow Gem, Jake - or anyone else for that matter - has access to the following ascendant powers:

* Dimensional Transit: curiously, Rainbow Gems allow their possessors to cross from one plane of existence into another. This ability works with Excellent (20) rank, allowing for a proper exploration of the multiverse as a whole, if desired.

* Energy Cohesion: the Rainbow Gem's wielder can temporarily solidify any of his indigo light creations, doing so with Amazing (50) ability. Items so crafted from light have a like m.s., and persist until broken or its wielder returns them to an energy state.

* Environmental Independence: while merged with a Rainbow Gem, its wielder need not want for food, water or even air. They thus possess this power at Class 5000 rank, meaning that aside from sleep now and then, the Gem's wielder is propped up by its energies indefinitely.

* Flight: while encased in the Rainbow Gem's force field, its wielder can defy the laws of gravity and fly! This flight functions at Remarkable (30) rank, letting one zip through the air at an impressive 225 miles per hour (though he can go slower, if desired).

* Force Field: the wielder of the Rainbow Gem can encase his body in a powerful protective aura at his leisure, comprised of semi-solid, indigo light. This Amazing (50) ranked force field provides him or her protection as follows:

In 40 / Am 50 / Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Am 50

* Light Generation: the indigo Rainbow Gem can generate light of a stark, indigo hue. Its wielder can do so with Amazing (50) power, using it to inflict blinding attacks, craft deluxe holograms, inflict Energy damage, or even emit coherent beams of light (lasers)!

* Resistance to Heat, Cold, Radiation and Pressure Variance: many of the abilities the Rainbow Gem offers its bearer seem to allow for its use out in the depths of space. This one is no exception, offering Unearthly (100) resistance to these damage forms.

* Super Flight: in addition to the normal power of flight, the Rainbow Gem grants its wielder the ability to move faster than light itself! This power works with Poor (4) ability, granting one space flight at a rate equal to four light years per turn.

Sledge: Jake discarded this osmium steel (Amazing m.s.) mauling instrument upon regaining his Rainbow Gem. While he had it, Jake could use it to inflict Excellent (20) Blunt Attack damage per melee strike. Of course, the thing adds 2 to his initiative rolls, as it's exceptionally heavy.


Temper 2: Jake's a really angry guy (considering his history), and he is likely to blow off the handle with the slightest provocation. Should he wish to remain calm in the face of such, he must first pass a Psyche (will) FEAT roll at a -4 CS.


Astronaut: while not a N.A.S.A. pilot, Jake has learned most of the tricks of this trade during his time as a space-faring hero. He should receive a +1 CS on actions related to astro-navigation, operating vehicles in a vacuum, and performing actions in zero gravity.

Lore: during his decades of adventuring, Jake picked up this talent on the go, as it were. He should receive a +1 CS to his Reason score in regards to knowledge of the occult, whether the data in question relates to our plane of existence or another.

Martial Arts types A and B: Jake learned how to fight the hard way after being depowered - on the streets. He should receive a +1 CS when making unarmed melee attacks, and can Slam or Stun a foe regardless of his comparative Strength or Endurance scores.

Resist Domination: while studying to become a sorcerer, Jake was trained in the art of shrugging off outside influences. He retains this ability to this very day, allowing him a +1 CS to his Psyche (will) for the purposes of avoiding mind control and the like.

Skill / Sledge: a talent learned through trial and error, Jake mastered the use of his osmium sledge while beating criminals comatose with it. He should receive a +1 CS to his Fighting whenever wielding this two-handed weapon in personal combat.


Jake has several powerful, unnamed contacts in space and in other planes who could help him out in a pinch. The man has performed helpful services for a variety of alien governments as well as entities of great power in other universes entirely.

On earth, the world of his birth, Jake has sort of burned all of his bridges. Upon regaining his Rainbow Gem he left his girlfriend and his side kick - the two people who still cared about him at all; the police and fellow heroes mostly consider him a joke.


Jake's current costume is his first. It consists of a black stretch fabric body suit beneath indigo leather boots, indigo leather gloves, and a black leather belt with indigo-hued pouches on the sides. He used to wear an indigo domino mask, but doesn't bother any longer.

When any of his Rainbow Gem powers are active, Jake's costume takes on a slightly different appearance. The chest is adorned with a glowing indigo emblem in the shape of the actual indigo Gem, and the stretch fabric shimmers with a pearl-like indigo sheen.

During his years as a budding sorcerer, Jake wore a similarly hued apprentice uniform. It mainly consisted of indigo-dyed robes, complete with a hood to obscure his features, along with indigo swede boots and thin, indigo gloves.

Later when relegated to the status of depowered vigilante, Jake wore jeans (often riddled with holes, tears and other wear), black hob-nailed boots, a white tank top beneath a Kevlar ™ vest, black fingerless gloves, and handcuffs double-cuffed on each wrist.


Jake is a turning point in his life, having recovered that which exposed him to the fantastic in the first place. The man was consumed by anger for years after his repeated defeats at the hands of the wizard Mho. He's elated to soar through space again... and yet.

He fears losing his powers a third time. Overwhelmingly so, in fact. This has the effect of making Jake highly paranoid, not to mention a lot more brutal towards his foes. He now freely vents all of his pent-up rage upon his enemies, dealing with them permanently, whenever possible.

Real Name: Jake Smythe
Occupation: adventurer, vigilante, former student
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any:
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: none
Eyes: blue
Weight: 205 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: while he uses his Rainbow Gem, Jake's eyes glow in an indigo hue. His body is a patchwork of scars and the like, due to his years of taking a beating as a non-powered vigilante.


Jake Smythe, the Angry Man, was once a proud and powerful hero. In his youth, he discovered an item fallen from the stars, an indigo gem of amazing power. This gem (one of seven Rainbow Gems) merged with his body and granted him amazing powers.

The youth quickly decided to make a hero out of himself, and after he threw a costume together, started to bust crime. His horizons quickly grew to stellar heights, and Jake soon found himself amongst the stars, helping save planets and doing other stellar deeds.

Once again, however, Jake learned of another, greater horizon. He eventually left our universe to participate in conflicts throughout the very multiverse, helping right wrong whenever he could, until tragedy struck. He lost his Rainbow Gem.

It was taken from him by a Mho, a sorcerer of vast power, and Jake vowed to get even and retrieve his property. To this end, he studied under another mage, learning the mystic ways to find the key to defeating his foe and getting the powerful artifact out of his hands.

For years, Jake honed his magical prowess, doing generally good deeds as well as helping out certain extradimensional entities in various matters where evil reared its ugly head. When he was finally ready to get his stuff back, Jake was again rendered powerless.

His nemesis, expecting his eventual return, showed up on the scene and ambushed Jake, stealing his magical powers with a potent ceremony of his own design, a dangerously evil spell that ruined any chance of Jake's getting his justice.

Dropping the powerless man back off on earth, Mho made for parts unknown. Of course, Jake was mad. Real mad. Dumped into a crime scene, he picked up the nearest object (a sledge left over by construction crews) and beat the offending criminals senseless.

Knowing that his need to quash evil was still present, yet having no powers, Jake decided to attack it from the opposite angle; hitting evil from the low end of the spectrum, as opposed to the high. Of course, this didn't make him feel any better for having lost so much.

And that's why he's so Angry. And takes out all his anger and aggression on criminal types. His 'costume' protected him from mundane damage (knives and bullets), but he tended to over-extend his reach by attacking super villains he comes across in his crime patrols.

Jake, as the Angry Man, made a reputation for himself by smashing any ascendant gear his opponents happened to wield - assuming he won his fights in the first place. This was purely out of spite, Jake wishing to share his agony with everyone around him he could.

Eventually, Jake wound up with a side kick of sorts, the one and only Seņor Surly. This youth looked up to Jake and his seemingly altruistic vendetta against the criminal element, and fought evil alongside the man until Jake's nemesis reared his ugly head again.

Mho showed up simply to taunt Jake, but Jake had decided enough was enough, and gathered a group of seven super-powered misfits to fight his long time foe. This group was ultimately successful in its task, and Jake took the opportunity to gloat over his foe's corpse.

That's when he discovered the Rainbow Gem hidden in a pocket. Seizing it, Jake was reunited with his original source of power at last, and immediately took off into space. He felt he had major works left undone out there in the cosmos, and bid Seņor Surly and company adieu.

Mind you, Seņor Surly took this rather poorly, having been abandoned again and again over the course of his life. But what could he do? Jake had left the planet, if not the very universe! Left to stew, Seņor Surly simply vowed payback at a later date.

Whether or not he will ultimately receive it remains to be seen...!

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