the Crazy Hate

I've found precious few gangs of super-humans who actually work for the betterment of mankind. Nonetheless, the Crazy Hate is one such group, a band of misfits and malcontents who have put their differences aside for the greater good - at least for now. - Mike 013.

The Crazy Hate is a team of outcast transnormal beings who initially banded together in support of Jake Smythe, then known as the Angry Man. Having been rendered powerless (twice) by his arch-nemesis Mho, Smythe was unable to face down that villain upon his return to our world.

With the aid of this disparate group of ascendant humans (and at least one alien), Smythe managed to not only defeat Mho once and for all, but regained the original source of his super-human abilities - at which point he ditched the Crazy Hate... and his impressionable young sidekick.

Though they almost went their separate ways after Smythe's ungrateful exit, this group stayed together at the urging of Hate Ball. Himself a veteran of numerous other, failed super hero teams, Hate Ball thought that this gathering was something special, and that it should stick around.

That and he felt responsibility for Smythe's abandoned sidekick, Seņor Surly.

Convincing the others to continue on as a group, the Crazy Hate (so named as a pun on both Hate Ball's previous alias, as well as due to the fact that there were eight members of the group) has actually grown into a tightly-knit team of surprisingly effective combatants.

Slowly developing from a rag-tag group of outcasts into effective super heroes, the Crazy Hate have spent their down time tutoring Seņor Surly in everything they know, transforming him from a formerly mundane street brawler into what may become the most dangerous man alive.

The team's collective little brother, Seņor Surly has begun to master sorcery, psionics, technology and the martial arts since coming under the Hate's wing. Arguably as powerful as any of his teammates already, it's only a matter of time before he overshadows their prowess outright!

But until then, he's perfectly content to learn everything he can from the Crazy Hate.

While they've done nothing to concern us as of yet, the Crazy Hate is a group we should definitely keep our eyes on, for they could quickly turn against mankind, if given enough reason. Such as continual harassment from the authorities for their vigilante actions - Mike 013.

Charlie Chicanery: a mutant with the power to interface with hyperspace, Charlie was once a man but was transformed into a female in a matter duplicator accident, and has been trying to deal with the ramifications (and her strange mutant abilities) ever since. Availability:

Charlie Chicanery (MSH Classic)

Charlie Chicanery (4C System)

Charlie Chicanery (Marvel Saga)

Everywhere Girl: raised from the dead as a mighty Rejuvenate, Franky then had her innate psi potential awakened after exposure to the freaky-weird Between! Now wielding potent psimotive powers, she stalks space and time as a good-minded troubleshooter. Availability:

Everywhere Girl (MSH Classic)

Everywhere Girl (4C System)

Everywhere Girl (Marvel Saga)

the Great Satan: Thaz is a former soul broker, one who saw the light after his final prize embedded the American spirit into his heart. After this, Thaz decided to use his supernatual might to protect both, and the country that spawned them - as a patriotic super hero! Availability:

the Great Satan (MSH Classic)

the Great Satan (4C System)

the Great Satan (Marvel Saga)

Hate Ball: while Seņor Surly may be the heart of the Crazy Hate, Russell Barnett is the reason the team stuck together in the first place. This technopsionic adventurer has had several false starts, but has finally grown into his own as a hero! Availability:

Hate Ball (MSH Classic)

Hate Ball (4C System)

Hate Ball (Marvel Saga)

the Reincarnator: the Reincarnator is a sort of immortal being, in that every time his material form dies, his life force carries him on to a freshly conceived human. Nine months later, the Reincarnator is reborn, ready to renew the fight against evil! Availability:

the Reincarnator (MSH Classic)

the Reincarnator (4C System)

the Reincarnator (Marvel Saga)

Seņor Surly: after a life of abandonment and betrayal, lesser men would've descended into abject self-pity and despair. Enrique Gutierrez did no such thing however, instead becoming a college student and vigilante, and later a member of the Crazy Hate! Availability:

Seņor Surly (MSH Classic)

Seņor Surly (4C System)

Seņor Surly (Marvel Saga)

Technoholic Man: used as a test subject for an organic circuitry super soldier sleeper technology disguised as a soft drink, Sam Xerxes Robbins managed to come out of this on top, and now wanders the earth as a mighty technological hero! Availability:

Technoholic Man (MSH Classic)

Technoholic Man (4C System)

Technoholic Man (Marvel Saga)

Without: thanks to the bumbling of two super-villains who were trying to give themselves ultimate power, Annah Harrington wound up getting it instead, when they inadvertently transformed her into a psionic omnimind, the one and only Without! Availability:

Without (MSH Classic)

Without (4C System)

Without (Marvel Saga)

Former Members:

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man: Jake became a space-faring hero after discovering the indigo Rainbow Gem on the family farm - until the sorcerer Mho stole it from him. It took him years, but Jake finally got it back - though he's been damaged by the experience. Availability:

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (MSH Classic)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (4C System)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (Marvel Saga)

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