the Great Satan


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Thaz is quite the interesting hero in that he's not genetically disposed towards goodness; you see, he's a demonic entity hailing from some unknown, hellish plane. He's been exposed to people for too long though, and some of their more creative ideas have rubbed off on him.


Demonic Physique: due to his extraplanar nature, as well as the fact that he comes from stock that is the stuff of nightmares, Thaz has a curious host of super-human - and super natural - powers. The following abilities are those that Thaz has simply because of his demonic physiology:

* Agelessness (s): one potent benefit of his magical nature is that Thaz is not only long-lived, he's ageless. While other beings lead a more transient existence, Thaz will continue on indefinitely as long as his life is not ended by artificial means - say, such as the spell of a rival demon...

* Claws (s): while he lacks the power to generate fire and heat as most demons tend to have, Thaz nonetheless has the ability to defend himself in melee - though he's usually loathe to do so. These claws, of material strength 20, can be used to inflict Thaz's Strength +2 in slashing damage.

* Hard Points (s): having lower legs resembling those of a goat, Thaz is possessed of considerably hard hooves. He can use these inherent, material strength 20 weapons to inflict his Strength +2 in bashing damage when kicking a foe, whether using one leg or both.

* Resistance to Mundane Attacks (s): due to his very magical nature, Thaz possesses a high modicum of resistance to non-magical, non-psionic, and non-deionic attack forms. Should he be subject to such assaults, he has the benefit of +3 resistance to said attack forms.

* Spectral Vampirism (i): while he can eat ordinary food and water to get by, Thaz has the ability to prey upon the spiritual essence, the very soul, of a sentient being. He rarely does so these days, but he can attempt to drain spectral energy from an opponent with intensity 10 skill.

This drain comes in the form of a reduction of his target's Willpower score, and Thaz must pass an action opposed by such to feed upon his would-be victim. Thaz himself can never suffer from spectral vampirism addiction - it's a natural part of his 'biology'.

Schooling: Adept / Philosophical Magic (Corruption):

A powerful sorcerer by trade, Thaz embraced this line of magic while he was still evil, per se, and he finds it sweetly ironic that he uses sorcery of corruption to make a positive difference in the world - the ultimate perversion of evil. He knows these spells:

* Confusion (u) (w): Thaz can use this spell to affect everybody within firing distance in a wave of confusion. While this at first seems somewhat chaotic, he remains in full possession of his faculties, thus allowing him to do considerable damage to any threat to his person.

In order to affect his opponents, Thaz must pass an average difficulty Confusion (Willpower) action against his targets. If he can manage this, Thaz can use this intensity 10 power to draw a card, the result of which determines how confused they are:

  1. Target sits down to think things over.
  2. The target has an extreme emotional response. Uncontrollable laughter, inconsolable tears, etc.
  3. Target walks around randomly, as though lost.
  4. Target becomes fascinated with one action or event, repeating ad nauseum.
  5. Target attacks the nearest character.
  6. Target attacks everyone (new opponent each exchange).
  7. Target attacks the nearest, largest object or creature.
  8. Target hugs nearest character and begins waxing philosophical.
  9. The target is disoriented; he can act as he wishes, but suffers a -2 penalty.
  10. Target begins sleeping like a baby.

Now, if attacked while in the midst of confusion, the victim can and will defend himself, but will otherwise remain affected by the confusion spell. The duration of the effect is, of course, one aura duration, after which time the character can once again act normally (assuming he's still able).

* Disguise (p) (a): thoroughly useful in the maintenance of his secret identity, this spell allows Thaz to physically alter his appearance, though in his case it is limited to duplicating beings that share his same, basic morphology - in other words, humanoids. This is an intensity 8 spell.

* Eldritch Bolt / Corruption (u) (i): most devastating, this spell allows Thaz to hurl bolts of malignant, corrupting energies at an opponent. These bolts of villainous power affect an opponent's defenses as would any other magical bolt, but they actually inflict psychic damage!

Those struck by this bolt, then, suffer intensity 12 Willpower damage per blast. Furthermore, the corrupting nature of these energies carry a form of Probability Fallout, and slightly warp what they hit; clothing develops spiky studs and becomes more risqué, plants grow vicious barbs, etc...

* Emotion Control (u) (w): a natural adjunct to his particular school of magic, this spell allows Thaz to pull the strings of one's emotions like a fiddle. He can tinker with one's feelings with intensity 12 skill, though he must overcome the Willpower of those he wishes to manipulate.

* Investment (d) (i): Thaz can grant an individual permanent super natural abilities with this intensity 15 spell. The problem with it is that one must freely offer Thaz their soul in exchange for the power granted them... which admittedly helped him in his previous career.

Considering the toll this spell would have on his new found friends, Thaz would not willingly use it on them. If he were to do so however, the ultimate extent of abilities he could grant another is a choice that only one's Narrator may decide (limited in this spell's normal fashion).

* Philosophical Aura (s) (i): this dread spell allows Thaz to surround his body with corruptive energies, the essence of the philosophical magic he manipulates. This manifests as a dark, almost black nimbus of power that swirls around his form, and has a deleterious effect on his environs.

While this spell is active, inanimate objects will twist and darken, evolving a more sinister appearance, plants will shrivel and die, knotting in the process, and animate beings feel a sense of dread in Thaz's presence. Of course, this intensity 12 spell also protects him per an aura shield.

* Philosophical Awareness (s) (w): this simple spell allows Thaz to sense strong concentrations of philosophical energies in his vicinity. Working at intensity 15, this spell easily allows him to pick up on excesses of good, evil, orderly, chaotic, or balanced energy.

* Sorcerous Invisibility (d) (w): a rather handy spell to have, this power allows Thaz to shroud the use of his magic in the illusion of normalcy; while he may be flinging energy bolts at someone in his vicinity, the 'man on the street' will only see him, say, flinging a rock.

This has the dual benefit of covering up the use of his magical powers (safeguarding his secret identity) and allowing him to act without others knowing it in some cases. This is all illusory, and functions at intensity 12 against the Willpower of those observing Thaz in action.

* Witchery (g) (w): this handy group spell allows Thaz to choose from one of five possible spell effects that he may use in a given day; he is only allowed one of the five, but need not choose until he uses the spell. He can manifest the following effects with this intensity 9 spell:

Density control-others, growing-others, healing-others, invisibility-others, and shrinking-others.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



American Trident (s): this magical trident appears to be made out of gold, but is actually of m.s. 25. Other than its enhanced material strength, the only mystic property this weapon has is its ability to return, once thrown, to his hand - occasionally bringing things Thaz has skewered with it.

Thaz can use it to inflict his Strength +4 in physical damage. It also doubles as a handy flag pole for Thaz, adding to his patriotic likeness.

Crazy Hate Communicator (i): wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at intensity 18) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence.


Finance (w): his main area of expertise, Thaz knows how to make money. He can perform various financial functions on the up and up, but excels at bending business practices to the furthest extent the law allows, and when he breaks it, he can hide it better than ersatz CEOs can...

Manipulation (w): it should go without saying, but Thaz is quite the manipulative little cuss. He's good at steering people towards doing what he wants them to do - without them knowing it, really. In fact, one could consider him a world-class manipulator... he's just that good.

Natural Weapons (s): while he sees combat as being somewhat beneath him, Thaz has had to learn how to fight the hard way - and when he does, he relies on his personal weaponry to get him out of trouble. He can make claw attacks at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Lore (i): his secondary area of knowledge, Thaz knows his way around the shady world of the occult. He's good at identifying relics of power, extraplanar beings, and downright weird phenomenon when he sees it, and can make actions at a reduced difficulty level to do so.


While he's been evil for most of his existence, Thaz has recently come around to the side of the angels. This allowed him to become a part of a group of super-human misfits that are known only as the Crazy Hate. Though they're not sure about him yet, he's nonetheless part of the team.


Idealist, with a secondary calling of Repentant: while he was originally interested in acquiring power for personal gain (World Domination), Thaz has reformed - sort of. Enamored with the American Ideal, he has put aside his diabolical past and embraced freedom and such.


When active as a super hero, Thaz wears very little, actually. He wears an exceedingly large Uncle Sam hat with a pentagram on top instead of just a white-on-blue star, and blue bikini briefs with a white star covering his, well, unmentionables.


Thaz is manipulative. No matter how hard he tries to purge his 'evil' behavior, this is one facet of his personality he will never eradicate. He has a stand-off-ish demeanor in most of his dealings (business or otherwise), but at the same time comes off as incredibly charming and charismatic.

Real Name: Thaz (chosen name - his True Name is as of yet unrevealed)
Occupation: super hero, former soul broker
Legal Status: citizen of the United States (in his alter ego) with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Gregory Haberdasher
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate

Height: 6' 3" (when standing slack), 7' 1" (when his legs are fully extended)
Hair: white (dyed from black)
Eyes: blue
Weight: 220 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Thaz resembles a 'classical' demon, having crimson skin, legs with extended, hoof-like feet, and long, black claws. Of course, he's dyed his hair (not counting that on the back of his legs) and goatee to a stark white hue, enhancing his twisted Uncle Sam image.


Thaz is one of an uncountable number of demons that has come into being since before the beginning of time. What makes him different from most others are his odd sensibilities. While most of his brethren revel in unrestrained mayhem, he feels that such behavior is beneath him.

This strange ethic caused him to find another way to do things, particularly since he seemed to lack some powers that his fellows have. His search led him to embrace the ways of magic, and while he's usually too busy to study, he's had a long time to pick things up here and there.

Slowly growing in power and skill, Thaz was noticed by more powerful entities, who felt that his particular mindset would do them proud. Forcing him onto the earthly plane, these demon lords charged Thaz with the acquisition of human souls - the more warlike, the better.

As such, Thaz wormed his way into human society, setting himself up with many creature comforts under the identity of Wall Street trader Gregory Haberdasher - an identity that took some time to create, but is completely legal (no matter how hard one may try to prove otherwise).

Eventually getting on with his mission, Thaz preyed upon exceptional military minds he encountered throughout the world. However, his progress was slow going, for he preferred to manipulate his victims into situations where they were more than happy to sign themselves over to him.

His progress came to a dead stop after the selfless patriotism and heroism of his latest target, an American Army prisoner, Tamara Clayton, rendered him smitten. Though he convinced her to sign over her soul in exchange for martial power, Thaz gave it back - incensing his superiors.

They sent quite a few hordes of minions after him, but Thaz, with the assistance of his new found friend, ultimately managed to liberate himself from their clutches. While Thaz and Tamara eventually went their separate ways, Thaz had been utterly swayed by this whole 'America' thing.

Tamara has that effect on most people, after all. So, having nothing else to do with his existence, Thaz decided to try and experience this whole 'goodness' thing. To this end, he crafted a bizarre super hero identity for himself, based on what others would consider an insult.

Seeing it ironic that he would steal a group of fanatics' derogatory slur of America, turning it into a helpful force, Thaz dubbed himself the Great Satan (which was actually fitting, considering his origins), and donned a minimal costume that had a red, white and blue theme to it.

Adventuring while Wall Street sleeps, Thaz oddly managed to do some good, though he treated criminal miscreants quite harshly. Something of an anti-hero, he killed the thugs he fought as often as not, but reined in these tendencies after uniting with various like-minded folk.

These other heroes, the group of adventurers who are known as the Crazy Hate, are misfits just like Thaz is, though most of them lack a dark past like his. Though these heroes are not totally sure of his allegiance, they are still giving him the benefit of the doubt.

And Thaz refuses to let them down!

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