Charlie Chicanery


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Charlie Chicanery - the original, at least - is a mutant. Born Chuck Swank, she gained her powers in her teenage years, using them as an intergalactic problem solver. A random accident with a matter duplicator then caused her gender to get toggled, so she's also an altered human.


Dimensional Interface (i): Charlie's primary mutant power, this ability allows her to use her body as a conduit between this universe and another - hyperspace, to be exact. This intensity 15 power lends itself to all kinds of handy uses, some of which Charlie has developed as follows:

* Flight (a): by shunting most of her mass into hyperspace, Charlie can render herself virtually weightless, and (by allowing propellant energy to escape in exchange) achieve flight. She can fly with intensity 8 air speed, or 375 miles per hour, though she's much faster in space.

* Space Flight (a): complementing her ordinary flight power, this ability allows Charlie to actually move her entire body into hyperspace for significant periods of time, which lets her fly at impressive speeds. This intensity 2 power lets Charlie cross four light years each exchange!

* Tachyon Generation (i): with the use of an odd metal known as transient steel, Charlie can focus tachyons from hyperspace into our own reality for short bursts of time - long enough to blast somebody. She can use these blasts to inflict intensity 15 damage.

Mind you, Charlie has demonstrated a few additional uses of this power. She can charge her staff with tachyons, but not release the energy. This lets her inflict power intensity concussive damage in melee, or simply illuminate the area with light in a pinch.

Environmental Independence (s): Charlie can get by indefinitely without food, water, sleep, or even air. She possesses this power at intensity 30, meaning that she may partake of these biological pleasures as she sees fit, but need not ever actually do so.

Invulnerability to Cold, Fire, Heat, Pressure Variance, and Radiation Poisoning (s): supplementing her ability to fly at ridiculous speeds in space, these powers allow Charlie to actually survive being there. Invulnerability provides her absolute resistance to these hazards.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Nemesis: though they didn't start out that way, Charlie has wound up getting on the bad side of her matter-duplicated counterpart, Chuck (the Aggravant). These two are physically and mentally the same (aside from their gender), at least up to the point where they diverged...


Crazy Hate Communicator (i): wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at intensity 18) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence.

Energy Staff (i): given to her when she worked for E.S.E., this weapon is rather deadly, having two energy 'blades' sticking out of the handle; so it's not really a 'staff', per se, but it's as good a definition as any. Charlie can use this weapon to inflict intensity 15 energy damage per strike.

Speed Boosters (a): built for her by Wendell Wherever, these twin bracelets enhance Charlie's super flight power. Giving Charlie an +1 boost to her F.T.L. movement rate, these bracelets supercharge her flight speed to 47,304,000 times light speed (nine light years per exchange)!

Staff (s): though she can use transient steel in any shape to focus her powers, Charlie uses a staff since it is... more impressive. And easier to hold than a blender. In addition to allowing her to use her tachyon powers, this m.s. 19 staff can be used to inflict +2 damage in melee.

Time Travel Staff (i): Charlie has possessed this item on and off for quite a while now. It is similar to her other one, save for the time travel device built in. This item allows her to navigate the time stream with intensity 15 ability, which is quite handy in and of itself, really.

Of course, it is also equipped with a time dilator, which offers her like protection from the use of time manipulation. In other words, if someone tries to stop or otherwise tinker with time in her vicinity, Charlie should still be able to act in normal time (in relation to the time manipulator).


Astronomy (i): as an employee of Extra Solar Enterprises, Charlie had to learn how to get around in the universe without a road map. As such, she took the time to study astronomy properly, and even has a degree in this area. She makes related actions at a reduced difficulty.

Clubs (s): since E.S.E. gave Charlie her original transient steel staff, that group trained her in its use - to improve the value of their investment in her. She can use a staff or other, similar weapons in a pinch, doing so at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Energy Weapons (s): supplementing her skill with the standard staff, Charlie has taken it upon herself to learn how to use her energy staff without inadvertently cutting herself to bits. She can use her energy staff, or any other focused-energy melee weapons at a reduced difficulty.


Charlie has managed to make a few allies since she began adventuring despite her bad attitude. In addition to the group the Crazy Hate, a gaggle of like-minded outcasts (of which there are, yes, eight), Charlie can count inventor / genius Wendell Wherever as a reliable contact.


Youthful Exuberance: despite everything that's happened to her, Charlie is barely in her twenties... and isn't quite mature enough mentally to rate that age physically. She just... doesn't pay attention to most things, really, and truly enjoys the mutant vigilante lifestyle.


Charlie doesn't go for the Spandex ™ thing. When flying into action, she wears a tight-fitting pair of blue jeans, a similarly tight white T-shirt, black leather boots, a black leather belt with a silver belt buckle on the front, and a silver necklace with a 'Charlie Chicanery' button on the front.


Charlie is a rather stubborn young lady, even if she did start out as a rather stubborn young man... long story. The point is that, while she has a few gender issues to work out, she seems to be used to being a her now, and is otherwise normal these days - in other words, loud and blunt.

Real Name: Chuck Swank, though it is now legally Charlie Chicanery
Occupation: adventurer, former intergalactic item retrieval specialist
Legal Status: Charlie is legally an American citizen, though this took some work; instead of explaining her sex change to the authorities, she got the Great Satan's help in acquiring a new identity... the former was too embarrassing for her at the time. So she can still pay taxes... woo.
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate, former employee of E.S.E.

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than wearing her hair exceptionally long and loose, none.


Charlie got her start as Chuck Swank, an otherwise normal human going nowhere fast; he wasn't too bright, after all. Things changed when, on his way to a job interview at McDonalds ™, Chuck learned that he could fly. And pretty fast, too - he could make it to the moon in no time flat!

Flying there just to see if he could, Chuck met a strange alien who worked for E.S.E., or Extra Solar Enterprises, a relatively new company that specialized in covertly using super-human folks to scour known space for items of interest for them... for purposes nobody really knows about.

Though he couldn't understand this alien, a bizarre collection of legs and such, it led him to E.S.E.'s Pittsburgh headquarters, where it explained what Charlie could do to its employers. Intrigued, they offered to run tests on Chuck, to figure out just what he was capable of.

They did, and found out that he has the power to interface his body with both our universe and hyperspace, allowing for several useful effects in addition to flight. Such as his power to emit powerful blasts of tachyons, which he can do with the assistance of a metal known as transient steel.

In exchange, Riley, the 'human resources' fellow at E.S.E., he asked Chuck to pull a simple job for him - the collection of an energy-based logic mechanism a couple thousand light years out. This would make Chuck even with E.S.E. for their efforts, so Chuck had no problem with this.

He pulled this job off easily enough, so E.S.E. sent Chuck on one strange item-seizing mission after another. It was during this time that Chuck let his good friend Wendell in on his secret, despite all the N.D.A.s he had to sign to get the job in the first place.

Wendell was fascinated with how Chuck's powers worked, so he studied them for a time independently, and was able to duplicate them with technology. This allowed him to travel with much the same range as Chuck, so he started working for E.S.E. as well... usually alongside Chuck.

On a subsequent mission though, Chuck had a freak accident with a matter duplicator he was sent to retrieve, and wound up getting copied. The duplicator had to completely deconstruct him on a molecular level to copy him, and when it put him back together, Chuck was... different.

Female, for one thing.

Once both Chucks got home, the two came to a sort of understanding. You see, Chuck couldn't deal with the embarrassment of revealing his new found gender to the world, so he had the duplicate Chuck keep working for E.S.E., while he'd come up with a new identity.

That eventually went sour, but in the mean time Chuck sank completely into his Charlie Chicanery identity; this super hero alias was not necessarily gender-specific, so Chuck latched onto it... and this is when he ran into a bunch of oddball super-humans running rampant in the city.

Joining forces with these other heroes, Chuck came to enjoy working with them, the so-called Crazy Hate. It was at this point that Chuck got his new, legal identity as a female - with the actual name of Charlie Chicanery... he arranged that with the aid of a teammate, the Great Satan.

Shortly after, the newly-named Charlie started to adjust to her current state of being, what with function following form, and eventually reconciled with it - even if she's confused now and then. The only problem with her life seems to be her duplicate... the other Charlie Chicanery.

He wound up ruining the E.S.E. gig, and subsequently sold both his and Charlie's possessions in exchange for a time travel device, which he had duplicated (via a time-travel trip) so both he and Charlie could have one. This almost made it okay, except that Charlie lost hers soon after.

To Harry the Space Pilot, a fellow from the future she promised it to on a strange time travel excursion. So, since she and her allies kept finding themselves in need of time travel, she started swiping the sole staff from her counterpart, who kept taking it back in turn... making things get ugly.

The two are no longer on friendly terms, and the two even got in a brawl that dragged their respective vigilante allies into the mix. This fight ended when Charlie gained yet another duplicate of the time travel staff - threatening all causality in the process.

But with this done, the two at least don't have a reason to fight each other, aside from general spite. At least, until one or the other loses their time travel staff again. Which probably won't take all that long, considering how careless each of the mutants are...!

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