the Reincarnator

In 40
Rm 30
Gd 10
Ex 20
In 40
In 40
In 40
Ex 20
Gd 10

Rm 30
Ex 20
Ty 6
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Am 50
Rm 30
Gd 10

Am 50
In 40
Ex 20
In 40
Am 50
Am 50
Rm 30
Gd 10
Sh 0



Robert has something of an immortal, perpetual life force, having been constantly reincarnated since the very dawn of human civilization - if not before. While he's not incredibly powerful, this low-key immortal has a rather large arsenal of skills picked up in his countless lives, and can use this treasure trove of knowledge to perform feats of almost legendary stature.

Known Powers:

Reincarnation: Robert's sole super-human power, this strange ability is responsible for his existence through the ages. Functioning at Feeble (1) rank, this power will transfer Robert's life force to a freshly conceived human upon the demise of his physical frame. Of course, then he has to be born and grow up all over again - at the normal human rate.

He'll live forever, but dying is awfully inconvenient.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Compound Bow: one of his favorite weapons, if only because he's so darn good with it, is Robert's compound bow. He can use this deadly implement to inflict his Strength (upr) +1 CS in Shooting damage. Quieter and more harmful than a single gunshot, these projectiles come in quite handy when Robert is attempting to take care of a foe (or foes) in a silent manner.

Crazy Hate Communicator: wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at Monstrous (75) rank) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence. Of course, Robert has a tendency to 'mute' this device, since it always seems to go off while he is stuck in class...!

Grappling Hook: a long silken rope with a stout hook on the end, this is a simple device that Robert can use to assist his climbing of virtually any man-made structure, from castle walls to the face of a skyscraper. The line itself can support about five hundred pounds of weight, so Robert can carry someone along with him if necessary.

Katana: though he stole this from a museum exhibit in San Francisco, this blade actually belonged to Robert in a past incarnation, so it's not technically theft. The blade, itself composed of hundreds of layers of folded hard and soft steel, is of Unearthly (100) material strength, and inflicts Excellent (20) Edged Attack damage in Robert's hands - though he only uses it sparingly.

Kevlar Armor: embracing the new age of armor technology, Robert has paid a Washington D.C. firm to produce for him a variety of Kevlar weave clothing disguised as normal, everyday fashion items. He typically wears a layer of this Kevlar clothing under his leather outfit described below, the combined level of padding providing the man Good (10) protection from attack.

Nunchaku: Robert, when he doesn't want to deal with a foe in a lethal manner yet needs to get rid of him nonetheless, or wishes to teach him a particularly brutal lesson, will break out his nunchaku. Linked by chain, these two steel bars can be used in close melee to inflict damage as particularly painful blunt weapons. They inflict Excellent (20) Blunt Attack damage in his hands.

Shuriken: in the event that stealth and range are a necessity, Robert will bring his throwing stars to bear on an opponent. He can use these small weapons to either stun or kill, depending on how he throws them (it's all in where they hit, really), the best part being that the shuriken themselves make no noise when used. These items inflict Typical (6) Edged Attack damage each.

Uzi 9mm: Robert only carries this deadly weapon while he's 'on the job'. This efficient hand-cannon can be fired to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, +1 CS in a small burst, or +2 CS upon expending a full clip. Of course, Robert has also had it equipped with a silencer so it only emits Feeble (2) intensity sound as rounds are discharged from it.


Cash Flow 2: this quirk simply describes the enhanced cash flow that Robert, as a perpetually reincarnating human being, was literally born with. Sort of a self-made millionaire after a fashion, Robert actually has access to resources equal to those listed above +2 CS; he can get to them easily enough, but doesn't make use of 'em in his every day life (he has a facade to maintain, after all).

High Stress Capacity: Robert, having faced innumerable dangerous situations, including his own mortality, is difficult to faze after a fashion. As such, his mental preparation for such things allows him a +2 CS to any FEAT roll required when attempting maintain his cool in the face of adversity, whether it be a seemingly mundane 'personal' problem or a life-threatening crisis.


Acrobatics: a general part of his skill maintenance throughout his many lives has involved Robert training his body to be as limber as possible - this helps him to avoid any untimely demises which would set him back for years. He can use this talent to receive a +1 CS on any dodge, escape, and evade FEAT roll he is required to make in the course of a day.

Archaeology: having experienced countless lost cities and artifacts while they were still in their prime, historically speaking, Robert sort of has this skill by default. Should he find himself in some lost city or an archaeological dig site, he can likely produce enough useful, relevant information to either navigate around such a place or to assist archaeologists in their work.

Blunt Weapons: back when he first began his recurring existence, Robert had no access to bows, guns, or fancy katanas. Because of this, he learned at an early stage of his lives to use simple blunt instruments to defend himself (or to attack others, as it often happened), as they're both plentiful and effective in a pinch. He wields blunt weapons at his Ftg (off) score, doing so without penalty.

Boating: since he's spent at least four lifetimes as a professional sailor, Robert can easily lay claim to this skill. As such, he can operate virtually any water-based vehicle (though he might find a submarine a bit tricky), being able to effectively chart a course, navigate, and perform almost any oceanic or inland water feats as they become necessary.

Bows: as both a primordial hunter and as a member of several ancient armed forces, Robert has made use of the bow for various purposes. As such, he may utilize any weapon that fires an arrow - whether it be a standard bow, compound bow, or even a crossbow - at a +1 CS to his Agy (dex) score; great for killing your opponents and your lunch (though hopefully not at the same time)!

Business / Finance: a talent that Robert had to sort of pick up out of sheer necessity (to fund his agenda through the ages), this skill represents his keen monetary acumen and understanding of financial quirks that arise when allowing a large sum of resources to be passed from one person to an apparent stranger (legally speaking) from one lifetime to the next.

Climbing: an ancient skill that only gets better with use, Robert has carried this ability with him since the very beginning of his eternal cycle of reincarnation. When scaling trees, mountains, buildings, or whatever, Robert may attempt actions intended to resist the effects of any opposing factors, such as heavy wind, folks stepping on his fingers, etc..., at his Agy (bal) +2 CS.

Driving: one of his more recent skill acquisitions, this talent describes Robert's ability to operate virtually any land-based vehicle. From cars to motorcycles to bulldozers to tanks (the last of which was picked up during his time as a World War 2 Allied tank jockey), Robert can not only drive such vehicles, but he can do so with astounding finesse and ease.

Education: more than anything else, Robert truly enjoys sharing his overwhelming array of knowledge with others - and he can do so in a competent manner. People aren't always likely to take his lessons to heart, though; those who do not know history being doomed to repeat it, and all. With his vast catalog of skills, though, almost any hero would do wisely to train with him.

Engineering: many of his incarnations have involved Robert having to build things, from his own shelter to ox-driven carts. He's retained his ability to do so through time, as well as all the many improvements in design he's come up with throughout the ages. As such, he can build just about anything mechanical or structural at his Rsn (log) score +1 CS.

Guns: having a truly broad range of experience with firearms, since he's been a member of eight different militaries that have used them since they were invented, Robert can use ANY firearm, from the musket to the M-16 - save for curiously advanced energy casters and the like - at his Agy (dex) score +1 CS. He'd rather not, as he tends to prefer hand-to-hand weaponry, but there you are.

History 2: as perhaps one of a very select few individuals to have actually experienced the vast majority of human history (save for when monumental things were taking place in more than one location at once), Robert is intimately familiar with the collective history of mankind. There are some things he's simply not privy to, but he receives a +2 CS to Rsn (log) FEATs pertaining to history.

Leadership: over the years, Robert has learned how to inspire a body of men to follow his lead - he can be quite charismatic when necessary. To this end, whenever he's leading a group, it can add 100 points to its Karma pool, if it has one, at the beginning of each adventure. Of course, most groups he's led in the past haven't had one, but he has the ability nonetheless.

Linguistics: considering the nature of his many reincarnations, Robert has been born and raised into innumerable cultures, all of which seemingly have their own languages and/or dialects. As such, the man can speak almost any language spoken across the face of the earth, though some of these languages may be slightly out of date - or dead, as it were.

Lore: this skill represents the accumulated knowledge that Robert has acquired through his dealings with mad cults, now-forgotten lore, and all kinds of bizarre information that Man Was Not Meant To Know. While mythological creatures may be made up, occult monstrosities are definitely not, and as such, Robert knows how to deal with a very large number of them.

Manipulation: going hand in hand with his leadership abilities, his thousands of years of existence have taught Robert how to pull people's strings to make them do what he wants - usually without their knowing it, even. Such efforts can range from behind the scenes scheming to seduction to anything else that allows him to get what he wants in a given situation.

Martial Arts types A, B, C, D, and E: Robert is a veritable martial arts master, having learned untold secret fighting arts in ages past. He can make unarmed melee attacks, dodges, evasions, escapes, and holds at a +1 CS, inflict slam or stun results regardless of the Strength or Endurance difference between him and his foe, and receives a +1 initiative bonus in unarmed combat.

Military 2: a large portion of Robert's many incarnations have found themselves in military service, whether willingly or not. As such, he can be considered a veritable expert on military matters, no matter what nation's army is involved. His understanding of military practices, policies, and 'honor' allows him to attempt associated FEAT rolls at a +2 CS.

Martial Arts Weapons: complementing his amazing martial arts capability, this skill allows Robert to utilize a vast array of 'martial arts' style weapons in combat. Whether he wields a katana, wakizashi, nunchaku, shuriken, flail, sai, staff, or any other 'oriental' weapon in battle, he may make attacks with such weapons on the the applicable ability score, doing so without penalty.

Performer: having spent two lives as a Shakespearean actor, and several more in less... savory occupations, Robert is a natural performer. Whether he's attempting acting, singing, dancing, or more... salacious performances, Robert can actually earn Karma for his efforts, gaining ten points of such for a week's worth of (or for singular spectacular) performances.

Physics: since he himself was the assistant of a revolutionary thinker in the physical sciences back in the day, Robert was at the ground level of scientific breakthroughs concerning the laws of physics as we know them. As such, he can attempt any Reason-based action which requires knowledge of how the physical world functions at a +1 CS to his standard rank.

Piloting: a skill that Robert has picked up in his current incarnation, this ability describes his ability to fly any commercial helicopter or airplane. He has yet to get any practical knowledge in the arena of military air vehicles, as he's only sixteen (physically speaking), but he could likely operate such a vehicle if he tried really, really hard...

Psychology / Sociology: if Robert knows anything (other than his history, of course), it is people. He can almost invariably predict how a person or group is going to act in a given situation, and if he abstains from acting for one turn, Robert can always execute a surprise maneuver the next turn - armed with his knowledge, after all, he can strike when least expected to.

Shields: acquired during his time in the Roman Legions and reinforced over the ages, this skill represents defensive training that Robert received while in the service of several different nations. He can use a shield to either defend himself or attack; if defending, he gains the protection of said shield, and if attacking, can use a shield as per a (most often Blunt) weapon.

Skill / Spears: a skill picked up across several of his early lives, this talent denotes Robert's inherent ability to utilize a long, pointy object in either melee or close ranged combat. Whether it be a spear, javelin, fence post, or any other long object with a sharp end, Robert can use it effectively in battle, doing so at his Ftg (off) - or Agy (dex) if thrown - +1 CS.

Survival: though he knows he's effectively immortal, Robert also knows that getting killed while in an incarnation means that he's going to be inconvenienced for several years, at least - if not drastically set back in his agenda. As such, he's learned how to get along in virtually any environment, to insure that he doesn't die unless he absolutely has to.


Robert doesn't really have all that many contacts to speak of; he tends to remain aloof in his many lives, knowing that people come and go all too quickly for his tastes. He has met several immortal types in his time, though it's likely they wouldn't recognize him for the man (or woman) he once was. Of course, he's started hanging out with the super-heroic Crazy Hate of late, so they're likely good contacts.


Over the millennia, Robert has worn all kinds of costumes and uniforms, from fur loincloths to full plate. When he has a choice in the nature of his outfit, he prefers leather while in 'action' as the Reincarnator. He wears a brown leather trench coat, brown leather boots, black leather pants, a sensible, stylish shirt (his current one being composed of a Kevlar fiber composite), and black, coke-bottle glasses.


Robert is old. He's lived, if in a slightly staggered fashion, through hundreds of lives and cultures. As such, he tends to attempt a slightly detached viewpoint towards personal relationships - whether other people be mere friends or more - as he's lost more loved ones than even he can keep track of these days. However, he generally tries to do the right thing, and often gets into trouble while doing so.

Real Name: Robert Jacobs (given name in current incarnation)
Occupation: student, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: hundreds throughout the ages
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 145 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in all of his various incarnations, Robert has bore a similar, recurring feature - each of his palms bear a mark that, in the minds of those that see it, represents infinity.


Robert (at least that's his name in his current existence) is an odd sort of immortal, a man (and occasional woman) who has been ceaselessly reincarnated throughout the ages. Whenever he dies, whether it be from natural causes or the actions of others, his life force immediately moves elsewhere in the world, and nine months later he is invariably reborn anew.

He's lived in such a state for at least twenty thousand years, having experienced countless lives in countless cultures - many of which no longer grace the earth. He's been male and female, and been born as virtually every variety of human that's out there - including some hidden sub-races in the far fringes of the world. Furthermore, he's done almost everything there is to do in the human experience.

Robert has lived as a king and a slave, a saint and a whore, a soldier and a farmer, a tyrant and a revolutionary. There's little he has yet to do, though the modern age offers him new challenges that he never dreamed of. Considering this, Robert can be said to have walked a mile in everyone's shoes, and as such, he has a true love and appreciation for humanity - regarding both the good and the bad.

Now, while he's been a very good person in some of his lives, Robert has nonetheless been a very, very bad person in others - and though quite literally nobody is aware of his actions in his 'surly days', he still feels guilty about some of his more heinous crimes against humanity. As such, Robert has resolved to be a better man, and tries to help humanity as much as possible.

To this end, he began to follow a continuous agenda over the last five thousand years, slowly working to free humanity from oppression and tyranny. His efforts have been stymied to some extent by the simple fact that it has been difficult for him to maintain resources from one lifetime to another over the ages - at least until recently (historically speaking), with the advent of the bank.

Before that, he had to leave property, gold, and necessary materials in the hands of supposedly trustworthy individuals, some of which either diverted it to their own purposes or didn't believe that he was, in fact, who he said he was upon appearing to them in his newest incarnation. However, modern conveniences have allowed Robert to consolidate his efforts (and cash) at last.

As such, he's actually rather wealthy for a sixteen year old. Not that he really has time to spend any of his cash or use any of his resources for anything other than physical training; it takes quite a lot of time out of Robert's day to maintain all of his physical skills at their peak level, not to mention the constant study and research necessary to keep his scholarly pursuits up to date.

Now, Robert's parents simply believe him a child prodigy, since he seems to know everything (despite his best efforts to play 'dumb'), so they let him pursue his many, many interests in peace - though they wish he'd go out on a date once in a while. He does get out, of course, but not to socialize with the fairer sex; no, Robert usually leaves the house only to further his ultimate goals.

Not counting high school, of course, which he regards as utterly unnecessary (save as a necessary evil).

Occasionally, this work simply involves his efforts to absorb new skills, as he feels befuddled by the electronic age that seems to have sprouted up around him shortly after the demise of his last incarnation. Often, it involves his taking pilot lessons, as he's intent on learning how to operate any aircraft - as part of his wish to experience space in this lifetime. But sometimes, he's causing trouble.

Not in the traditionally villainous sense, mind you. You see, considering his vast array of skills, a large portion of which are combat-related, Robert makes quite an effective vigilante. He's often inspired to act out against those he perceives as threats to the freedom of mankind, whether they are such a threat knowingly or not, which makes his activities a quandary to those who monitor them.

Such individuals might have more than a couple of questions for him should they determine his secret identity. As such, Robert goes through the motions of being an ordinary teenager, putting up with the dross motions of high school life and pretending to be as normal as he can - though he is nonetheless perceived as a know-it-all to his 'peers'. Little do they know just how MUCH he truly knows...

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