Seņor Surly

Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Fe +2

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd 10
Fe -2

Ex 20
Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Gd 10
Pr 4
Fe +2



Enrique Gutierrez, aka Seņor Surly, is a jack of all trades. A combination character, Seņor Surly was originally just a scrapper working alongside Jake Smythe, the Angry Man, until that so-called 'hero' ditched him. Adopted as the little brother of the Crazy Hate vigilante group, he's been trained in a variety of combat, technology, magic, and psionic techniques, and can easily hold his own weight in any of them.

Known Powers:

None. While he is studying various paths of powers with the other members of the Crazy Hate team, Seņor Surly has no inherent powers to call his own. This gives him something of an advantage in comparison to his teammates, as being physically powerless (in the 'super-human' sense of the word), he can easily pose as a normal to infiltrate a group or to otherwise collect information when necessary.


Novice / Paraprobabilitism Magic:

After his first encounter with the Crazy Hate, Seņor Surly wished to learn how to better combat supernatural foes should he find himself in their path once again. As such, the Great Satan cashed in a few favors in the occult world and has managed to find Seņor Surly a proper tutor in such magic. Thus far, Seņor Surly has managed to learn the following paraprobabilitism spells, to better oppose wizards:

Alteration (g): this handy group spell allows Seņor Surly to choose from one of five possible spell effects that he may use in a given day; he is only allowed one of the five, but need not choose which until he uses the spell. He can manifest the following effects with this Good (10) ranked spell: Contact Absorption, Growth / Self, Healing / Self, Invisibility / Self, or Shrinking / Self.

Spell Control (s): by passing a FEAT roll against the Psyche (will) of his foe with this Excellent (20) ranked spell, Seņor Surly can take control of any spell it is currently using (similarly, he can control inherent mystic powers by opposing one's Endurance (res) score). He may then roll a second FEAT roll to manipulate it, either redirecting it or altering its very nature, the difficulty depending on how far he changes it.

Trained Psi Powers (superpsi):

The motivation which caused Seņor Surly to seek out magic training which would let him combat sorcerers is the same which prompted him to study this discipline of power. Superpsi abilities are designed to combat and control psionic abilities, when not enhancing one's own, which seemed like a great fit for Seņor Surly. Though he hasn't got too far yet, Seņor Surly has mastered these superpsi powers thus far:

Power Boost (a): Seņor Surly makes good use of this core superpsionic. He can use it once per hour to enhance the functioning rank of any equipment or super-human power to Remarkable (30) rank for 1d10 turns - or by +1 CS, if that would be higher. This power requires a one hour 'cool down', or else its effectiveness will drop by -1 CS for every subsequent use, though once is usually all that Seņor Surly needs.

Variable Psionics (t): perhaps his most dangerous power bar none, this superpsi talent allows Seņor Surly to literally copy any psionic power, natural or trained, that is used in his vicinity (Very Near distance). On a simple green power FEAT roll with this Good (10) ranked ability, Seņor Surly can duplicate one psi power, which will operate at this power rank. He'll retain this new ability until he successfully copies another.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Antigravitational Propulsion System: built with concepts taught to him by Hate Ball and Technoholic Man, these devices are implanted within Seņor Surly's Army boots. When activated, they allow him to hover several inches above the ground, and can also propel him forward with Remarkable (30) land speed, or 90 miles per hour. While working, they emit a cool blue glow beneath and behind Seņor Surly's boots.

Colt Rail Gun: Seņor Surly's weapons of choice are two Colt O1980RG handguns with the M1913 Picatinny Rail system installed on the receiver. This allows him to attach tactical lights onto the firearm, which in turn lets him fire effectively in otherwise dark conditions. These semi-automatic firearms discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised by +1 CS in a short burst of ammunition.

Crazy Hate Communicator: wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at Monstrous (75) rank) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence. Seņor Surly loves this device, as it reinforces that 'family' feeling with the Hate that he'd always lacked before.

Knives: while he lacks training in their use, Seņor Surly carries two serrated knives on his person in the event that he needs to cut something - or someone. These implements were made by the Technoholic Man, and are thus cyan in color. However, they're made from Amazing (50) m.s. materials, allowing Seņor Surly to either inflict Edged Attack damage in melee or to cut through items of like m.s., given enough time.


Attitude: the laundry list of awful things that have happened to Seņor Surly over the course of his short life have left him with something of a terse edge. He doesn't talk a whole lot, and when he does he's curt to the point of rudeness. Should he try to 'play nice' and treat others normally, Seņor Surly must first pass a Psyche (will) FEAT roll at a -2 CS to the listed value, above (Remarkable (30)).


Electronics: in their efforts to make him a competent antagonist to high technology villains, Hate Ball and Technoholic Man have taken to teaching Seņor Surly as much as his mind can absorb about electronic devices. As such, he can add a +1 CS to any FEAT roll required when designing, building or repairing electronic devices - a great skill to have in combination with his Engineering degree.

Engineering: luckily, Seņor Surly was studying to become an engineer when he first encountered the group that would become the Crazy Hate. As such, he had a solid foundation for that which he would learn from Hate Ball and Technoholic Man. Thanks to his schooling and their tutelage, he can now design or build most conventional items at a +1 CS to his Reason score, a bonus which extends to the required Resources FEAT.

Guns: while Hate Ball would like Seņor Surly to develop his own, advanced weaponry, the Reincarnator nonetheless wanted him to master conventional firearms before he started to lean on the 'crutch' of super science. As such, he's worked hard to teach Seņor Surly how to operate and maintain most standard, semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles and pistols, and Seņor Surly may now do so at a +1 CS.

Languages / Chinese, English and Spanish: growing up in a Harlem orphanage, Seņor Surly was raised speaking both English and Spanish fluently. He can read, write and speak in these two languages. After joining the Crazy Hate, Seņor Surly has also begun his tutelage in a variety of additional tongues, beginning with Chinese, arguably the new 'need to know' language (considering how many use it).

Martial Arts types A, B and C: while he was a competent brawler alongside the Angry Man, Seņor Surly has benefited from his time under the Reincarnator's martial tutelage. He receives a +1 CS on unarmed melee attacks, grapple attacks, dodge, escape and weave maneuvers, and can Slam or Stun an opponent regardless of his comparative Strength or Endurance scores.


Originally, the only person Seņor Surly could call a reliable contacts was Jake Smythe: the Angry Man. Of course, Seņor Surly put too much trust into that man's character, and was quickly left to his own devices by the man once he regained his original power. However, he's been adopted as the little brother of the Crazy Hate group, and as such he can readily rely upon them for most any assistance he should need.


Originally, while adventuring with the Angry Man, Seņor Surly wore a rather simple outfit while he was out busting heads. This 'costume' consisted of a black tank top with a red fist airbrushed on, black sweat pants, black Army boots, black fingerless gloves, and (you guessed it) black shades. That was all he bothered with because he carried no gear and did little other than to beat people into submission.

Now that he's the side kick of the collective Crazy Hate, Seņor Surly has changed up his wardrobe some. While adventuring, he wears a black T-shirt (with a yellow 'frowny' face airbrushed on) beneath a black tactical vest, complemented with black and gray camouflage pants, his black Army boots, a black leather belt, black Blackhawk Tactical Serpa Holsters ™ for his firearms, and black fingerless leather gloves.

But definitely no shades. Unless the Reincarnator's not around to bust his chops about 'em.


Enrique Gutierrez, the one and only Seņor Surly, is a cynical and angry man - but then, he's been the recipient of betrayal and loss for most of his life. Despite his rather harrowing upbringing, this young man is trying his hardest to make a difference in the world, which is why he works so hard to learn what he can from the Crazy Hate - he considers his partnership and friendship with them a once in a life time opportunity.

Real Name: Enrique Gutierrez
Occupation: adventurer, student
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Enrique grew up in a rather cash-strapped orphanage in Harlem, where he had a hard time of things. There, he was constantly picked on for his small size, which taught Enrique at an early age how to defend himself - it took some trial and error, but Enrique eventually learned what was what. The fact that he developed rather quickly for his age didn't hurt that, either.

Eventually discovering that he was placed in the orphanage after his well-to-do parents abandoned him and skipped the country, Enrique quickly grew somewhat jaded about the world. However, instead of wallowing in self-pity and despair, he was determined to do something positive with his life. To this end, he put all of his effort into school, and in time earned a scholarship to a prestigious local college.

There, he began to study the fine art of engineering, and for a year Enrique proved himself time and time again to his instructors. Everything was looking up for Enrique, but he managed to get on the bad side of a local band of thugs when he stopped them from assaulting a young classmate one night. Enrique thought he was dead for sure, but he and his classmate were saved by Jake Smythe, the Angry Man!

This incident changed Enrique's life, and before long, Jake had taken the youthful student under his wing as a sidekick. The two would head out together at night, once Enrique was done with his homework and studying, and would fight crimes and right wrongs. Enrique's life as a vigilante further aided his wish to help the world, as he and Jake were saving any number of innocents from the depredations of the world.

This, sadly, would not last forever. You see, Jake used to be a universe-spanning hero, at least until he was laid low by a mystic enemy - not once, but twice. After the chance aid of seven random super-humans helped Jake to defeat his long-time foe once and for all, and subsequently to reclaim his lost powers, Jake immediately returned to the stars, leaving his new allies - as well as Enrique - in the dust.

Furious, Enrique fumed at the world at large, and those seven ascendant beings took pity on Enrique. They were all misfits too, and had each been precisely where Enrique had found himself at at least one point in their lives. So they made him a deal: they'd let Enrique stick with them, as their sort of group sidekick, while they'd teach him everything he needed to know to fight any kind of super villain he'd ever meet.

Thinking this an offer he simply couldn't refuse, Enrique accepted their offer, and joined up with this band of misfits who were taking to calling themselves the Crazy Hate. The Reincarnator would teach Enrique how to fight, the Great Satan would arrange for him to be taught magic, Everywhere Girl and Without got him basic psionic education, and Hate Ball and Technoholic Man began to educate him about electronics.

It was an insane curriculum, and has taken quite a bit of time for Enrique to show any concrete results from it. But with his single-minded devotion to his own, personal mission, Enrique has managed to finally demonstrate some results. He can now cast a spell or two, do strange and wonderful things with the power of his thoughts alone, and can even build and operate a variety of advanced technological devices!

Having proven himself, Enrique was finally allowed to join the Crazy Hate in full-time adventuring, which he does under the name of Seņor Surly. He's grown on the team, having assumed the place of a 'kid brother' more than a sidekick, as everyone is on good terms with the guy. And Enrique, of course, is amazed how lucky he was to finally have found himself a reliable set of friends - who won't ever stab him in the back...!

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