Everywhere Girl

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ty +5

Rm 30
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ty +5

Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Am 50
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty -5



Franky Gray has a complicated origin. To begin with, she was brought back from death by a mad technomage, reborn as one of his Rejuvenates. After this, a random encounter with the totality of the Between awakened Franky's psionic potential, which she's trained to master ever since.

Known Powers:

Rejuvenate Physique: though she was killed in a robbery, Franky wasn't buried like normal. Instead, her fresh corpse was experimented on by a mad techno-wizard, who brought her back from the afterlife as one of his so-called Rejuvenates, which granted her these powers:

* Agelessness: nominally, the Rejuvenate process that reanimated Franky gives its recipients 120 'extra' years. However, Franky has received expensive treatments from the doctors of the extraplanar Ubiquidyne corporation, extending her lifespan indefinitely.

* Body Armor: Franky has demonstrated impressive resistance to physical attack - or so the Chicago Police Department thought. Having this power at Good (10) rank, she is immune to most ordinary physical blows, and is even resistant to energy attacks at Poor (4) rank.

* Regeneration: finally, the Rejuvenate process accelerates the human body's ability to recover from physical injury, whether it be a slight abrasion or a crushed bone. This power works for Franky at Excellent (20) rank, allowing her to heal 2 lost Health points per turn.

Trained Psi Powers (Psimotive Master):

Teleportation (a): though her awakening did not grant Franky any natural psionics directly, it gave her a head start towards the mastery of this power. She can teleport with Amazing (50) ability, allowing her a 5,000 mile spatial displacement at will.

Chaos Shift (t): after growing accustomed to teleportation, Franky bent her will towards using it effectively in combat. When necessary, she can execute a series of rapid-fire teleportations, which gives her a +1 CS against her foes, and her foes a -1 CS against her.

Bilocation (s): a curious teleportation trick that Franky has mastered is teleporting hundreds of times each second, simulating being in two places within 1,000 miles at once (Incredible (40) ability). If she has a portal open, this can even work in two different universes!

Gravity Control (a): once she'd finished 'playing' with teleportation, Franky began to work on bending space itself, to manipulate gravity as desired. She can use this power at Remarkable (30) rank, and has evolved the following power stunts thus far:

* Flight: creating an incredibly dense gravity well a few feet above herself, Franky can use it to overcome local gravity conditions. By dynamically adjusting its strength and position on the fly, Franky can utilize this gravity well to achieve Good (10) flight (120 m.p.h.).

* Nigh-weightlessness: by reducing the force of gravity pulling on her body, Franky can allow herself to recalculate her jumping ability as if she weighed but 4.5 lbs. Air resistance and such prevent proper flight with this ability, but it can let her leap real high in a pinch.

Antigravity (t): a complement to her gravity control art, this talent can be used to generate antigravity, which is by definition a repulsive force. So far, Franky has demonstrated the following stunts while utilizing this handy, Incredible (40) ranked psimotive:

* Repulsion: Franky can 'push' a target with an applied dose of antigravity. This allows her to affect things with Remarkable (30) strength, moving up to one ton of matter within eight areas; of course, this push need not necessarily come from her direction...!

* Repulsor Beam: by generating a stream of antigravity and directing it towards a specific person, place, or thing, Franky can effectively fire a force blast at it. This blast inflicts Remarkable (30) Force damage per usage, which is enough to handle most mundane opponents.

Locational Memory (s): this handy psimotive allows Franky to recall everywhere she's ever been, from the moment she was born to the present - regardless of whatever times or spaces she may have since crossed. This power functions at Incredible (40) rank.

Portal (a): this Excellent (20) ranked psimotive art allows Franky to forge a portal between two locations in one universe, or two different planes altogether. She can access our universe and that which contains Planet T with ease, though she must acquire new destinations as power stunts.

Defensive Portals (t): a development of her portal power, this talent lets Franky shunt offensive energy elsewhere. This Incredible (40) ability leeches a like amount of energy (and only energy) from attacks aimed at her (or others) into some other, unknown realm.

Universal Windows (s): another development of her portal power, this psimotive skill lets Franky peer into other universes. It works by forging a special portal that only allows light and sound to pass through, and can be used with Remarkable (30) skill.

Between (a): wielding this powerful psimotive art, Franky can enter the seventh dimension, that place that is everywhere and yet between everywhere else. Franky can access the place that gave her a psimotive potential in the first place with Remarkable (30) skill.

The benefit of this is that being simultaneous with every point in space and time, yet outside them at the same time, the Between allows one to extend the range of any non-adjacent travel powers to an infinite degree. This lets Franky to visit any point within any space with ease.

Quarantine (t): by transporting something to a zero-dimensional non-space, Franky can effectively quarantine it from the universe. She can do this with Good (10) ability, allowing her to store anything - even herself - away from all else when necessary.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Crazy Hate Communicator: wielding powerful tachyonic technology developed by Wendell Wherever, the Crazy Hate communicator allows the team instant, encrypted (at Monstrous (75) rank) communications with infinite range within a given plane of existence.

Spike-Knuckled Trench Knife: purchased at considerable expense from a shop on Planet T, this serrated blade is made from Rainbow Steel. Franky can use this Class 5000 m.s. blade to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee, but the nature of its composition is rather special.

You see, Rainbow Steel is a bizarre psychoturgical metal, having both a psionic and a magical component. Though it does not inflict special damage, per se, it can affect armor as if it were causing Edged Attack, Sorcerous or Karmic damage, whichever is most advantageous.


Temper 2: Franky has quite the temper, mostly because she's still adjusting to her life as a super-human - and the continual attempts of others to use her for their own ends. As such, in a tense situation, she'll fly off the handle if she can't pass a Psc (will) FEAT at -4 CS.


Martial Arts type B: over time, Franky has developed her skills in melee, since she most often prefers to handle conflicts without her powers if she can. This means that, in unarmed combat, Franky can make unarmed melee attacks as if her Ftg (off) was +1 CS in rank.

Resist Domination: a skill gained through intense meditation and drills with her former mentor, Psychoturge, this talent enhances Franky's already strong-headedness. Resist domination grants her a +1 CS to any Psc (will) FEAT meant to resist attempts to dominate her mind.


Since she has decided to live her own life, one that isn't beholden to those that have granted her her significant ascendant powers, Franky has made quite a few enemies - and few friends. However, she has found allies in the Crazy Hate, a group of like-minded, earth-bound heroes.


Franky wears a less-than practical outfit while adventuring. This get-up consists of a black pair of stretch fabric shorts, a white cut-off tank top, a leather jacket with all kinds of spikes, studs, and pins woven into it, black leather 'Army' boots, and a belt to hold her knife sheath.


Franky is a very stubborn, independent young woman. Though she's still having something of a hard time adjusting to the weirdness around her, she's doing her best to forge a path of her own choosing throughout reality. She has quite a temper though, and is easily provoked.

Real Name: Franky Gray
Occupation: adventurer, student
Legal Status: citizen of the United States, as well as Planet T, with a considerable criminal record in the former (even if she is legally dead there)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Hate, former associate of the Departure

Height: 5' 4"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 135 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Franky has an incredibly washed out skin tone, as do all Rejuvenates. Hers is a shade of grayish-brown now, as opposed to its original, deeper brown.


Franky Gray was an innocent young woman who was killed in a robbery one dark night in Chicago.

Instead of going on to her own just desserts however, Franky was brought back from the dead as a result of an experiment conducted by Helmut Sanchez, an ex-government scientist with a penchant for technomancy - and who just happened to be completely off his rocker.

He forced her to do his bidding for a time, committing various crimes until she realized that the man held no real power over her. She resolved to leave, but Helmut got killed (or so she thought) by Sir Tophat, a paranormal investigator employed by Agency 13, before she could do so.

Free to choose her own path, Franky went west to avoid her now-considerable criminal record, eventually winding up in Omaha, Nebraska. She was going to continue on to Los Angeles or the like, but a chance encounter with an interdimensional vortex changed that plan.

Caught up in a battle between some extradimensional mercenaries known as the Departure and a large, anatomically creative demon that identified itself as Nxyrolpas, Franky was pitched into this portal, nestled into the Club Invertebrate, winding up... everywhere.

The vortex landed her in the so-called Between, that seven-dimensional realm that is between all points in space and time and coexistent with them simultaneously; she spent three weeks there before those mercenaries, led by the psionic wizard known as Psychoturge, retrieved her.

Her time in this blender of creation altered Franky further though, and awakened a motion-based psionic potential in her mind. Sensing this, Psychoturge took Franky in to train her in these powers, since she felt somewhat guilty about getting the girl involved in her group's messes.

Of course, she also figured that the girl would make an excellent operative once her training was complete.

Franky trained with Psychoturge for about a year, performing all manner of jobs with the Departure mercenaries, though she slowly began to feel uneasy about this work; you see, being mercenaries, these extradimensional residents of Planet T were... less than ethically inclined.

Eventually, Franky decided that she had to walk her own path, and this caused a falling out between her and her psionic mentor. In fact, after she left, Psychoturge sent her thugs out to retrieve Franky - though they all ran afoul of both Nxyrolpas and a revived Helmut in the process.

In the end, it took Franky's powers to save the mercenaries from Nxyrolpas (she dealt with Helmut rather... permanently all by herself). After pulling her mentor's fat out of the fire, Franky convinced her to leave her be, and did indeed go her own way, working as a 'good' troubleshooter.

She did this from her own office / residence on Planet T, an artificial planet within an artificial universe forged by the multi-planar Ubiquidyne corporation. Franky stayed here as she felt an affinity with this place, as she was just as 'alien' as everybody else living there.

After setting up shop, Franky received treatment from very, very expensive doctors in Ubiquidyne's employ. These fellows, skilled in matters of both a magical and technological nature, were able to perfect within Franky's body the Rejuvenate process, extending her lifespan indefinitely.

Though acting as a multi-dimensional problem solver, Franky found herself returning to earth now and then between jobs, and eventually hooked up with the Technoholic Man and a gaggle of other heroes to form the Crazy Hate, a group of super-folk who have no overt mission.

The only thing holding them together being a sense of camaraderie due to their universal, outsider status.

These heroes aren't the best of friends, and some of them are even antagonistic towards each other, but they're all new to the whole super hero thing. However, they're doing their best to help out their fellow man (and woman) as best as they can with their various ascendant powers.

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