the Armadillo Mini-Tank

The Armadillo is a small, lightweight assault vehicle built in the form of a tank. Much smaller than a regular piece of armor, the Armadillo can easily be towed or even transported by helicopter (it will fit handily in the Tomahawk cargo bay).

This green marvel of modern technology packs quite a punch for something the size of a Ford ™ Escort ™, and has the following features:

Body Armor (s): thanks to its welded aluminum laminate hull armor, the Armadillo is highly resistant to enemy fire. It has an effective material strength of 13, and provides its operator like (or +3) protection from attack. However, folks on the fighting platform aren't so lucky.

Cluster Cannons (a): the star of our show, these four 60mm cannons are linked to give the Armadillo's operator staggering offense when needed. When fired, these guns will inflict a jaw-dropping Agility +8 damage with each deadly hail of leaden doom.

Communications Array (i): the Armadillo is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This makes for intensity 5 comm power (a 25 mile range), with intensity 10 signal encryption.

Propulsion (a): the whole point of building a vehicle like the Armadillo is to get a ton of firepower somewhere fast. It is small enough that it can move with an effective speed of 75 miles per hour (intensity 4 movement), +1 on level surfaces.

Rear-Deck Fighting Platform (Passengers): though the Armadillo only has room inside for one, it has a platform on back that two passengers can use to hang on for dear life, in a pinch. They lack the protection that the Armadillo's driver benefits from, but it beats walking.

Roll Cage (s): while it is an armored vehicle, the Armadillo is also equipped with an extended roll cage, since the turret / command post does not actually have a hatch. This offers its operator a +1 to the listed Body Armor rating, shown above, in the event of a roll.

1989 Variations

Though the original design for the Armadillo is more than effective, Sgt. Slaughter's Marauders modified a few of these proven vehicles for their own use. Namely, they swapped the linked 60mm machine guns out for the following, even more devastating weaponry:

LA-44 Missile Launchers (i): replacing the Armadillo's old Cluster Cannon, this bank of launchers can fire six XXX-010 Surface to Surface / Surface to Air missiles at a target, inflicting intensity 10 damage for one missile, with a +1 for each additional projectile.

2006 Variations

Sgt. Slaughter's Armadillo

Almost twenty years after it first saw use in the battle against Cobra, Slaughter's Marauders resumed its use once more. With a new, camouflage brown paint job, this version of the Armadillo functions just like the original - not the Marauders' custom version of the thing.

2008 Variations

The 2008 model of Armadillo, rolled out just two years after Slaughter's Marauders picked up its use again, looks just like the original. The only functional difference is the addition of several portable gear cases, one on each side of the vehicle, useful for various purposes.

2011 Variations

the Jungle Panther

The 2011 model of Armadillo, technically renamed as the Jungle Panther, features a green camouflage scheme, instead of the previous, solid green hue. Additionally, it added the following weaponry, to showcase the best capabilities of this vehicle over the years:

Missile Launchers (i): supplementing the Armadillo's Cluster Cannon, these side-mounted launchers can each fire one Surface to Surface missile at a target, inflicting intensity 11 damage for one missile, raised by +1 if both launchers are used (and hit).

Extra Goodies:

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