RV 100
RV 6
RV 20
RV 75
RV 50
RV 40
RV 50
RV 30
RV -10 *


* Amongst humans, at least. RV +40 among Predacons / Decepticons / Vehicons, RV -40 among Autobots / Maximals.


As are his fellow Decepticons, Axer is an electromechanical entity from Cybertron, a world that is sometimes close to earth, and sometimes rather far off. Furthermore, he may be from a variant timeline in addition to hailing from a different era. It's complicated.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: Axer is a Transformer, robotic entity of Cybertronian design and origin. As such, this highly skilled bounty hunter has, by his very nature, the use of a large variety of abilities that reflect this. Axer's very body gives him these super-human powers:

* Body Armor: like most Cybertronians, Axer was built (or formed) with a reinforced steel frame, one that offers him rank value 10 resistance to injury. This makes him immune to many human attack forms, and moderately resistant to his fellow robots. His defense breaks down as follows:

RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity as is necessary, where distance is concerned. Functioning at rank value 2, this power lets Axer see objects up to a mile distant with ease, as well as allowing him to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver: as are most Transformers on earth, Axer is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other nearby Cybertronians, having rank value 20 range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: as an inorganic life form, Axer possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses rank value 100 resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Magnetic Lock Destabilizer: acting as Axer's tail-pipe in his vehicle mode, this weapons is a wrist mounted device when he takes his humanoid form. When activated, Axer can destabilize magnetic fields (especially those used in Transformer gestalts) with rank value 100 ability.

Missiles: supplementing his quadraphonic blasters in motorcycle mode, Axer is also equipped with a protonic missile launcher. These curious projectiles inflict a focused blast of atomic particles upon whatever they strike in battle, and have these vehicular statistics:

RV 20
RV 150
RV 20
RV 40 Armor Piercing Energy

Quadraphonic Blasters: deployable at will while he's in his motorcycle mode, these weapons can generate a multi-channel sound pulse that adversely affects Axer's foes. These weapons fire to inflict rank value 50 Stunning Force damage per blast - great for bagging wanted 'bots!

Shape Change: Axer can transform between his humanoid and Harley Davidson motorcycle modes at will, and does so often to maximize the use of his abilities. This power is voice-activated, however ('Axer, Transform!'). Axer's Harley mode has these capabilities:

RV 6
RV 50
RV 10
RV 0

Limitations / Enhancements:







Advanced Guns: wielding energy weapons in both modes, Axer has devoted significant amounts of time to mastering their use - especially considering his deficiency in the Coordination department. When using these weapons in combat, he makes applicable ACTs at a +1 RS.

Criminology: despite the Decepticons' reputation for villainy, they do require various civic services, such as security. Axer is well-versed in handling these issues, having worked both sides of the smuggling and infiltration coin, and can anticipate the actions of a criminal mind.


As a Decepticon, Axer can theoretically rely upon his fellows for assistance should he need it. However, since the Decepticons are generally an evil, treacherous bunch, this help may be fleeting on occasion. Especially since Axer himself doesn't like Scourge very much.


Whether or not it's done to strike fear into his quarry, Axer is dark in coloration. His vehicle mode resembles a black Harley Davidson motorcycle with gold trim and chromed bits, while his humanoid mode is a black steel affair, seemingly built from random motorcycle parts.

One that has a very large blaster mounted on its right arm.


The one trait that easily describes Axer is 'self-confident'. Despite his size (which is about that of a normal human), Axer is exceedingly sure of himself and his ability to take down any opponent... as long as the fee is right. He doesn't take abuse or insults from anyone, bar none.

Real Name: Axer
Occupation: Decepticon interceptor, bounty hunter
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron with a likely criminal record (assuming the Autobots are in charge)
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Decepticons

Height: 6' (approximately)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: white
Weight: 350 lbs (approximately)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Axer is composed of a strong alien metal that is primarily black in hue, with gold and chrome trim, regardless of his form.


The exact nature of Axer's identity and origin is a mystery.

He may very well be the so-called 'Actionmaster' who was present during the original conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons. On the other hand, he may've simply borrowed the name of an infamous Decepticon, like so many others of his ilk have over the eons.

Either way, Axer got his start busting up smuggling rings, being hired to hunt down microchip smugglers in the slag swamps of Cybertron. He got very good at keeping folks from bringing contraband where it didn't belong, as well as running his own smuggling operation from time to time.

Not just a petty smuggler, Axer has fully expanded into mercenary work, taking on any job as long as the money is right. His own personal motto, 'no prey is too large, no fee is too small', defines this to a tee - he'll take on any foe, any threat, as long as the remuneration is sufficient.

Which is why he, a Decepticon mercenary, wound up on a mere rescue mission one fateful day. This mission was to recover somebody from the maw of a black hole, but hey, the money was good. The only problem was that the job went wrong, and Axer was flung into said singularity.

Instead of being crushed as expected, Axer manifested on the other side of space-time. Arriving on earth, Axer had himself a look-see; there wasn't anything else of note for a very, very long distance in any direction, after all. Imagine his surprise at finding Decepticons there.

Smelling an opportunity, Axer decided to stay for awhile. He even adopted a form suitable to his new, human-occupied environment, one that the fleshlings he took the time to observe felt best represented freedom and independence on the road: a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Being mercenary at heart, he was able to integrate himself into the ranks of Megatron's (and then Galvatron's) minions. However, being a highly skilled, highly ambitious fellow, Axer found that he chafed under the command of Scourge, Megatron's right-hand robot. A lot.

Before Axer could make a move against Scourge, though, the Autobots on earth managed to defeat Galvatron and his minions. Once they accomplished this, they shipped all of Megatron's earth-bound flunkies (minus Sky-Bite, who slipped away in the confusion) to a penal asteroid.

As resourceful as Axer is, he'll likely get out of this predicament in no time, though what he'll do next is a mystery. If the Autobots who captured him are from the future and/or an alternate timeline, and he is in fact the Actionmaster known as Axer, getting home could be rather tricky...!

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