The Angel 2 (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Fe 2
Fe +2



As was his brother before him, Simon Halloway is just a normal human, physically speaking - he has no impressive powers with which to fight crime. The only thing he's got to help him to defeat the forces of darkness are his fists of fury - and possibly a magical cape.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Cape of Mercury: The Cape of Mercury is a powerful magic item that allows its wearer to defy gravity itself, and achieve Good (10) ranked flight - an approximate air speed of 120 miles per hour. Wielding this, Simon can get anywhere in town with ease!

Of course, this assumes that Simon actually has the Cape of Mercury. It is unknown under which circumstances Simon assumed his brother's heroic identity after he retired it, and since the brothers did not seem to be on good terms, it is unknown who retained the cape at this time.

Knives: Simon seemed to make use of blades while going about the business of fighting crime. He could wield these blades to inflict his Strength rank in Edged Attack damage, or fling them at an opponent within the same area for Edged Throwing damage instead.






It is unknown how long Simon filled the role of the Angel in his brother's stead, so the full extent of his contacts are unknown. However, he has encountered Cloak and Dagger in the past, and has at least met the Abomination while living underground.


The second Angel wore an outfit identical to the first. This consisted of blue, stretch fabric trousers, blue trunks, blue boots with yellow, criss-crossed bands on them, a blue stretch fabric shirt with yellow cuffs and yellow wings on the chest, and his trusty red Cape.


Not all that much is known about Simon, personally speaking. He clearly has that heroic spark that drives many of his kind to fight the good fight against evil, though he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, killing opponents if necessary when he feels the need.

Real Name: Simon Halloway
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: a citizen of the United States, legally deceased
Marital Status: unknown
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: unknown
Hair: brown, later gray
Eyes: blue
Weight: unknown
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Simon originally wore a pencil-thin moustache as did his brother, Thomas, but his got bushier with age.


Very little has been revealed regarding the origins of Simon Halloway, the second man to wield the heroic identity of the Angel. His brother Thomas was a noted hero of the Golden Age, fighting all manner of criminals both before and during the second World War.

But what relation Simon had to his more famous brother is unknown, as Thomas himself was raised alone inside a prison. Perhaps Simon was a step-brother, and saved from the bizarre childhood his brother would have - he never mentioned having grown up in a prison at all.

Some time after the War, Thomas retired as the Angel when his adventuring caused the death of an innocent bystander. While Thomas began to sink into darker territory and founded the Scourge of the Underworld organization, his brother Simon swiped his public persona.

It doesn't seem that Thomas willingly let go of his 'trademark', as he and his brother didn't seem to be on good terms; while Thomas lived rather well, Simon was basically homeless, wandering around and performing random acts of heroism as the opportunity arose.

He did have a few notable encounters, including a fight with the Stinger, an opponent of his brother's from back in the day. He met the heroic Cloak and Dagger in this incident, and tried to do right even though he seemingly caused the fight in the first place.

Eventually however, wielding the Angel identity cost Simon dearly... cost him his life, in fact. When the murderous Zeitgeist tried to track down all the 'first heroes' to pay them back for causing the bad parts of his life, he sought out the Angel... and this was currently Simon.

Thinking him the original, Zeitgeist handily killed the poor old homeless man, though knowing him to be a hero in general, he wouldn't have cared if he was the original or not. While he was slain, his killer was terminated in turn shortly thereafter.

Small comfort, but what can you do?

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