the Armadillo Assault

The Armadillo Assault is a large, heavily armored vehicle which can be assembled in one of two different fashions. Its primary mode is as a large, eight wheeled transport vehicle which has a small scout craft secreted away in the rear of the thing.

Of course, the operators of the Armadillo Assault can reconfigure it in the field into a large dune buggy, arranging the aerial scout craft housing as a separate entity - in order to launch it remotely, perhaps. Either way, this B.T.R. vehicle has these capabilities:

Autocannons (a): in either mode, the Armadillo Assault has access to two rotary-barrel machine guns. These guns are linked, and can fire a short burst of lead to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage, raised to +7 if the Armadillo Assault's operators fire a continuous stream of ammunition.

Body Armor (s): both configurations of the Armadillo Assault provide its operators +3 body armor, as the vehicle is built to be particularly sturdy - despite its modular nature (m.s. of 12). Note that the scout craft lacks this protection while in flight.

Communications Array (i): the Armadillo Assault is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This provides intensity 5 comm power (a 100 mile range) with intensity 10 signal encryption.

Lightning Speed (a): the Armadillo Assault is pretty peppy in either mode. It has this ability at intensity 3, allowing it to move at 75 m.p.h. in its 8WD armored transport mode, and at 90 m.p.h. while in its dune buggy configuration, though both can only move only 60 m.p.h. off-road.

Missile Launcher (i): there are two missile launchers allotted to the Armadillo Assault - one that goes with either ground-based vehicle mode, and one dedicated to its scout craft. These launchers both fire projectiles that inflict intensity 10 damage each.

Passengers: by design, the Armadillo Assault can carry a whole lot of Joes around. The main vehicle can fit two Joes in either configuration, while a third can fit in its scout craft. There are numerous additional hand-holds and the like for extra Joes to cling onto the vehicle in a pinch.

Scout Craft (i): in either mode, the Armadillo Assault vehicle has access to a small, one-man scout craft. This thing can be launched from a stationary position to provide reconnaissance capability or fire support, and has these vehicular statistics:

* Communications Array (i): the Armadillo Assault's scout craft, just like the main vehicle, has a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. It is just as powerful as the comm system in the ground vehicle.

* Flight (a): the Armadillo Assault scout craft can fly pretty fast, all things considered. This micro-aircraft can rocket through the air at intensity 6 speeds - three hundred m.p.h. - which is more than enough to keep tabs on the area around the Armadillo Assault proper.

* Missile Launcher (i): the Armadillo Assault's scout craft has a top-mounted missile launcher, providing it the ability to defend itself. Of course, it can also fire while docked with the armored transport, doubling that mode's projectile capability in a pinch.

Shape Change (a): the Armadillo Assault can serve as one of two different vehicles - either an armored transport or a dune buggy. It can be reconfigured in the field in just a few minutes, allowing the GI Joe team considerable versatility with just one box of parts!

Extra Goodies:

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