Article II


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Arthur is a particularly obsessive gun nut who was in the employ of the D.A.A. before he decided he could defend Freedom better than they could, and went his own, destructive way. He has no powers to speak of, but wields an impressive arsenal of his own design.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Automatic Handgun (a): Arthur makes use of a custom-built firearm with three modes of fire. He can use it to fire a single shot which inflicts his Agility +4 damage, a short burst of ammunition that inflicts +5 damage, or a full-auto spread that inflicts +6 damage.

This weapon is a dual barreled beast, for it also has a grenade launcher attachment mounted on the bottom of the handle (it looks like two guns growing out of one handle). These grenades inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage within near missile distance of their detonation area.

Billy Club (s): though he is adept in the use of his special firearm, Arthur prefers to use his Billy club in combat; it's more personal. He can use this club, built from m.s. 12 metals, to inflict his Strength +2 in bashing damage per strike, which is devastating in his hands.

Though he has more powerful weaponry, he prefers to use his club in combat - it leaves a lasting effect on his opponents, you know, like concussions, broken knee caps, etc... Whenever he humiliates someone with it, Arthur carves a little 'x' on his Billy club to celebrate...!

Body Armor (s): since he's used to getting shot at, Arthur normally wears protection when entering a combat zone. He wears a Kevlar ™ vest and a bullet-resistant helmet / visor combo, which provides him +2 protection from physical attack in the head and chest.

Arthur's entire uniform, both the armored components and otherwise, is lined with special materials that offer it additional protection from injury. These strange materials, produced by Mister Matter, offer Arthur +2 protection from electricity, cold, fire, heat, and radiation attacks.

Communication Earpieces (i): the D.A.A. makes use of encrypted wireless transceivers to synchronize operative activities in the field. D.A.A. earpiece communicators (with sub-vocalization options) have intensity 3 range - 5 miles - and have intensity 10 complexity encryption wired in.

Though he's no longer with the D.A.A., Arthur retains their standard-issue communicator. Furthermore, he's had a techie he knows crack the encryption so he can eavesdrop on D.A.A. transmissions should they become active in his immediate area (possibly in a search for him).


Boxing (s): his work with the Davenport P.D. and the D.A.A. has taught Arthur how to fight pretty well when unarmed - pretty well, indeed. In such melee, Arthur may divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which he may attempt as a contingent action.

Law (i): enhancing his ability to enforce the Law, Arthur has been educated in the finer points of such as it pertains to making arrests. He makes law-based actions at a reduced difficulty thanks to his criminal justice degree, and he could easily study to become a lawyer, given the time.

Law Enforcement (w): his original calling, Arthur was a well trained officer in the Davenport, Iowa police department. Were he not currently wanted for various acts of terrorism, he could presumably become one again, and regain the ability to legally carry firearms and make arrests.

Marksmanship 2 (a): between his time with the Davenport P.D., the Direct Action Americans, and his own hobby time, Arthur has become a master marksman. As such, he can use Strength or Agility to resolve firearm attacks, and uses such weapons at a reduced difficulty.

Mechanics (i): pretty good in the use of firearms, Arthur can not only maintain his miniature arsenal, but is adept in the creation of his own, custom-built guns. This translates into a difficulty reduction his efforts to fix a firearm in disrepair, or to rig up a new one from existing parts.

Skill / Clubs (s): though he can fight well with his fists, Arthur has worked hard to master the art of wielding a Billy club in combat. He can strike with such weapons at one difficulty level lower than is otherwise necessary. More than anything else, this is Arthur's weapon of choice.


As a former member of the D.A.A., Arthur can rely on a few tight friends from that organization as reliable contacts, though most of that group now has him on their 'list'. He can also count a few Davenport police officers as friends in a pinch, not to mention all the people he's helped there.


Idealist: Arthur has learned to use violence to protect Freedom and the innocent, but the problem is his perception of those who are guilty. He has no problem using lethal force to save the world from the (perceived) forces of tyranny, even if it means losing his freedom - or his life!


When in action, Arthur wears a Navy blue pair of trousers, black leather boots, a Navy blue collared, sleeveless shirt under a black flak jacket, black, fingerless leather gloves, and a black helmet with a mirrored visor covering his eyes - an outfit which allows him to show off his tattoos.


Arthur has always been a 'big picture' kind of guy, ignoring the little details in life. As long as he achieves his goals, he doesn't care about cutting corners at all. He's also very selfless and driven, and has no problem sacrificing his freedom or future to help others preserve their own.

Real Name: Arthur Blaine Poindexter II
Occupation: terrorist, former professional vigilante, former police officer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with an extensive criminal record, currently wanted
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: a few throwaway identities
Group Affiliation: former Direct Action American, former Davenport, Iowa police officer

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weight: 240 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Arthur wears a large 'American flag' tattoo on each of his deltoids. Though he has hair growing on most of his arms, the man shaves them to allow all to see a full view of said tattoos at all times - if dirty, he'll usually clean his tattoos off first.


It's really hard to get disowned by the Direct Action Americans. They may punish one of its members for a royal blunder, either by giving them increasingly dangerous missions until they're 'triumphantly slain in action' or simply give them desk jobs until their brains run out their ears.

But disavowal... that takes a lot. You see, the D.A.A. is a tight-knit group of highly trained, patriotic vigilantes, and excessive use of force is something the group is not only accustomed to, but generally encourages - both in the field and in their occasionally sketchy mission briefings.

Enter Arthur. A former Davenport, Iowa beat cop, Arthur's seen a lot of violence in his time. This because the Quad Cities are one of the most per capita crime-riddled cities in the nation. This didn't stop him from doing his job though - much less doing it well.

Not that he didn't bend the rules a lot.

You see, Arthur was the kind of officer that believed in the spirit of the law, much more so than the written text of the thing. This allowed him to let all kinds of petty criminals off the hook, while at the same time clearing more than his fair share of violent folks off the streets.

Why bother prostitutes when there are crack dealers two doors down?

Arthur was a good cop, though he did have one failing. While he wasn't on the take, he occasionally took advantage of opportunities his job afforded him to add to his gun collection after smashing up one crime ring or another on his streets.

By the time the D.A.A. took notice of him, Arthur had compiled a respectable arsenal, since he was planning on doing some 'moonlighting' as a vigilante at night. So, when the D.A.A. offered him a position in their organization, Arthur was more than happy to take them up on said offer.

He's a firm believer in truth, mom, apple pie, and all those other goodies, you know. So, having been recruited by Agent White, Arthur began a slight refresher course on his own martial skills, and soon enough was working with other D.A.A. thugs on one successful mission after another.

His fellow D.A.A. operatives began to look up to Arthur, who wished they could be at least half the marksman he was. In time, he was running a couple missions for the D.A.A. each week, and was thought to be next in line to be one of the organization's directors.

Then came the Patriot Act.

As was said before, Arthur is a firm believer in the spirit of the law, not its actual written word. Upon reading the Patriot Act, and obseving the means by which it was forced through Congress, Arthur felt betrayed. His own countrymen were doing their level best to sully the Constitution!

Discussing this with his fellow vigilantes, Arthur (or Article II as he had come to be called - which confounded him, since he wan't sure what that portion of the Constitution had to do with him at all, save as a possible pun on his name) found few receptive ears for his doomsday rants.

In fact, he slowly came to feel like a pariah.

Thinking that even the D.A.A. had become too docile, Arthur decided to take matters into his own hands, and without the approval of any Directors, led a squad of crack D.A.A. hit-men on a daring assault on the Attorney General's residence, but was foiled by Director Blue herself!

Sensing his extreme discontent, she and Directors Red and White had been monitoring Arthur's activities, and when he made his move, Director Blue spirited the A.G. and company away in the blink of an eye, thus averting a catastrophe for both the government and the D.A.A.

Arthur didn't see things this way, however.

Though the operatives who assisted him returned to the Direct Action Americans' regional headquarters to be held accountable for their 'sins', Arthur failed to do so. In fact, no one in the D.A.A. has seen him since, though the group is looking for him with some urgency.

This because they've reluctantly decided that Arthur himself is a threat to America, despite the considerable good he has done with them. Simply gone off his rocker, they believe, though nobody else in the history of the Direct Action Americans' existence has managed to lose his marbles.

What the Directors aren't telling anybody, though, is that Arthur has decided much the same about his former teammates, as well. He's launched a systematic attack on every D.A.A. safe house and the like he knows of, which is why the group is slowly relocating every single one of 'em.

Not that Arthur is obsessing on the D.A.A. No, he's relentlessly pursuing every threat he believes America faces, from secret societies to extreme elements within the government itself. And what better weapons to steal than those which were stockpiled by his old allies?

Once he's out of D.A.A. stockpiles to pilfer though, he'll have to find another source of weaponry for his personal war...!

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