the Attack Cruiser

The Attack Cruiser is a small, off-road vehicle that the GI Joe team can use to scout out the enemy - and obliterate them! It is armed with numerous guns, as well as a missile launcher and a versatile 'glider bomb' unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Attack Cruiser's operators can use it to fly reconnaisance missions over Cobra positions - or if necessary, crash it into them to eliminate their foes spectacularly! The Attack Cruiser is mighty indeed, and possesses these vehicular characteristics:

Armored Construction (s): while the Attack Cruiser is somewhat open in design, it's still built tough. Made from reinforced composite materials, it possesses an m.s. of 9, and provides its occupants like, or +2, protection from attack.

Communications Array (i): the Attack Cruiser is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, providing constant team communications. This makes for intensity 5 comm power (with a 25 mile range), with intensity 10 signal encryption.

Dual Missiles (i): mounted on each side of the Attack Cruiser's UAV launcher are these two projectiles. They are surface-to-surface missiles which inflict intensity 10 damage, and if both strike a single target, they will add an additional +1 to the damage caused.

Electronic Countermeasures Station (i): the rear of the Attack Cruiser is equipped with a powerful electronics scrambling package. This device is excellent at disrupting the function of radiowave-based systems, and can do so with intensity 9 power.

Glider Bomb (i): this unmanned aerial vehicle can be launched from the back of the Attack Cruiser to surveil any given area. It has a 200 mile range, can Fly at intensity 6 speeds, and detonates to inflict intensity 13 explosive damage.

Mines (i): the Attack Cruiser can spit mines out of a dispenser on its left side, which are handy when dealing with enemy armor. These pressure-sensitive devices will detonate when triggered to inflict intensity 13 explosive damage to whatever set them off.

Propulsion (a): the Attack Cruiser is pretty darn fast. It can move at up to 90 miles per hour despite its strange wheel configuration (intensity 3 propulsion), though this is reduced to 60 miles per hour when driving off road (intensity 2).

Twinned Machine Guns (a): each side of the Attack Cruiser features a twinned set of machine guns. They can each fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Extra Goodies:

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