Base Cost: 15.75 points


Hand Size:
2 (10)


The mysterious race of Antons evolved on the planetoid of Torsa, a world far, far away from the earth, though a celestial mishap thrust their home at our own. Though they share the features of various terrestrial creatures, this resemblance is wholly coincidental.


Fangs (s): the maw of the average Anton is replete with sharp teeth, including two oversized, saber-like fangs jutting out past their upper lips. Antons may use these fangs to inflict their Strength +2 in slashing damage to whatever they bite.

Growth (a): though they do not have the ability to actually change their size, Antons are larger than humans by far. Standing at approximately nine feet tall, Antons possess this power at intensity 1, mostly to showcase their heightened reach and leverage.

Resistance to Cold Attacks (s): though their limbs lack this benefit, the torsos of Antons of Torsa are covered in long, shaggy fur. This helps them to preserve body heat, and allows them to stand tall in the face of intensity 8 (+2) cold.

Wings (a): finally, all Antons possess a large pair of bird-like wings, with which they may soar through skies both familiar and alien. Being big and bulky, Antons can only fly at intensity 3 speed, or ninety miles per hour, for short periods of time.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Susceptibility / Z-Rays: though the exact properties of Professor Zog's Z-Rays are unknown, Antons have demonstrated a particular weakness to them. All known Antons suffer at least one card, or one fourth of their maximum Health score, in damage with each exposure to Z-Rays.






The strange band of aliens known as Antons likely can consider other members of their species reliable contacts, as they tended to elevate themselves above others in stature. This would be particularly true if a given Anton needed help gaining vengeance against humanity!


World Domination: though this may not be indicative of all Antons, it would seem the species as a whole has no problem taking over worlds belonging to others, should their own suddenly become uninhabitable. Or, you know, simply because they found a better one.


The Antons, ostensibly an intelligent species, seem more than ready to inflict violence on other sentient beings for their own benefit. Whether or not they are egged on by their crowned ruler, Antons appear happy to bully those weaker than themselves.


To all outward appearances, Antons are a strange mishmash of terrestrial and alien anatomies. Vaguely humanoid in stature, the Antons are approximately nine foot tall, and feature long, shaggy brown hair (or fur) on both their torso and their head.

Their facial features are vaguely porcine in appearance, including a wide snout and saber-like teeth in addition to shorter fangs. Their long, thick limbs are sea green in hue, and include two arms, two legs, and two powerful wings to carry them aloft.

Ecological Niche:

Antons appear to exist at the apex of life on whatever world they make their home, whether or not it is their native planet. They seemed too few in number to have evolved and thrived on the planet Torsa, but the Antons have nonetheless made it their home.

While they may come across as simple, violent brutes, Antons nonetheless possess highly advanced scientific knowledge - or, at the very least, their nameless ruler does. Thus, the calamity that befell the world of Torsa may well have been of their own making.


Little is known of the mysterious race of Antons, minimally humanoid beings hailing from the world of Torsa. This small planetoid seemed too small to support the evolution of such large entities, so perhaps they originated elsewhere.

Regardless, Torsa was the home of the Antons, or at least a small portion of their kind, when a celestial accident thrust the world out of its original orbit. As luck would have it, it found a new home in a very, very tight orbit around the planet earth.

Its motion and proximity causing untold havoc to its new neighbor, Torsa was quickly abandoned by the Antons, who decided to conquer this larger world and its weak inhabitants. Naturally, said inhabitants took considerable exception to this plan.

Exploring Torsa as it wreaked chaos around the earth, Professor Zog and his associate, Doctor Horrace Forde, attempted to destroy the planetoid with his robotic Marvel of the Age: Electro! Winds kicked up by Torsa's movements around the earth derailed this scheme, however.

Momentarily seizing control of his Marvel, the Antons then used Electro to help them conquer the earth - at least until Professor Zog was able to regain mastery of the robot. With this done, Zog then used Electro to bomb Torsa, destroying it utterly!

It is possible that some Antons survived the destruction of Torsa, and remain in hiding on our world to this very day. Furthermore, it is quite possible that Torsa wasn't the only home of these aliens, meaning they could resurface to invade the earth once more!

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