Jack Magniconte

Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 35
In 40
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
In 40
Ex +20



Jack is a paranormal, an altered human of sorts that was forever changed as a consequence of the so-called White Event, a bizarre astronomical phenomenon that bathed the world in curious energies back in 1986. However, the specific shape that his paranormal powers took may have been influenced by the Intensifier, a strange device Jack's brother built to enhance mankind's physical abilities.

Known Powers:

Body Armor: one of the many changes wrought upon Jack's body is that he is now somewhat more resilient than your average human. In fact, he's so tough that bullets tend to bounce off of him! One can consider this a Good (10) ranked power, granting Jack immunity to most mundane firearms and melee weapons, but still leaving him vulnerable to assault weapons, armor piercing ammunition, etc...

Super Running: another facet of his enhanced physique is that Jack can now run - if not react - at speeds much faster than other men. He has been clocked at well over forty miles per hour, though he wasn't necessarily pushing himself to the max at such speeds. Consider this a Good (10) ranked power, allowing him to move four areas per turn, or at sixty miles per hour, when running.

Limitations / Enhancements:







Guns: even though he never actually used them while on duty, instead taking advantage of his advanced physical attributes, Jack has been trained in the use of most standard firearms - both when he was in the reserves and during his more recent Army posting. He can fire standard, semi-automatic, and fully automatic rifles and pistols as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank.

Leadership: there's something about Jack that people can't quite put their finger on, but nonetheless makes them tend to like the guy. That, of course, alongside his general fame as a successful pro football player makes Jack a good leader. When he's in charge of a group, its members can add one hundred points to their Karma pool, if the group has established one, for the duration of Jack's leadership.

Martial Arts types A and B: Jack has been trained by the Army in the use of his paranormal powers, in their hope to use him as a sort of paranormal super-soldier. As such, he can make unarmed melee attacks as though his Fighting score was +1 CS higher than is listed above, and he can Slam or Stun a body regardless of the comparative Strength and Endurance difference between him and his foe.

Military: before his pro football days, Jack was a member of the Army Reserves, and once the Draft was reinstated in the late eighties, he re-enlisted to serve his country again. As such, he has regained numerous Military style contacts, and can demonstrate an almost instinctual knowledge of military protocols if necessary. Of course, it also enhances his ability to lead fighting men into battle.

Sports / Football: like most of his fellows in Kickers, Inc., and most of his friends, in fact, Jack has spent time as a professional football player - and a successful one, at that. As such, he can make FEAT rolls applicable to this experience at a +1 CS, whether they be in regards to simple football trivia, knowledge of how to play the game, or even the actual execution of a game itself.


In his time as a football player, military man, and super-heroic adventurer, Jack has assembled a large array of friends that he can rely on in any given moment of need. Naturally, he's on good terms with his pals in Kickers, Inc., as well as his friends in the Army's Paranormal Platoon. In addition to extra contacts given to him by the military, Jack has also met (and sort of befriended) Nightmask and some of DP7.


When he first started his adventuring career, then as the leader of Kickers, Inc., Jack wore a simple jumpsuit based on the design made for the team by Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin. The suit basically consisted of a blue pair of trousers and a blue, short sleeved T-shirt, covered by a white vest (theoretically full of accessories), a white belt, white boots, red wrist guards, and a red bandana around his neck.

After hooking up with the Army, Jack changed to a more... patriotic uniform. The 'dress uniform' version consists of blue trousers with red racing stripes down the side, blue boots, a blue, long-sleeved shirt with red lining and an American flag on the right shoulder, and red gloves. While 'in the field', Jack typically wore a deep blue leather jacket over his dress shirt, and a blue helmet with a star on front.

As the Third World War broke out, Jack was ordered to switch to a more... standard Army uniform, this while under the command of Major Kathy Blizzard. This suit consisted of a pair of Army green trousers, a tan T-shirt covered with a camouflage patterned vest (again, theoretically full of accessories), a pair of black boots, and a tan leather belt with several accessory pouches.

After his time in the Army, Jack resumed the use of his All-American suit, which he's used ever since.


Jack is a charismatic, high-spirited fellow that tends to encourage trust and friendship in those around him. Furthermore, since he gained his paranormal powers, he has sought out a means by which he can truly challenge himself - and do so responsibly. To this end, he has pushed himself further and further into a more adventurous career, one that allows him to best use his abilities to help others.

Real Name: Cpt. Giovanni 'Jack' Magniconte, Ret.
Occupation: adventurer, former pro football player, former military man
Legal Status: American citizen with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: Mr. Magnificent, the All-American, John Magniconte
Group Affiliation: Kickers, Inc., formerly the US Army

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Weight: 250 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Jack Magniconte was an up and coming quarterback for the New York Smashers who was making use of a special vitamin cocktail produced by his brother, Steve, who makes a living selling such products to various sports leagues. One day, after a narrow victory on the field, Jack stopped by Steve's building with his wife, Darlene, only to find that Steve had supposedly had a breakthrough in his field.

This breakthrough came in the form of the Intensifier, an odd device Steve had built to increase human muscle mass and reaction speed. Jack agreed to let Steve try his device out on himself, so he could gain an 'edge' on the football field, though the trial wouldn't begin until the very next day. That night, however, as he discussed the Intensifier with Darlene, the White Event occurred.

While most folks were unaffected by the blast of strange, brilliant energies all around them, Jack found that the White Event had made him quite dizzy. As such, Darlene helped him home so he could prepare for Steve's experiment the next morning. When Steve eventually strapped Jack into the Intensifier and activated the machine, it exploded with strange, crackling energy, energy that forever altered Jack!

It seems that the combination of the White Event's energies and the Intensifier's manipulations had acted to significantly add to Jack's muscle mass, and even changed his hair color to bone white! Of course, that wasn't all, in that Jack found over the next couple of days that he had experienced a dramatic increase in strength - he could lift ridiculous amounts of weight - and he'd become rather resilient.

Using his newfound 'edge', Jack went on to dominate pro football with the Smashers, and his closest friends, Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl, 'Suicide' Smythe, and Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin received lots of big-money promotional deals as a result. However, towards the end of the season, Jack found that he no longer cared about football, if only because his tremendous abilities removed all the challenge from the game.

As such, after his brother Steve was accidentally killed by an irate, less than scrupulous moneylender, Jack decided that he wanted to use his powers responsibly, to actually help people that have nowhere to turn - like his brother Steve had apparently been. To that end, he founded Kickers, Inc. with Darlene and his football buddies, a group that would look into all kinds of bizarre mysteries.

Jack acted in this capacity for over a year, helping the helpless deal with all kinds of inexplicable issues across the country - and beyond. However, he was eventually menaced by a CIA operative that had figured out what Jack was, and wanted him to join 'the Company'. Jack refused, and after learning that the Draft had been reinstated in the wake of the Pitt, he re-enlisted.

Jack had been a reservist before getting into pro football, you see, and was able to enter the armed forces as an officer as a result. Furthermore, due to his exceptional physical abilities, he was entered into a special training program that would give him full mastery of his powers, thus allowing him to serve the government as a sort of paranormal super-soldier: the All-American!

Since the Army needed a charismatic fellow to lead their forming Paranormal Platoon, however, Jack was chosen to head up that group before being put into patriotic action. He led the group through its formative stages, and even assisted his superior, Major Kathy Blizzard, in heading an operation into Africa that caused World War Three (though it wasn't their fault, of course).

After the war, Jack served with the Paranormal Platoon for a time, though he eventually returned to his role as the All-American, fighting crime and injustice for America until he was summoned by Nightmask to help ward off an invasion by cross-time thieves bent on stealing the Star Brand. Jack fought with the heroes Nightmask assembled until cosmic forces intervened in the battle.

You see, the earth itself was drawn into the timeline from which the invaders issued forth during the fight, and after the so-called Stranger defeated the chief villain in this scheme, Skeletron, Jack's world was trapped there. Furthermore, it was sealed away from the rest of this universe by the Living Tribunal, a cosmic entity from that plane who didn't want the Star Brand's energies to contaminate his realm.

Jack and his heroic cohorts were returned to his earth in the process, though his current activities since this cataclysm took place have yet to be revealed.

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